Happy Sorry Charlie Day Messages and Quotes – 6 April

Sorry Charlie Day is celebrated every year on April 6th. This day reminds us of each and every time when we were rejected in our lives but we never gave up. This day celebrates the spirit to keep moving on despite the rejections that we come across in our lives. Make it a special day for everyone around you with National Sorry Charlie Day wishes and Sorry Charlie quotes that are full of motivation and inspiration for everyone.

We bring to you the newest collection of Happy Sorry Charlie Day messages and greetings. Have these inspiring Sorry Charlie Day quotes with family and friends on Facebook, WhatsApp.

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Best Happy Sorry Charlie Day Messages and Quotes

1. Life is all about getting up every time you fall don’t. Don’t let a rejection ruin your life. Wishing a very Happy Sorry Charlie Day.

2. Sorry Charlie Day reminds each one of us of the times when we chose not to feel rejected in life and surviving every rejection we came across.

3. Warm wishes on Sorry Charlie Day to you. None of us are perfect but each one of us have opportunities to become perfect.

4. It is up to us that how we take a rejection. It is up to us whether we break down or we see a chance to grow in every rejection we face. Happy Sorry Charlie Day.

5. Sorry Charlie Day is all about facing your rejections with positivity and becoming a better person in life. Warm wishes on this special day.

6. Those who are not fearful of rejections are the ones who are able to achieve the impossible. Happy Sorry Charlie Day.

7. Never feel sorry for yourself if you have been rejected because this is the opportunity to get better. Happy Sorry Charlie Day.

8. Wishing a very Happy Sorry Charlie Day to you. You cannot be accepted or selected every time because rejection is a part of life.

9. You get rejected once because you will be selected tomorrow. Warm wishes on Sorry Charlie Day to you my dear.

10. Forget about the fear of getting rejected and just keep doing your job with complete dedication and you will be successful. Happy Sorry Charlie Day to you my dear.

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