Inspirational I Miss You Dad Messages After Death

Death is an inevitable end for every living thing, including humans. It can’t be avoided, yet, it grieves our hearts when our loved ones draw their final breath never to live among us again in the world. A father’s death is as painful as the searing piercing of a sharp arrow; even the passage of time hardly makes it any bearable especially if he was a great dad.

At times, the strong memories of his affection, company, support, and protection can make you miss him but for the lack of deep words to express yourself, you chug your feelings in. Therefore, we’ve carefully created these emotional I Miss You Dad Messages After Death to easily facilitate your own unique words for your departed dad. .medrectangle-3-multi-104{border:none !important;display:block !important;float:none;line-height:0px;margin-bottom:15px !important;margin-left:0px !important;margin-right:0px !important;margin-top:15px !important;min-height:250px;min-width:250px;text-align:center !important;}

I Miss You Messages for Dad After Death

I Miss You Messages for Dad After Death

1: It has been five months since we sat close to each other, five months of anguish and sorrow. I only wish I hugged you more often in the days leading to your final moments. I wish I had told you in words how much I respect and love you though my actions said it all. Dad, I miss you like a vital link to my life, and you really are. I look forward to the time we will meet to part no more.

2: You were such a handsome man enriched with a golden heart for people. Nobody came to you and felt unwanted; you had your way of silently affirming someone’s worth. I am aware that you have left this earthly realm for a place of rest and comfort. Still, your presence is felt among the living in our community. Your good heart makes you unforgettable, dad. I really miss you.

3: Dad, if I had my way, I would have kept you longer with me. I never would have allowed death to take you away from me this soon. Not while I still needed your cheerful encouragement and moral support. Not while I am yet to be satisfied with the warmth of your loving company. If you could see my heart right now, you would understand how much I miss you, dad.

4: Who would I pick up the phone to call in the dead of the night and he answers at one ring but my dad? Who would look into my eyes and tell my mood but my caring dad? Who would keep me chatty all-day anytime we sit together but my happy dad? With tears in my eyes, I want you to know that I have been missing you.

5: I dread goodbyes because they remind me of that moment I held your living hand for the last time. At times, I get angry that I couldn’t do much to keep you alive though I poured out my all given the moment. One thing I take great consolation in is that you aren’t fighting diseases any more, you are now at rest. But I don’t think I can get over this feeling of loss. I miss you, dad.

6: Daddy, thank you for teaching me how to value myself first before others do. I appreciate your gentle rebukes and unalloyed support for me both in the private and in public. There can never be a friendly father like you, one who related with me at my level without intimidating me. You were simply amazing. I miss you.

7: Thoughts of you fill every nook and cranny of my head, sometimes too strong to be shaken off with busyness. That says a lot about how much you mean to me, dad. You weren’t just any father but my beloved friend, my confidant, my advisor, my cheerleader. Life hasn’t been the same ever since you left me. I miss you sorely.

8: Dear dad, the vacuum you left is too wide to be filled. Only God has proven to be more than I need to live after your departure. I can willingly exchange the days I slept as rest for more years with you. In fact, I can give many years in exchange for another day to see your enchanting face. I miss you.

9: It’s morning in the world but night in my heart. You passed on to glory with the sunshine that brightened my heart. I sense you might not desire such sad words coming from me but that’s exactly how I feel, dad. Is it possible for you to come back home alive and well? Can you defy natural laws for my sake? At least, to bring back the sunshine that will illuminate my heart again. I miss you like air.

10: As I stared at your peaceful face as you slept never to wake up among mortals, it dawned on me that you needed that rest more than my longing for your continuous physical presence. Daddy, I couldn’t cry nor wail. It’s now that I realise that I was flooded with the peace that radiated from your still form. I’ve been missing you ever since.

I Miss You Messages for Dad After Death From Daughter

I Miss You Messages for Dad After Death From Daughter

11: Dad, I strongly believe that you are in Paradise, where there’s no sorrow nor pain nor death. It had been your heart desire to end well, and I am privileged to have shared in your beautiful life. Until we meet again, rest on. I miss you.

12: Dad, one of the many incredible blessings God gave me was you. I can’t even imagine how life would have turned out to be if I hadn’t a loving father like you, one who guided me through the turbulent stages of my growth and development. With your strength, I could bring down mountains and command influence. You are no more physically present, but in my heart, you live on. I miss you.

13: There are fathers and there are special fathers. Dad, you belong to the class of special fathers who esteemed the welfare of their families above the pursuit of material wealth. It’s fascinating how you found a harmonious balance between your own life and the lives of your children that resulted in our healthy relationship with you. To my super loving dad, I really miss you.

14: I hold you high above every man in my life because you were the first to teach me how queenly a woman should be treated. You opened my eyes to my worth early on and held my hands as I navigated girlhood. Dad, I can’t appreciate you enough. Your death was indeed a deathly blow. I miss you.

15: I am not the first to lose her father and wouldn’t be the last either. Yet, it feels as if I am the only one ever to be bereaved; even the news of other deaths before and after yours do not help such feelings. I miss you, dad.

16: If anyone had told me that I would be comforted after your exit from planet earth, I would have not believed that tale. The days I mourned you were hellish; I can’t even tell how I survived. But here I am, remembering you fondly, just as you would want me to. I love you, dad.

I Miss You Messages for Dad After Death From Son

I Miss You Messages for Dad After Death From Son

17: When a man says that he looks up to his father, it invariably means that his father did a good job modelling excellence. Dad, I am glad to say with all confidence that I look up to you, even if you’re gone from the world. You matter a lot to me, missing you isn’t enough feeling.

18: I have never felt such emptiness as the type I felt when I got the news that you’ve gone to be with the Lord. So many questions raced through my mind, and I couldn’t answer any. However, I am consoled that you are in a blessed place, right there with the Lord of your life. I miss you, my daddy.

19: For fifty years, you poured your all into the raising of your kids and as our patriarch. Your style of leadership gave us ample room to express our individualities; you never stifled our voices. I feel kind of helpless carrying on with your legacy and pray that the good Lord keeps upholding me. I miss you, dad.

20: Words are insufficient to extol your sterling qualities both as my father and best friend. Everything I am today came from your relentless sacrifices. I have moved on but not without you. I miss you, papa.

21: Your death felt like a bad dream yet was as real as the day. I don’t know how I survived without you, dad. I miss you.

22: It’s interesting how the months quickly turned to years even though I chose to remain fixed on that fateful day. Life continues, they say, but not for me. Strangely, there’s no life outside of the memories of the love we shared. It’s impossible to dump them anywhere in a bid to forge ahead. I might as well stop living. I cherish and miss you, father.

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