How to Beat Your Video Game Addiction

Video games can be a huge addiction for many teenagers, and even adults, believe it or not. Especially with a bunch of new smartphone games being released regularly.

Guess what’s just been released at the time of writing this article? You’re probably all aware of the new app, Pokemon GO, which has gotten the world absolutely raving at the moment.

Funnily enough, I’m currently back in the UK, and we can’t get Pokemon GO here just yet, unless your desperate enough to cheat the system, which people are…

Anyway, it got me thinking back to a time when I was in my teens and addicted to playing video games. So I thought I’d write an article that explains some great tips on how to beat your video game addiction.

Besides, many Pokemon GO players currently reading this, will probably need to use this advice at some point!


How to Beat Your Video Game Addiction

Beating A Video Game Addiction

I’ve always been addicted to improvement. The issue was that back in my teens I didn’t always think this was possible for myself. However, it was always possible in video games. Leveling up, upgrading, improving, expanding, you name it.

Although, times have changed, and I’ve been able to shift my obsession for improvement onto my own life, and out of the virtual world.

Here are several solid tips on how to beat your video game addiction:


1. Take a look at how your addiction is affecting you

The key to beating any addiction, is first understanding and realizing how it’s truly affecting your life. The reality is that if you are playing video games 3, 4, 5 hours a day, you are getting nothing productive done.

Here’s what’s happening to you whilst you’re playing video games:

  • Your body is deteriorating
  • You’re becoming less social
  • You’re becoming less attractive to others
  • You’re wasting time
  • Your standard of life is getting worse
  • You’re losing out on some of the most incredible experiences in life
  • Seriously, take a minute to write down how many benefits are coming from you playing games every day. The only one you’ll have on that list is short term pleasure.

    Yet with short term pleasure, comes long term dissatisfaction. One day you’ll wake up in the same position you were 3 years ago, and be confused as to what the hell happened.

    How is your video game addiction affecting your life?


    2. Write down what you want to be achieving on a daily basis

    It’s a given that a video game addiction will stop you from achieving other things daily. The time will cut into the amount of productive work you do. The amount of damage this addiction does obviously depends on how many hours of the day it consumes you.

    Write down the things that you’d like to achieve on a daily basis. Maybe make new friends, new experiences, get work done, hit the gym, who knows.

    It could be anything…

    Based on what you write down, and how much time and commitment those things take, it’ll give you an idea of how much your addiction is actually setting you back.


    3. Think about what others your age are doing every day

    This point is mainly aimed at younger individuals, either in their teens or early twenties. In fact, the whole article is… but this point especially!

    Take a moment to think about what others your age are doing with their time, instead of sitting around playing games. Your answer will highly depend on which age range you’re in, but will most likely include the below:

  • Applying to jobs with great companies
  • Studying for important exams and upcoming interviews
  • Spending time with friends and meeting new people
  • Improving themselves (various activities such as exercise)
  • Doing a little partying and living life to the full
  • Travelling
  • Building the foundations for their futures
  • If you’re in your teens/early twenties, take a look at how much you could seriously be doing instead of being in-front of a TV the whole day!

    The possibilities are endless…


    4. Set a fixed time to play video games

    The end of the day tends to be the time where people relax, watch a film, and in this case play some video games. To be honest, this is the best time to do so.

    You have all day to get all your important stuff done, and then you can leave 1-2 hours at the end of your night to relax and play some games.

    This is probably the best tip I can recommend for beating your video game addiction. When I was in my teens, I started to just play an hour at the end of every night. I was too tired to play any more by that point.


    5. Go out and try to achieve your written goals

    You NEED to replace your addiction with something else. The key word there is ‘replace’, because if you just try to cut back on your video game hours, the time to do so will still be there.

    If you start using those hours for something else, you’ll be less tempted to go back to playing games.

    So go out and try to start achieving the goals you wrote down earlier. Just focus on doing other things with that video game time, that propel you a step further towards your goals.


    6. Move the console/TV/computer into a less pleasant room

    The likelihood is that by putting your games console in a less pleasant room, you’ll be less tempted to play it. Stick it somewhere in a cold, noisy room, with an uncomfortable chair to sit on.

    Keeping your console in your bedroom is a recipe for disaster, especially if you don’t have the willpower right now to keep yourself from playing it.

    So move it immediately!


    7. Sell your console altogether

    Just sell it! If your bold enough and have the balls to quit cold turkey, sell your console. Your life will change so rapidly it’s unbelievable. If you’re someone spending over 3 hours a day playing video games, this step will unlock potential you’ve never seen before.

    If you want the best for yourself and have the balls to get rid of something you love so much, yet that’s detrimental, sell your console.

    Get some extra money, put it towards some travelling, invest it in yourself!


    8. Find out how achieving your real goals is affecting your happiness

    This is the last step to beating a video game addiction. We mentioned earlier on in the article that you should write down an then attempt all the goals you’d like to achieve every day, every week etc.

    The goals that need the time you’re currently using to play video games.

    If you’ve tried to use more of this time to progress with your goals, how is it making you feel so far?

    Are you feeling happier that you’re improving yourself, and your life? Hopefully the answer is yes, and this is the reminder you need whenever you feel like going back to video games.

    Remember how happy achieving your goal makes you feel, and you’ll never go back.



    It’s that time of the article where we recap on the steps to help you beat your video game addiction:

  • Take a look at how your addiction is affecting you
  • Write down what you want to be achieving on a daily basis
  • Think about what others your age are doing every day
  • Set a fixed time to play video games
  • Go out and try to achieve your goals
  • Move the console/TV/computer into a less pleasant room
  • Sell your console altogether
  • Find out how achieving your real goals is affecting your happiness
  • Do you have a video game addiction? Has this article helped you? Leave a comment below.

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