How to Access Your Inner Genius With Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming is not easy, but is it worth while;

Once you learn to lucid dream is becomes easier, and the benefits are outstanding. One of the most amazing aspects of lucid dreaming is being able to interact with renowned personalities.

When lucid you can talk to the most enlightened people in history.

Although this is taking place in your mind, you use these personalities as a method to access the subconscious part of your mind and give it a voice to discuss your concerns with.


How to Start Lucid Dreaming

So if you are ready to speak directly with the high ideal of who you are, just follow these simple steps to start lucid dreaming:


1. Preparation

This is most crucial part of your lucid dreaming experience. And to get you started, there are four questions you need to ask yourself before you embark off on this magical journey.

A positive attitude. You have to study the subject enough to believe you can do it.
Are dreams important. In order to create the correct mindset you have to understand and believe that your dreams are an important part of your life.

Enthusiasm is key. The subconscious mind is highly influenced by emotions. The more you wish the have a lucid dream, the greater chances of success.

Have a plan, look beyond the moment you become lucid, create a plan about what you wish to do in your dream.


2. Remembering Dreams

Here are a few steps for those who either have difficulty remembering their dreams or believe they never dream.

  • Upon awakening, do not move, take a few essential moments to recall your dreams. Once you remember one part of a dream. Relax and allow the rest of the pieces to fall into place.
  • If you have absolutely no initial recall, then run through a quick check list of people you know, places you have been and things you enjoy doing.
  • Get more sleep, try to get an extra hour of sleep by going to bed earlier than usual. And also try sleeping in a different position.

    3. Dream Journals

    By placing a dream journal beside your bed, you are signalling to your mind that your dreams are important and worth remembering.

    The habit of writing down your dreams soon becomes a habit of recalling your dreams.

    Just jot down keywords about the dream upon wakening.


    4. Know Your Dreams

    Sometimes we can become lucid simply be seeing a recurring theme, person or object in a dream. When you start to use a dream journal you may begin to notice recurring dream symbols which will help you become aware that you are dream.

    Think about the person, objection or location you often see in a dream and tell yourself that this is your dream symbol.


    5. Mindfulness

    If you are more aware during the day, you will become more aware while dreaming.

    The fact is that you can be fully conscious, semiconscious, and not conscious at all in your dreams as well as in your waking life.

    It is all a matter of mindfulness. It all boils down to your level of awareness.

    The Tibetan dream yoga is based on practising mindfulness during the day.


    6. Reality Checks

    Are you dreaming right now?

    Take a moment to check your surrounding, why are you there in that location.

    How did you get there? Is everybody in your location normal?

    Reality checks help us to situation ourselves in our environment. By doing these during the day, this habit will eventually spill over into your dreams. Look for inconsistencies.

    Use an alarm or lucid dreaming app to set up random times to notify you to check your reality.


    7. Linking Your Awareness To Your Dreams

    Once you become accustomed to checked your reality and learning how to live in a more aware state combined with your identification of dream symbols, you will naturally start to have more and more lucid dream experiences.


    8. Contacting your mentor

    Once you become lucid in a dream, find a door and tell yourself that the person you most want to talk to is behind it then walk through.



    Here’s a quick recap on how to access your inner genius with lucid dreaming:

  • Preparation
  • Remembering dreams
  • Dream journals
  • Know your dreams
  • Mindfulness
  • Reality checks
  • Linking awareness to your dreams
  • Contacting your mentor
  • How long did it take you to start lucid dreaming? Leave a comment below.

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