How to Quiet Your Mind For Greater Success

You may not realize how much your mind works in the background of every task you do. If you’ve ever really listened to your inner dialogue, you were probably a little shocked by what it had to say.

When you can understand the reasoning behind why that roommate taking up space in your brain is doing what it does, you might not be so keen to listen to it.

Your inner voice is the sole reason that you experience self-doubt. Successful people have learned long ago what mindset equals success.


How to Quiet Your Mind for Greater Success

It is responsible for all the things you’re afraid to do and the basis of why you get nervous before an important work engagement. When you can shut it down through habit, you’ll free yourself from false beliefs that really don’t serve you at all.

Saints and yogis will tell you that paying attention to the inner voice is known as mindfulness which is strongly associated to meditation.


Why the Inner Voice Developed in the First Place

As you experienced life, you got hurt from time to time. This created a band aid and a memory to avoid certain things. A long time ago, you gave your subconscious permission to keep you safe.

For the mind, safety comes in things it can recognize which is why we’re so resistant about trying new things. If our mind can’t wrap it’s head around it, it’s considered dangerous

The thing is your mind doesn’t know the difference between today’s experience and the experience you had when you were ten.

For example, if you’re feeling segregated within a business structure, that can nearly bring you to tears. The mind is conjuring up a similar experience so it can deal with it effectively.

Your social anxiety may be coming from a childhood experience.

If you experienced kids turning their back on your or bullying you in grade 5, that’s what the mind shows you. With it comes all the emotional reactions that you felt at such a young age.


Gaining Mental Strength and Fortitude Through Observation

When you learn to control your mind instead of it controlling you, you make better business decisions. Instead of dealing with things on an emotional level based on fear or want, you can look at the reality and make good decisions.

When your mind tells you that it’s not possible to achieve a goal or that you don’t deserve something, this is a hindrance. Henry Ford once said,

‘“Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right.”

The voice is generally negative because it’s attempting to preserve you in any way possible. That may mean protecting you from disappointment.

You will be a much stronger person when you simply start observing what your voice is telling you. As you begin to be the master of your thoughts, you can accomplish anything.

You stop wasting time dancing around things that can be perceived as dangerous or disappointing. Without the mind telling you what you are or aren’t capable of, you become unlimited. You’re not afraid to meet peers that are at a higher level than you.


The Inner Voice Makes You Second Guess

Listening to the inner voice takes a lot of energy however you react to it. The best thing to do is to not react to it at all. As it feeds you information on how you don’t measure up (and why), you can argue or feed into it.

The point is, you may second guess yourself even if you really are capable.

You may have all the credentials for a certain project but you freeze up. You can’t remember any relevant points, you become nervous and may even find a lame excuse to drop out of an opportunity.

The next time you feel anxious, inquire within as to what you were thinking.

Those hot sweats come from your subconscious thoughts. They don’t have to make any sense but they can also be stunted so you can succeed. You don’t have to listen to what the voice tells you about yourself.

You don’t have to second guess your skills and abilities. You don’t have to believe anything it says. The voice that speaks to you may be coming up with past situations that aren’t relevant for the moment you’re in.


The Inner Voice is Getting in the Way of Success

One alarming fact about the inner voice is that it bases ideas and thoughts on the past “you.” It looks back to the past to find answers for the present. Your subconscious may be giving you a story based on your seven-year-old self.

The inner voice goes through every effort to keep you safe from harm but the problem is that it stunts your growth. You experience self-doubt when you let your inner voice take control of you.

You may hold back on moving forward or questioning new ideas.

This can prevent you from moving forward in your business transactions. Confidence begins to shake and your decisions become weaker. Your mind becomes congested with useless information that only serves to make you run and hide instead of thrive.


Gaining Control of the Inner Voice

Becoming conscious of the inner voice is the best way to take control of your own inner workings. It doesn’t take much to put it in check and begin to reap the rewards. The word often used for this type of practice is mindfulness.

You are simply a witness to the thoughts buzzing around in your head all the time. It can be used in everything you do. Many choose to meditate and take time out to investigate the mind.

While sitting in peace, you might ask, “who is thinking this?” You will notice that the mind quiets as you inquire. It stops running its redundant storyline.



You can quickly take control of your mind babbling on just by looking at it and paying attention. Don’t argue with the voice, just look. It might take some time to form the habit and remember this dialogue in the background. It’s worth it however.

Tim Ferriss has stated that 80% of successful people use mindfulness daily. This voice we have within us doesn’t have to be a part of our choices or our existence. Once you can master your mind, your life will change in radical ways that are positive.

You can enjoy your life without interruptions that make you feel small, separate from others, not good enough, or insecure.

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