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Adolf Hitler

As explained in our previous post, a doctor’s bad handwriting can actually result in the death of his patients, if they’re not careful. The trick is to make sure that the medications being taken are the same ones that the doctor prescribed. Ignoring the medicine you’re taking can be very dangerous.

Even the most powerful men can run afoul of a bad doctor as Adolph Hitler personally experienced. Did you know that Hitler was turned into a full-fledged drug addict by his own doctor? Don’t believe us? Read on.

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How Did Hitler Become a Drug Addict?

Drug addiction

Hitler’s addiction can be directly attributed to his doctor at the time, Theodor Morell. Hitler first met Morell at a party. Hitler had always had issues with his digestive system which was made worse by his peculiar diet of pureed vegetables.

Morell’s first task was to observe Hitler eat such a meal and develop severe short-term digestive problems such as constipation and gas. After assuring Hitler that he could cure him with miracle drugs, Morell started administering gas prevention pills containing strychnine and a form of the E. coli bacteria. Strychnine’s side effects include pale skin and a poor attention span.

Because the treatment was a success in the short term, Morell became a favourite of Hitler. When Hitler complained of grogginess in the mornings, Morell prescribed a special concoction for him that contained amphetamines as an important ingredient.

This was followed by cocaine which Hitler used as a part of his eye drops. When this became a regular thing, Hitler became addicted. This caused Hitler to begin sniffing cocaine with the reasoning that it cleared up his sinuses.

There was even a time that Hitler was taking injections of bull’s semen because he was sexually impotent. In fact, such was Hitler’s faith in Morell that he was controlling the German invasion of the Soviet Union while being given 80 different types of drugs for a wide variety of ailments.

What Kind Of Effect Would These Addictions Have Had on Hitler?

B-24D's fly over Polesti during World War II

According to historians, these drugs that Hitler was taking had two effects on him. The first was that they shortened his lifespan and made him extremely unhealthy. The second and possibly more precarious effect was that Hitler became more aggressive and confrontational.

They also ended up making him highly erratic and hyperactive. At the very least, all these drugs that Hitler took destroyed his decision making process. It can even be said that WWII could’ve been prevented if Hitler wasn’t mentally so far gone with his drug addiction.

All those lives were lost in WWII because of one man’s drug addiction and inability to stay healthy naturally!

What Was Theodor Morell Like?


It isn’t surprising that Theodor Morell ended up turning Hitler into a drug addict because he himself was considered to be slightly unhinged or unstable. Morell was a quack doctor who could be identified by two traits.

The first was that he was obscenely obese and the other was that his personal hygiene was very poor. As a matter of fact, Morell was almost always dirty which is why he had a reputation for smelling bad during and after Hitler’s time.

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