Funny I Love You Messages to a Friend

Friendship is the cutest relationship in the world and there are many loving memories that you made with your friend. If you miss your friend or if you want to revive the past again, you can send a funny and loving message to your friend presenting your all emotion of love. The message deals with the funny moments and it brings a sweet and a smiling moment to make the mood delight.

Here a sweet collection of funny I love you message samples to a friend is essayed below:

1). Friendship is a promise to be together always, no matter what the situation is and how far the friends are. We were together, in joy and in pain; in pass and in fail; we will always be together and forever. Love you.

2). It is true, I don’t say hi to you every day; it is true, I cannot reply you back every time; but you are always in my heart and I always miss you. Staying away makes me sad as you are not there to crack the silly jokes. Love you.

3). Friendship is just like a rubber band, it stretches the way two friends want, but when one leaves, it hurts the other one; our friendship is just like the same, so never let me alone. Love you.

4). Remember those days, we fun together, we played together, we argued together, but today there is no fun, no game and no arguments; life seems boring without you. I wish I could always be with you.

5). I love you my friend, you are the dearest person I ever met; you cry with me; you smile with me, even you fail with me; all say to keep up the friendship forever; but you keep your promise to stay together.

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