Good Night Messages for Wife – Romantic Wishes

Good Night Messages for Wife: Calling the night off with a sweet text is the most perfect way for showcasing your love towards your wife. Nothing makes your partner happier than a sweet good night wish from you after a long and tiring day. Play your cards right before the sleeping hours of the night with good night wishes and messages to let her know that you appreciate her and that you are truly grateful to have her in your life. Let her go to sleep with a smile on her face by texting some romantic or funny good night wishes. Here are some good night messages that you can send to your wife.

Good Night Messages for Wife

I know we had a pretty rough day but guess what? We are here for each other at the end of it all. Love you, Darling. Good night.

Just wanted to remind that I am still thinking of you. Good night, sweetheart! I love you. Sleep well!

I’m so sorry that you had a bad day! I wish I was there to make you feel warm. Good night! I miss you!

Good Night Wishes for Wife

Thank you for bringing love into my life, sweetheart. Good night!

Honey, you know what? Thanks for the day! Good night, glad that you are mine.

Calling the day off with one sweet text, because you deserve it, Mrs.! I love you to the moon and back, good night.

With you as my wife, I am spending the golden days of my life! Good night wifey!

In the end, it’s you who fills the emptiness in me; I’m in love with you! Good night.

Best Good Night Messages for Wife

I’m never going to let you go, you know that, right? Good night!

Would you believe what happened with me? You! You happened with me! And now I am with you through all the way! Good night, love!

Romantic Good Night Messages for Wife

Can’t remember how I ever lived my life before you, thanks for being here. Good night, I love you!

Lucky enough to call you mine, I feel like the king of the world! Good night my beloved.

They say “Love is like an open door”, little do they know you are my access to heaven! Good night, my lady!

Romantic Good Night Wishes for Wife

I wish I was there to give you a Goodnight kiss :* Sleep tight baby.

Baby you make me fall in love with you more every day, Good night!

You’re the right person for me at the right moment without any doubts! Sleep tight!

Before setting it off for the bed, I want you to know that you are my 11.11 wish which came true!

Thank you for being my happy ever after, Good night Love!

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Funny Good Night Messages for Wife

Honey, you are getting better and more attractive every day. I mean it. You don’t even fart under the blanket anymore like you used to. That’s a great improvement! Good night!

Babe, just wanted to say thanks for keeping ours fridges full, I love you more than your Twix bar!

The day was cold and hectic but at least my bed is warm and comfortable. Thanks for being so hot that it melts my heart right away. Good night!

Thanks for doing the dishes, you are an angel for real! Good night!

Cute Good Night Wishes for Wife

If I someone gave me a dollar every time, I think of you, I’d be richer than the Kardashians! Good night!

Cannot think of passing a day without dissing you. You are not only my wife but also my best friend. Good night!

You make my heart beat like a drum, Damn you are a hell of a kind! Good night!

I think you are really lucky to have a husband like me; I mean you are truly winning everything in life! Ha-ha, Good night you peasant!

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Always remember, to win a woman’s heart, you need to put your romantic self on full display. You need to make her feel special with not only your actions but also with your words. Don’t ever hesitate to tell her how much you love her at every opportunity that you get. Tell her how much she means to you and how much you care for her. Send your romantic thoughts with a good night wish and make her feel special!

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