Invitation Messages for Baby Shower Ceremony

The baby shower ceremony includes many rituals for the would-be mother. Prayers, blessings by the elders and gifting are some of the rituals that take place in the baby shower ceremony. The baby shower occasion includes guests blessing the mother and the baby for the well being, good health and prosperity in life.

Good samples of sweet invitation text messages for baby shower ceremony are given below:

1). Dear friend, I send invitation message for the baby shower ceremony of my son. I hope you will arrive and bless the baby with love on the auspicious occasion.

2). On the auspicious occasion of my daughter’s baby shower, I send invitation message to you through this text. I would eagerly await your presence on this event.

3). For my sweet friend, I send this invitation for the baby shower ceremony at my home tomorrow. I would be highly grateful with your presence and blessings.

4). For a good friend, invitation messages for my baby shower occasion sent through this text. I would love to have you in the event with your blessings.

5). To a sweet cousin, sending invitation for the baby shower ceremony of my daughter. I would expect your arrival with your blessings and love for the daughter.

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