Generic Baby Shower Thank You Messages

A generic baby shower thank you wish is sent as a general wish and not as personalization wish to any specific person. It is sent to all the guests in general for arriving at the baby shower and making the day more special for the expecting mother. A generic thank you message can be sent through a text message a card or also through social networking site for the guests in general.

Good Samples of generic baby shower thank you messages for co-worker are given below:

1). To the co-worker, thanks a lot for the beautiful gift you sent us for the baby. We are highly obliged and happy for your presence in the occasion.

2). Dear co-worker, I thank you for the lovely baby shower gift for my baby girl. I this beautiful moment, we send our gratitude and thanks for the gift.

3). Dearest co-worker, I send thankful wishes for the best baby shower gift sent for the occasion. It is indeed a very beautiful present.

4). To the co worker, thanking you for the beautiful baby shower gift. I hope you receive my gratitude and the thanking wishes well.

5). To my worker, thanks for the lovely baby shower gift for my baby. The gift is beautiful and precious and so are you.

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