How to Start Making Serious Gains With Compound Exercises

Trying to sneak in a gym will give you or maybe confirm your perception that gym people have something in common.

It is not about wearing the most known brands of training shoes, sports bra, or whatever it is that can be bought in consumer centers, rather the way they have built their bodies.

This one thing in common between bodybuilders is no other than their very evident and bold muscle mass.

To some, getting into the workout lifestyle is being able to obtain a relatively better physique.


How to Use Compound Exercises for Serious Gains

Then, better physique means having good gains and bigger and bolder muscles. There are a lot of sets of exercises to obtain good gains, but there are specifically designed for bigger muscles.

This article will tell you some of the most common compound exercises for bigger muscles which you can use in addition to your good healthy diet and set of vitamin supplements.


What Do You Mean By Compound Exercises?

Compound exercises are constructed to make your gym time more efficient and worthy that those who are only there for specific reasons like using the treadmill and cycles per se.

Unlike other stand-alone exercises, compounds are those composed of numerous sets of workouts which aim to target all your body muscles from head to foot.

By combining all these great exercises that you have learned from our previous articles will now compose the sets of compound exercises for bigger muscles.

The design of your compound exercise depends on what part of your body would you want to improve. By combining everything that you do inside the gym will help you have an improved part while making sure that everything is also enhanced in subtle but powerful manner.

By using these routines, you can now secure that when working out, you are doing it with your whole body. This now ensures that your growth is equal throughout your body, and not just in the arms or in the legs.

The next section of this article will provide you with a list of the best compound exercises for various muscle groups:


1. Lower Body Compound Exercises

These exercises are:

  • Squatting
  • Dead-lifting
  • Step Ups
  • Lunges
  • Start with squatting to empower your legs, and then dead-lifting to prepare your arms, torso, and legs. If you are done with these two, try doing some step-ups and lunges if you aim to improve more of your lower muscles than the upper one.

    These compound exercises for bigger muscles is more for the lower body part.


    2. Upper Body Compound Exercises

    These exercises are:

  • Push & Pull
  • Push & Pull (Vertical)
  • Push-Ups
  • Pull-Ups
  • If you are aiming to improve your upper body muscles, you start with some push and pulls. Once done with your arm muscles, you may now proceed with the vertical way of doing push and pulls.

    This is to prepare your legs for more intense workouts for bolder legs.


    3. Full Body Mixture of Compound Exercises

    If you are done with improving both your upper and lower body muscles, it is time to maintain the growth of your body muscles.

    Mix the two compound exercises for bigger muscles, add up the use of some equipment like weight benches will now constitute your compound routine. Make sure to do it at least three times a week.

    That will now compose your whole body compound exercises for bigger and bolder muscles.


    4 Tips When Doing These Compound Exercises

    Compound exercises may be complicated at times. You have to ensure that you are into getting good growth than loses. To help you do these compound exercises as successful as possible, here are some tips you may take note:


    1. Warm up & Cool Down

    This is the most important part of the routine: do some warm-up exercises before you start, and then ensure that you leave some time for cooling down before leaving the gym. This will prepare your muscles for the intensity of these compound exercises for bigger muscles while ensuring that you are miles away from possible injuries.


    2. Rest-Recovery-Sleep

    Since you might be doing these compound exercises for one week, with assumptions of variations, it is important that you have enough time to rest your muscles and help them recover from the tiredness. Having enough sleep will help you with that.


    3. Improved Diet

    You will never gain bigger muscles by just doing some of these compound exercises.

    The exercises need to be paired up with your diet, which will be improved based on the set of nutrients you require. There’s a tonne of great options for you to choose from when it comes to diet.


    4. Intake of Supplements for Muscle Growth

    A combination of great exercise and diet is strong, but it will be best to check some supplements that will also help you with your muscle growth. This makes your compound exercises for bigger muscle more worthy of time, and successful.



    If you want a whole body muscle gaining exercises, you should try the above compound exercises for bigger muscles. Although, of course, you can mold it depending on your preference and resources.

    To ensure that what you are doing is efficient, pick only those stand-alone exercises that you can do near you. Never design exercises that are not within your reach because that would not help you have that muscles you are looking forward to.

    Also, make sure to play it simultaneously with other muscle-related stuff, like altering your diet to a healthier one, or take up supplements to help you boost your growth.


    Have you learned something from this article? Do you have any other ideas or tricks related to compound exercises for bigger muscles?

    Help us improve our list to encourage more bodybuilders to take this road! Post your insights below and share this new knowledge with your friends and colleagues. We would love your touches to expand the scope and perspectives of our works!

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