Funeral Messages for Funeral Flower and Card


Funeral Messages : Funeral is a very sorrowful event for anyone’s life. But at the same time, it is a holy custom for every Christian. Anyone that has lost his closest or dearest person knows the pain of saying the last goodbye to them. It is a must for you to try to console your friend, family, relatives, colleagues or well known in such a heartbreaking moment. You should express your deepest condolence with proper sympathetic words. Your heartfelt words of sympathies for funeral messages must have the strength to comfort them. You will find many funeral messages on the internet but it is really difficult to find appropriate funeral messages. So, we have here some really good funeral messages that you can use in funeral flower bouquet and funeral sympathy card as well. You will not be disappointed.

Funeral Card Messages – What To Write In A Funeral Card

God has chosen his favorite friend to be with him in heaven. Keeping you in our prayers always. You will be sorely missed.

A man/woman is as good as the memories he leaves behind. Your loss is great but you were among the luckiest ones to be a part of this man’s/woman’s life.

You have always been the light that showed me the path in life. You will be missed forever. I love you and so proud of you. Rest in Peace.


We have known the good the better. But you have always been the best. Rest in peace. Thinking of you always.

You will be loved and remembered as long as the sun still rises in the east and sets in the west. Your memories will live with us forever.

Rest in peace, my friend. No one could take the place that you had in our hearts. You were a blessing to us.

We mourn because we have lost a great friend but we are happy because you are now in God’s arm. You will be missed but never forgotten.


Days will pass but your memories will only become stronger. We will always keep you in our prayer. Sleep peacefully, you will live on forever in our heart.

Let’s talk through silence today because a great man is sleeping in peace. Let’s say thank you for one last more time.

A man may die but his deeds will always speak for him. As sad as the moment may be, it is also a great honor for us to be here today. Rest in peace!

Funeral Flower Messages – What To Write In A Funeral Flower Bouquet

You lived a life just as colorful as these flowers. Your memories will never be forgotten.

Even the angel of death weeps today at your departure. You were among the bests god had ever sent down on earth.

God will be happy having you in his garden. You are the most beautiful flower indeed.

May these flowers be the symbol of love and respect we have for you! We are grateful for all that you taught us. Rest in peace.

Everything fades away but memories of a great man/woman live for thousand years. Our deepest condolence at your loss.


You were the brightest star in fading night sky. You were a friend to be proud of. In loving memory!

Someday we will be there where you are now and it will be an honor for us to call you as a friend before God.

Our deepest sympathy goes to the wonderful family he/she left behind. It’s always been a pleasure to be part of your life.

Time has the power to heal everything. The pain you have today will be no more tomorrow. Accept our heartfelt condolence with these flowers.

We are grateful for the love and care we had from you. You will be missed and remembered in our every prayer. Rest in peace!

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Funeral messages are great for expressing your love and respect for the person who passed away. They are also very useful to comfort the grieving family that he/she left behind.

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