Happy Gandhi Jayanti Wishes | Gandhi Jayanti Messages – 2 October

When is Gandhi Jayanti 2020?

Happy Gandhi Jayanti Messages 2020: Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated in India on 2nd October. It is the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi who is one of the strongest leaders and also the Father of the Nation. This is a national holiday in India but celebrations are held on this occasion across the country. Sending Mahatma Gandhi messages images to friends, family and relatives is a ritual. Gandhi Jayanti special messages with a thoughtful quote have the power to inspire hearts and mind.

What do you say on Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti?

Celebrate this wonderful day with Happy Gandhi Jayanti quotes, Gandhi Jayanti Wishes and Gandhi Jayanti messages. We bring to you best of Gandhi Jayanti WhatsApp and Facebook status to share with your loved ones.

Gandhi Jayanti Messages

Wish your family and friends with Gandhi Jayanti messages and Gandhi Jayanti quotes to fill their lives with inspiration. Celebrate with all 2nd October 2020 Gandhi Jayanti with motivational Gandhi Jayanti wishes in English.

“Warm wishes on Gandhi Jayanti to you…. Let us remember and salute the man who led us on the path to get independence and always inspired us as a nation.”

“He was the one who always promoted non-violence and truth and bonded us together to fight for an independent country…. Happy Gandhi Jayanti.”

“Let us celebrate the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti by remembering Mahatma Gandhi and by following the path he showed us.”

Happy Gandhi Jayanti Wishes 2020

Newest collection of beautifully drafted Gandhi Jayanti wishes to share with all. Send across the most inspiring Gandhi Jayanti messages and texts that promise to motivate every heart and soul.

“On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, let us take inspiration from Mahatma Gandhi to learn from the mistakes of our past and work for a better future.”

Gandhi Jayanti Messages

Gandhi Jayanti Messages

“We call him the Father of the Nation, we call him Mahatma, we call him Bapu because he always inspired us as a nation…. Happy Gandhi Jayanti.”

“Wishing a very Happy Gandhi Jayanti to everyone…. Let us follow the path Bapu showed all of us to work towards creating India a developed and prospering nation.”

Gandhi Jayanti Greetings

Make it a memorable 2nd October with the original Gandhi Jayanti greetings messages to share with family and friends. Wish everyone with engaging and inspiring Gandhi Jayanti wishes and messages.

“A very Happy Gandhi Jayanti to you…. Bapu always supported causes for the development of a nation and therefore, we must follow them all for a better country.”

“Today is the day to look back and remember Mahatma Gandhi and promise ourselves to always work towards the progress and development of India.”

“Gandhi always taught us to win over our anger and to follow non-violence for a better tomorrow for our nation…. Happy Gandhi Jayanti.”

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Slogans of Mahatma Gandhi in English

Life is better with Ahimsa. Let us follow the path of Ahimsa.

Mahatma Gandhi always lived for the right.

Peace and harmony are what we must focus on in our lives.

Non-violence and truth are the important pillars of our life.

Let us embrace Khadi into our lives.

Best Happy Gandhi Jayanti Quotes, Sayings

“On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, let us follow the good things taught by the Father of the Nation to take India on the path of progress.”

“Gandhi is not just a person but he is an ideology and we must embrace the good things he has taught us. Warm wishes on Gandhi Jayanti.”

“The occasion of Gandhi Jayanti reminds us all that there was a man who was loved by many. Wishing everyone a Happy Gandhi Jayanti.”

“Though Mahatma Gandhi is not there with us but we can keep him alive by doing good to our country in so many ways. Happy Gandhi Jayanti.”

“Let us make our nation a better country by following the good things from Gandhi. That would be the best way to celebrate Gandhi Jayanti.”

2 October Gandhi Jayanti Messages in English

1. On this special occasion, I wish that we always follow the path of truth and spread the teachings, ideas and thoughts of Bapu amongst the coming generations…. Happy Gandhi Jayanti.

Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti Wishes Images

Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti Wishes Images

2. Sending best wishes on Gandhi Jayanti…… May you always aim at having harmony of thought, words and actions….. May you have purity of thoughts and actions!!!

3. As we celebrate Gandhi Jayanti, I wish that the whole world is infused with spirit of truth and non-violence…. May there is peace and smiles in this world.

4. Mahatma Gandhi has always been known for his approach…. The approach of Ahimsa and Truth…. Let us celebrate non-violence and truth on Gandhi Jayanti.

Inspirational and Funny Gandhi Jayanti Messages

5. Gandhi has always been an inspiration to the world…. That’s the reason all of us run after money over happiness and peace…. Best wishes on Gandhi Jayanti.

6. I wish that blessings of Mahatma Gandhi and God are always in your life so that you always have a heavy pocked…. A very Happy Gandhi Jayanti.

7. Let us take inspiration from Gandhi and construct a nation of our dreams…. Sending best wishes on Gandhi Jayanti for a happier and prosperous India.

8. The best thing we can gift our generations to come is a happy and growing India, the India which Gandhi dreamt of…. Happy Gandhi Jayanti.

Gandhi Jayanti Messages in Hindi

9. Gandhi Jayanti ke shubh avsar par aao saath milkar Gandhi ke sukh aur samridhi se purna Bharat ke sapne so saakar karein…. Happy Gandhi Jayanti.

10. Gandhi ka janam humein azadi dilane ke liye hua par humein azaadi puri tarah nahi mili…. Gandhi Jayanti par ek jut hokar sukhad India ki Rachna karein.

Gandhi Jayanti Messages Greetings

Gandhi Jayanti Messages Greetings

11. Gandhi Jayanti humein yaad dilati hai un sab veeron ki jinhone apne praan ganwakar khushiyan failyain, desh azaad karaya….. Happy Gandhi Jayanti.

12. Dhanya hain hum ki Gandhi ki janm bhumi, karma bhumi par humara janam hua…. Aao is dharti ko apne karmo se seechen….. Best wishes on Gandhi Jayanti.

Mahatma Gandhi Slogans in Hindi and English

13. His simplicity was his greatness….. his life was an inspiration….. Wishing a very Happy Gandhi Jayanti to you.

14. Aao seekh lein Gandhi se, desh bhakt banane ki aur Gandhi Jayanti ke is paavan avsar ko aur khubsurat banane ki…. Happy Gandhi Jayanti.

15. We are blessed to be born on a land where Gandhi was born…. Let us take inspiration from him for bringing the change we wish to see…. Best wishes on Gandhi Jayanti.

16. Gandhi is not a person, he is a thought, an inspiration, a motivation….. Let us celebrate his teachings and ideas on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti.

Gandhi Jayanti Whatsapp Status and Facebook Status Messages

17. Let us take inspiration from Mahatma Gandhi to have a meaningful, purposeful life….. Happy Gandhi Jayanti.

18. We may not have Gandhi with us but we do have his teachings to motivate us….. Best wishes on Gandhi Jayanti.

19. Make this Gandhi Jayanti a special one by promising to work for the development and growth of our country.

20. The best gift we all can gift Gandhi on his birthday is a country which is happy and growing….Happy Gandhi Jayanti.

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