Happy World Otter Day Wishes, Quotes and Messages

Every year the last Wednesday in the month of May is observed as World Otter Day. This day aims at saving and protecting the 13 different species of otters which make an important part of our ecosystem. Celebrate this occasion with otter slogans and otter Instagram captions. Share with everyone around your otter taglines and otter one liners.

We have come up with a collection of Happy World Otter Day wishes, quotes and Otter Day messages. Share these unique World Otter Day greetings on social media to make everyone aware.

Happy Otter Day Wishes Messages, Otter Quotes

Warm wishes on the occasion of World Otter Day to all. Let us join hands to protect these animals from getting extinct.

God has created many animals and each one of them is special. On the occasion of World Otter Day, let us come together to save the otters and their different species.

We may not realize but otters form an important link in our food chain and their absence can be a big threat to our existence. Let us save them. Happy World Otter Day.

Wishing a very Happy World Otter Day to everyone. The responsibility of saving otters from getting extinct lies on our shoulders.

Humans are the ones responsible for taking their homes away and now humans must save them. Wishing a very Happy World Otter Day to all.

Otters are crying for help. Let us save them and keep them protected to make this world a better place. Warm wishes on World Otter Day to all.

Together we can save the homes of otters and therefore, save the otters from getting extinct. Warm greetings on World Otter Day to all.

Otters are waiting for us to come and help them so that they can also live in this world that God created for all of us. Warm wishes on the occasion of World Otter Day to everyone.

Catchy Otter Slogans, Otter Taglines

Otters must be saved from getting extinct.

Let us wake up now and we can certainly save otters from extinction.

Otters need a safe and happy place and we can give them one.

Otters are not a threat to us but we are a threat to them.

We took away their homes and we are taking away their lives. Happy World Otter Day.

Development doesn’t mean taking homes of otter away.

Otters need our love and protection to survive. Happy World Otter Day.

Otters cannot speak but they are in urgent need of help.

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