How Entrepreneurs Find Real Talent For Their Business


In the fast-changing world of start-ups, tech, and entrepreneurism; it can be difficult to find the right talent to help you achieve your objectives.

That is, individuals with the necessary skills, attitude, and personal qualities who can help your enterprise grow and prosper.

Effective recruitment is crucial to your long term success as an entrepreneur. With talented and motivated employees on board, your business can go from strength to strength.


How Entrepreneurs Find Real Talent

In this article, we’ll cover a few proven and innovative approaches you can take as an entrepreneur to make better hires.


1. Define Your Needs

The first step to finding talented employees is to know what it is that you need. In order to find the right candidate for a particular position, you need to have a clear profile of what you’re looking for.

In addition to specific skills and qualifications, write down the most important personal qualities you’re looking for. It’s a common mistake in the entrepreneurial world to look for all-rounders, or simply not have a precise enough candidate profile in mind.

However, you will find the entire process – from screening résumés to interviewing – far easier and more focused if you construct a clear and detailed specification of your ideal candidate for each role.

Furthermore, this helps to construct a highly specific job description, resulting in more suitable candidates applying in the first place.


2. Good Talent Grows

Although it’s wise to seek candidates with ample prior knowledge, another key facet to look for in potential talent is an ability to learn new skills.

As we’ve written elsewhere, the ability to learn new skills is vital in the competitive world of start-ups and the marketplace of ideas.

As your business grows, you will need talent that can grow with it. It’s no good hiring someone if they can’t step up to the plate when a venture begins to take off.

If you want someone to work with you then look for people who can demonstrate an ability to learn and use new skills; autodidacticism is extremely valuable.

This characteristic can sometimes be hard to discern, but a few well-placed questions in an interview or close inspection of a CV can often separate those who are looking for an easy nine to five job and those who are looking to challenge themselves and to learn.


3. Work On Your Brand Image

It’s safe to say that the people at the forefront of the tech industry are more likely to be employed in some form already. If you’re going to attract talent away from competitors, it pays to work on the visibility and reputation of your start-up.

Just as a good company profile or exciting product might attract investors, you’ll also attract the interest of top talent.

As with many aspects of the entrepreneurial world, finding talent is oftentimes a matter of getting creating a buzz around your company or your product. So if you’re looking to hire someone to aid your budding business, one solid tip is to consider what your company looks like to an outsider.

To that end, maybe ask a friend or someone you know outside of your business to consider the impression they get from your company by checking it out online. Follow this up by asking them about their impression of your company and if it seems like the kind of place someone might want to work for.


4. Develop Your Talent Pipeline

From flexible contracts to freelancing websites, there’s an abundance of places to find talented potential employees today. However, keeping and maintaining a talent pipeline still requires some work.

Thankfully though, there are tools that can help. Web applications like HelloTalent are ahead of the curve in enabling users to create pipelines for new talent and offer real advantages to businesses in pressing need of talented people.

Gone are the days when HR departments would have to sift through countless applications to whittle down the list to a select few.

As with all kinds of markets in recent years, the human resources field is being disrupted and changing rapidly and talent pipeline services are at the forefront of this change.

Start-ups and small businesses do not have the luxury of lengthy recruitment processes. And that’s why tools that simplify and speed up the search are so valuable to entrepreneurs. Of course, a good talent pipeline will also cover you when you need to rapidly expand your team or quickly replace talent.


5. Go Guerilla

Streamlining your talent sourcing is all well and good, but sometimes it can take an extra push to really good the attention of that special candidate. If you are really struggling to find motivated go-getters, consider branching out.

Oftentimes, the best talent is already working for someone else and that means they won’t necessarily be on the lookout on the usual job search channels. Like the ones we mentioned above.

If you know your industry and know top performers consider reaching out to them directly or consulting them for advice. One sneaky tip is to reach out those who win awards in trade magazines.


6. Autonomy Breeds Loyalty

As we’ve already mentioned, the best hires in any given field are liable to already be employed; so it pays to keep the talent when you’ve found it. To find the best talent, you should create an environment that will attract the best talent.

It sounds counter-intuitive, but in an ideal scenario, you want the talent to come to you. For that reason, trust new hires with responsibility and allow them the space to grow and develop within your company.

In smaller industries, word travels fast and if you can create an environment in which people feel both a degree of self-development, respect, and happiness; the reputation of your company will pay off when it comes to the next hiring round.



Here’s a quick recap of the ways entrepreneurs find talent:

  • Define Your Needs
  • Good Talent Grows
  • Work On Your Brand Image
  • Develop Your Talent Pipeline
  • Go Guerilla
  • Autonomy Breeds Loyalty
  • Are you trying to find talent for your business? Leave a comment below.

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