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Chocolate Day falls on the third day in the week Valentine week. This day is celebrated by exchanging delicious chocolates with beloved, spouse, friends, boyfriend, girlfriend, family and anyone whom you love and want to make feel special. Team up these chocolates with sweet chocolate messages, chocolate day wishes and quotes to express your love or send them on Whatsapp status or Facebook status to show your feelings.

Beautiful chocolate day message to family and friends on Chocolate Day 2019. Latest collection of happy chocolate whatsapp status or facebook messages to wish everyone sweetness and happiness.

Here are some of the most beautiful Happy Chocolate Day 2019 wishes and quotes that are perfect to send to your loved ones.

1. You are the most adorable person I know and the person who is as sweet as chocolate…..Warm wishes on World Chocolate Day to you.

2. I just wanted to warn you to stay home on World Chocolate Day as there might be a lot of people who might want to kidnap you for life.

3. Whenever I look at you, I am reminded of chocolate because you are as sweet as the chocolates that I love. Happy World Chocolate Day to you.

4. Chocolates are always the best friends…. They energize you, they help you recover from bad moods, they are always there for you….. Wishing you Happy World Chocolate Day.

5. May your life is full of chocolates…. I wish that each and every day you are blessed with your favorite chocolates for the rest of your life…. Warm wishes on World Chocolate Day.

6. I am sending this Happy Chocolate Day message to the sweetest person I know…. Who is as lovely as all the chocolates put together…. Who brings a smile to my face just like when I see a chocolate in my fridge… Wishing you a sweet and happy Chocolate Day!!!

7. As we celebrate Chocolate Day, I send you a beautiful boutique of chocolates loaded with sweetest and loveliest chocolates and my love… wrapped together just for the most special person in my life…. Happy Chocolate Day to you my darling.

8. Having a good friend is a blessing but having a friend with chocolates is truly a delight…. And when I meet you, I always feel delighted and therefore, I wish you a very Happy Chocolate Day loaded with lots and lots of sweetness.

9. Imagining your life without chocolate is like having a life without air…. I wish your life is full of chocolates to share with people who love you…. Sending warmest wishes to you on Chocolate Day my friend… Remember to share is to care..!!!

10. Just the way you cannot live without sweetness of chocolates, I cannot live without you in my life…. you are truly my kind of drug which adds happiness and sweetness to my life… Wishing you a lovely and Happy Chocolate Day my sweetheart.

11. On the occasion of Chocolate Day, I only wish that your love for chocolate and my love for you never fade away… I wish that we indulge deeper in our pleasures and enjoy a romantic life together…. Happy Chocolate Day to my sweetest chocolate.

12. Our friendship is like chocolate… the taste of which never ends, the addiction of which is for lifelong…. Best wishes for you on Chocolate Day my dear…. I wish the sweetness in our relationship gets better and stronger!!!

13. No matter what chocolate it is, what flavor it is…. Till the time it is chocolate, it is perfect indulgence for me which brings me perfect satisfaction… just like the way you do, my love! Warm wishes to you on Chocolate Day sweety.

14. I have always wondered what made you so sweet and now I know that it is your love for chocolate that makes you so wonderful… Sending you bundles of joy and loads of chocolate on this special day…. Wishing you sweet and Happy Chocolate Day my dear.

15. Promise me that you will never stop loving me like the way you love your chocolate… I know I cannot be as special as a chocolate to you but I still wish you all the happiness and sweetness in the world… Happy Chocolate Day to you.

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