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  • One can say that Wednesday is the worst moment of the week. It is the very middle day, that needs its Wednesday humor. A lot of people really suffer from the feeling that the finish line is still far from them! Especially if talking about the hard-working individuals, who hate even the Wednesday morning jokes.

    If you are a boss of a little company with a cozy atmosphere, you can easily cheer up the employees by sending them some funny Wednesday memes for them to reach Friday. They can also answer you with hilarious Wednesday pictures to raise your own mood. It is not necessary to send only Wednesday memes; you can find plenty of funny images without jokes about work hours.

    Moreover, with the huge wave of the cats’ popularity, you can find even a Wednesday cat meme, that will be an adorable and wonderful image for anyone (no matter how hard he or she works, if ever). Any Wednesday animal meme, actually, can affect positively a person in a bad mood.

    In China and in Estonia, people still call Wednesday “the third day” – we are sure they do not even want to determine this awful day of the week. All the nations have wacky Wednesday memes to laugh at. In some cultures, there is a thought that Wednesday is the day of Mercury – both the gods’ messenger and the planet we all know. Funny images with the messenger and the planet are very popular too! Well, if you are not ready to Wednesday, find some happy memes beforehand.

    Dirty Wednesday Memes

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    It’s Wednesday Humor

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    Only Wednesday Meme

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    Wednesday Cat Meme

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    Wednesday Funny Images

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    Wednesday Morning Jokes

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    Wednesday Work Memes

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    Wonderful Wednesday Animal Meme

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