Invitation Messages for Wedding Anniversary

Wedding anniversary is completion of a year or more years of marriage. The marriage anniversaries are celebrated with parties and feasting with friends and family together. The invitations for wedding ceremony can be sent through text messages or cards.

Following are good samples of invitation messages for wedding anniversary to send with love:

1). For cute friend, I invite you to the wedding anniversary celebration to be held at my place tomorrow. I look forward to you arriving in time for the grand celebration.

2). To my dear friend, inviting you to my wedding anniversary celebration ay my residence tomorrow. I expect you to arrive for the dinner for the anniversary party.

3). To a dear friend, sending invitation for the wedding anniversary of my daughter. Do arrive with your charming nature and liven up the evening with your presence.

4). For a sweet friend, I send this invitation for the wedding anniversary at Royal Treat tomorrow. I eagerly look forward to you arrival for the party and the dinner thereafter.

5). To my lovely friend, sending you this invitation for the wedding anniversary party next Tuesday. I expect you to join me in the party and glam up the evening.

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