Icebreaker Newlywed Game Questions to Ask

Weddings are a delight. Great food, great beverages, and a lot of music: three things that can make any day great. However, these three can keep people entertained only for so long. While the fact that it is a wedding does carry a lot of charm, it can all wear out pretty quickly. Therefore, you can use the newlywed game to raise the spirits and let your guests leave with loads of happiness. As a bonus, you will get to know your partner better. You can hardly ever go wrong with this game.

How Do You Play This Game?

It is very easy to play this newlywed game. All you have to do is place two chairs in the centre of the hall or dance floor, facing away from each other and both the bride and the groom will be given things to raise: it may be their shoes, a flower, or even a placard. One person: the organizer, the DJ, or a family member will then ask questions which should be interesting. If one of them wants to answer, all they have to do is raise their placard. To make it even more engaging, a few questions can be for the guests as well. When you accompany this with the food, drinks, and music we mentioned earlier, you have got a hell of a wedding.

200+ Newlywed Game Questions for the Newly Married Couples

If a couple is getting married, they obviously know each other well. But this game is designed to test how well. There are a lot of different categories of questions which can be asked to determine who knows the other better. This is a game which has been designed perfectly for newlyweds. Here are some questions we whipped up for you.

Romantic Questions for the Newlyweds

One of the most integral parts of a wedding, if not the most integral, is romance. It is what makes the couple a couple. It is an extremely beautiful emotion to feel and talk about and fills everyone’s heart with love. We have thought of some of the most romantic questions you can ask the newlyweds which will remind them of their long journey to marriage.

1). What is a destination that you both enjoy for a vacation?
2). What is your favourite dancing moment?
3). What was your most romantic Christmas? What do you plan to do this year?
4). What is the song that you both first danced together on? Is it still your favourite?
5). How many countries have you gone to as a couple?
6). What is the best surprise than you have given the other?
7). What do you like the most about your better half?
8). If you had to rate the other out of 10, what would you give them?
9). What gift are you going to give each other tonight?
10). What would both of you had done if one had proposed and the other wasn’t ready?
11). Who proposed to whom? How did they propose?
12). Did you see the proposal coming?
13). What is the best way in which they have said ‘I love you’ to you?
14). Who is the bigger foodie among the two?
15). Who is the bigger shopaholic?
16). What is something that you two always do together or don’t do at all?
17). If he wants your attention, what does he do?
18). If she wants your attention, what does she do?
19). Who is more creative when it comes to the relationship?
20). Who is the better cook? Who does the cooking on weekends?
21). Does the husband like it when you put on any makeup?
22). Who is the more entertaining of the two?
23). Who is the funnier of the two?
24). Are you both dog people or cat people? If you both have differing opinions, which pet would be the one to come home?
25). Who is the more adventurous of the two?
26). Who is in charge of taking decisions when you both can’t decide stuff?
27). What is one decision that you both took together and loved it?
28). Who sleeps earlier among you too?
29). What does the other person look best in?
30). What is the best birthday gift you both have given to the other person? What do you plan on giving them this year?
31). What would you like more: eating out or ordering from home?
32). What type of cake does the other person like more?
33). How do you both like to celebrate anything good that happens?
34). Who among the two is the more hopeless romantic?
35). What is the sappiest thing one of you has done for the other?
36). What is the cutest thing one of you has said to the other?
37). What is the best compliment one of you has given the other?
38). What is the most romantic thing one of you has said to the other?
39). Who is in charge of what chores around the house? Who has to pick up the other’s slack all the time?
40). How do you manage to find quality couple time?
41). How did the other person react when they saw you all dressed up today?
42). Who is the more stable headed among you two?
43). Who is more likely to tell the waiter that the order is wrong?
44). Which restaurant do you guys like going to?
45). Where did you guys first meet?
46). What is your favourite couple dance music?
47). What is that one song that you both like to sing and butcher together?
48). Where do you guys want to go on your honeymoon? Whose choice was it?
49). Do you think of retiring and touring the world after a few decades?
50). What do you think clicked between the two of you?
51). How romantic would you rate the proposal?
52). Who needs to be pampered more by the other?
53). How do you both pamper each other?
54). What is the best thing they do every day that makes you love them more?
55). What is something that you both always fight over, sometimes even deliberately?
56). What is one thing that you both do to annoy each other?
57). How happy, lucky, and surreal do you feel today?

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Interesting Questions for the Newlyweds

A couple always has a lot of interesting things about them: facts, titbits, secrets. And whether we should know them or not, we are always curious to learn more about them. These questions are the interesting one, which will make them spill a lot of secrets. These questions are best to ask a couple that has spent some time with each other and are about to get married.

58). How often do you fight over who gets to watch TV? Who hogs the TV remote more?
59). What is the size of the other person’s shoes?
60). What is your significant other’s favourite brand of clothes?
61). What is your significant other’s favourite type of clothes?
62). What is something that no one can do like your significant other?
63). Does either one of you snore at night? How annoying is it?
64). Does either one of you keep the other one up with an elaborate skincare routine?
65). Do you each other’s passwords? Why or why not?
66). What is the most interesting thing you found on the other’s phone when you looked through it?
67). What drink is the other person’s favourite?
68). How different do you think will your married life be from the life you had before?
69). What is something that will annoy you more now that you are married?
70). Who can be trusted more for keeping the house secure?
71). Has anyone ever mistaken you for being relatives?
72). Has anyone ever mistaken one of you for being older than the other? Who was the one considered older?
73). Did you get embarrassed by anything today? What was it?
74). Has anyone of you ever forgotten a day that was important to you both? Who and what?
75). In general, who remembers the significant dates, places, and other details more?
76). Whose family loves the other person more?
77). What food can the other person eat all day, every day?
78). What is the other person’s favourite dessert?
79). Do you both have a shared closet or separate ones? In case of a shared closet, who hogs more closet space?
80). Who is better at chatting up people they don’t know very well or at all?
81). Who is the more outgoing one in the relationship?
82). What is one habit of your significant other that annoys the hell out of you?
83). What is one habit of your significant other that just makes you adore them more?
84). Who remembers more details about the other?
85). Who is the more possessive out of the two?
86). Who has a more interesting life among the two of you?
87). Who was the one to fall for the other first?
88). Have you ever had days when you could not take your eyes off the other person? Tell us more: what day was it, what were they wearing?
89). Who among you two is the lazier person?
90). Who has more adorable habits than the other?
91). What is the most adorable habit of the other person?
92). What is one habit that you would like to change immediately about the significant other?
93). What was the first gift that you gave each other? What was the occasion?
94). Has anyone of you ever received a gift from the other person that you did not like?

Funny Questions for the Newlyweds

After romance, one of the most important things for a couple to have in their relationship is a whole lot of fun. And generally new couples are filled with a lot of bubbliness and enthusiasm. Therefore, this game cannot be complete without a few fun questions to leave the couple red-faced and get the laughs going.

95). Who do you think will age to be hotter than the other?
96). Who is the one that says ‘I love you’ more to the other?
97). Who is shyer among the two of you? How did they confess their feelings when they are so shy?
98). Who among you is the more energetic one?
99). Who among you two has lazy, dreadful mornings and who has the flowery, energetic ones? Or do you both have similar mornings?
100). Who loves seeing TV shows and movies more?
101). Who chooses what you guys will watch on Netflix?
102). Who is the one that goes by IMDB ratings?
103). What do you guys like watching together: romantic movies, comedic movies, or horror movies?
104). Who loves reading books more?
105). Who among you two is crazier for junk foods and all things unhealthy?
106). What is one thing that you both remember the best about your first date?
107). What is the most awkward moment you have had in front of each other?
108). What is the most awkward experience you both have had together?
109). Who among you takes longer to get ready? What does the other person do in the meantime?
110). What is the most romantic gesture one of you has done for the other? What was their response?
111). What is something that you both have in common?
112). What is one idea or memory that both of you relate to the hardest?
113). While sleeping who loves to cuddle and who wants their space?
114). Who is the cuddlier person throughout the day?
115). Who is the one who has more secrets among you two?
116). What has been your most sexy moment in public? Where was it?
117). Who is more easily approachable of the two?
118). Who is the more untouchable on their bad days?
119). Who makes the other person angry more often?
120). How do you guys make up to each other?
121). What is the cutest thing one of you has done to cheer the other person up? Did it cheer them up or make them angrier?
122). What is the most spectacular fail you have had in your relationship?
123). What is one plan that backfired the hardest? Whose plan was it?
124). What is the sexiest thing you have seen the other person in?
125). What is something that you both love to eat and drink together?
126). If you had to use three words to describe your significant other, what would they be?
127). Have you ever messed the other person’s look? What did you do and how did they react? How did you make up afterwards?
128). What do you do when the other person is sad? Does it work often?
129). What is the other person’s comfort food?
130). Who is the boss around the house?
131). What is the other person’s favourite accessory?
132). What is your nickname for each other? What is the story behind it?
133). If your pet would have disliked your significant other, would you have broken up with them?
134). Who is the deeper thinker among the two of you?
135). What was the first dish you cooked for the other person? How did it turn out? Did you like it?
136). How did your parents react when they first met your significant other?
137). How did your parents react when you told them you were getting married to them?
138). Who is jollier among you two?
139). What is the cheesiest thing you have said to your significant other?
140). What is something that you meant as a compliment for the other person but was totally misunderstood?
141). Do either of you love surprises? Who loves surprises more?
142). Who among you is better with tech? Do you mess with the other person’s gadgets often?
143). What is one game that you both love to play with each other?
144). Who can easily annoy the other person? How easy is it?
145). What thought came into your mind when you saw your significant other for the first time?
146). How did your first date go? Did any awkward, funny, or embarrassing thing happen?
147). Did you know then that they would be the person you were going to marry?
148). Who is the nosier among you two? How much does it annoy you?
149). How many kids would you like to have? Does the other person know about this?
150). Who among you is better with kids?

Naughty Questions for the Newlyweds

Well, this portion had to come. You cannot have such an amazing game and let the couple go without answering a few questions they had rather not answer. These questions will surely turn on the heat. Just make sure that you don’t go overboard with excitement. We are sure these will not be offensive, and will reveal some startling secrets.

151). Has any one of you ever surprised the other with your friend? How did it go?
152). Who among you is a sucker for foreplay? Who does it better?
153). What lingerie was she wearing the first-time you guys did it?
154). How was your first kiss? Who has become better at it?
155). What is an adult movie that turns you both on?
156). What is your favourite song to play while doing it?
157). Who was the one who initiated your first make out session?
158). Have you ever done it without any protection? Who suggested it?
159). Who is the noisier among the two of you?
160). What is the most turned on you have ever felt? What were the circumstances?
161). Who is better at it?
162). Who has improved the most at it?
163). How many times have you bought her lingerie?
164). Who is the more dominant in the relationship?
165). Do you have any special plans for tonight?
166). Who is the more imaginative among the two of you?
167). Who is the kinkier among the two of you?
168). Do you guys use toys? What toys do you use?
169). Do you guys like involving food and drinks? Any examples you might want to share?
170). What’s your favourite place: bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, or the couch?
171). Have you ever tried BDSM? Whose idea was it?
172). When do you like to do it more: day or night?
173). Do you take any aphrodisiacs? What do you use?
174). Have you ever done it in public? Did you get caught? How did you get out of the situation?
175). Have you ever done it in someone else’s bed? Whose bed was it?
176). Have you ever done it in the house of a relative or friend? When was it and whose house?
177). Did you ever fantasize about the other person before you got in a relationship?
178). What’s your favourite body part of your significant other?
179). What is the most potent move of your significant other?
180). What is something that they do better than anyone else?
181). What is the craziest thing you have done with each other?
182). How do you seduce each other when you are feeling horny?
183). Who ends up having to seduce the other person more?
184). Who is better at the art of seduction?
185). What was the funniest thing that happened during it?
186). How important was good intimacy for your relationship?
187). Now that you both are stuck with each other; what more experiments do you have in mind?
188). What has been intimate led you to discover about each other?
189). What is something that you do that instantly turns the other person on?
190). Have you guys taken a shower together?
191). What was the first moment that you two shared?
192). What is the funniest thing you have shared with the other person during or after doing it?
193). What is something they look the most appealing in?
194). Strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, or something else altogether?
195). Who loves getting dominated?
196). What is the most elaborate night you have ever prepared for the two of you?
197). What do you like more: shopping alone or shopping with him?
198). What is the most romantic thing you have done during a make out session?
199). Have you ever thought of a threesome?
200). What has been your wildest experience?
201). What is something that surprised you the most about your significant other in bed?
202). Did you ever have a day where you could not wait to meet your significant other so that you two could get down to business?
203). Do you guys watch porn together?
204). Has any one of you ever busted the other while watching porn? What were they watching?
205). What is the craziest thing you have ever done with your friends?

Tips and Tricks

While this game is a whole lot of fun and has very little chance of going wrong, when it does go wrong it can spoil the mood entirely, even cause strains in a brand-new marriage. So, you should always be careful. Some of these questions may be more invasive for the people in question, while some may find it normal. You have to use your discretion to realize which questions you can ask, and which questions you can’t.

Don’t bring up the past: No couple would want to remember each other’s past on a day that is supposed to be about them and their future. Also, you cannot be sure that their past does not have anything that is a touchy or dangerous subject for them. So, it is better to steer clear of it.

It is a game, not a gossip centre: This is what it is: a game, and it should be played like one. Do not use these questions to generate unwanted and unnecessary gossip at the couple’s expense. Have fun while asking those questions, and do not pry too much if they don’t want to answer.

Keep the mood fun: Do not ask any question that is particularly emotional or sad. Adorable and romantic is fine, but we don’t them to get sad on their wedding day.

Play this game well and see how your wedding becomes the talk of the town and a benchmark for future weddings. Most importantly, have fun.

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