Great Friendship Messages for a New Friend


Friendship is a relationship between two or more people who are concerned about each other’s well being. Send cute and best messages to your new friend and let them know how special they are for you. A simple wish in a new friendship can bring a beautiful smile on your new friend’s face. Send these messages through a card or through text messages. Below are some of sample of cute friendship day messages for a new friend.

Happy Friendship Day Messages for New Friends

“The beauty of friendship lies in the face that you cannot count it in years but you can always measure it with the depth it has…. Happy Friendship Day to my new friend.”

“Though we have been friends from few months only but it feels like that I have known you since forever…. Wishing you a very Happy Friendship Day.”

“Since the times you have arrived into my life, everything has changed for better and I cannot thank you enough for being such a wonderful friend…. Happy Friendship Day.”

“The journey of friendship has just begun for us and I hope it never ends, I hope we create many more beautiful memories together…. Warm wishes on Friendship Day.”

Happy Friendship Day Wishes for New Friends

1). Friendship can never be measured in terms of time as the only measure to gauge it is feelings and depth of emotions…. Wishing you a very Happy Friendship Day.

2). Though it has not been very long since we have met but I know that we are friends for life and we will always stay together…. Warm wishes on Friendship Day to my new friend.

3). My dear friend, though you have arrived late in my life but now you will have to promise me that you are never going to leave me ever…. With love, wish you Happy Friendship Day.

4). This is the most special Friendship Day for me because you I have a special friend with me to celebrate this day with me and bring more reasons to smile in life.

5). I am happy as I have earned a new friend who understands me, loves me and supports me in every way possible…. Happy Friendship Day to you my dear.

6). Our friendship is new now but soon we will bond with each other. I hope our friendship will be stronger and deeper as time passes.

7). A friendship is sweet when it is new and it will be lovelier and true when it gets old. I hope we both become best of friends.

8). A true friendship can never be broken because there wont any reason for the break up. Hope we always remain as true friends.

9). Whether the friendship is new or old, the love and care for each other is what matters the most. I wish our friendship always have the love and care for each other.

10). I may not know you very well but one thing I know is that you are a friend who can be trusted. Thanks for coming in my life. Hope our friendship stays forever.

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