Funny Graduation Messages for Yearbook

A yearbook of a college or a high school highlights the best moments of the academy and the successes of the year in the academy. It also contains messages, wishes and writes ups from students as well as guardians. The yearbook is published once in a year and also has section for funny quotes and messages.

List of samples of funny graduation messages for yearbook include:

1). Dear students, wishing you hearty congratulations for your graduation through the yearbook. I hope you all get good jobs soon to reward me with presents soon.

2). Dearest students, I wish you all congratulations for the graduation through yearbook. I am too hay with your successes for I would be receiving soon presents from you all for the credit.

3). Lovely students, sending happy congratulatory wishes through yearbook to you all. I hope everyone gets a job soon and I get the credit of the good education to you all.

4). Sweet students, through the yearbook I wish you all congratulations for the graduation. I hope everyone will give me a party soon as I love being in parties and you know it all.

5). Dear students, wishing you all the best for your future and congratulations for the graduation. I hope to see you all great persons in the near future and help me with contributions for the school.

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