Happy Graduation Wishes and Messages for Granddaughter

Graduation is a special occasion and congratulation messages from loved ones make it all the more special. If your granddaughter is graduating from her high school or college, you must send her Graduation wishes for granddaughter from high school or College Graduation messages for granddaughter to congratulate her and wish her good luck for future.

Here are some of the latest Happy Graduation messages for Daughter or granddaughter from grandma and grandpa. Tell her that you are proud of her with these beautiful Graduation Congratulations messages.

Graduation Wishes for Granddaughter from High School

“It is not just a special moment for you but also a very proud moment for us because you have successful graduated from high school… Congratulations to our dearest granddaughter.”

“Nothing means more to us than your success and achievements, happiness and joy…. Happy Graduation to our granddaughter.”

“With a hard-working, caring and dedicated granddaughter like you, we feel we are truly blessed… Congratulations on completing your high school my dear.”

Graduating from high school is just the beginning of your accomplishments…. Keep working hard for you have the potential… Happy Graduation!!!”

College Graduation Messages for Granddaughter

“Always remember that there is nothing impossible in this world and you have the potential to make things happen…. Warm wishes on your College Graduation Day!!”

“From a small girl to a teenager, we have seen you beautifully grow through all these years…. Happy Graduation to you and lots of luck for future.”

“Life is all about accepting the unexpected and transforming it into an opportunity…. Congratulations on your graduation!!!”

“I pray to God to always shower his blessings and love on you, to give you strength to find success in whatever you do…. Happy Graduation!!!”

Graduation Wishes Quotes for Granddaughter

“Successful completion of your graduation is a proof that you are a hard-working girl and we are proud of you… Warm wishes on graduation to our dearest granddaughter.”

“For grandparents, the only thing that brings joy to them is the success and happiness of their grandchildren….and today we are extremely happy…. Happy Graduation!!!”

“Warm wishes on you graduating my dear…. May you find more opportunities in your life to be more successful.”

“Life offers challenges and opportunities to all of us but what we make of both of these is up to us…. Happy Graduation to our dearest granddaughter.”

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