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Adolf Hitler

In our last article, we talked about how Hitler was turned into a drug addict by his doctor, Theodor Morell. Addiction to drugs is a form of excessiveness. Hitler seemed to have a special bond with excessiveness as is evident from his drug addiction and the fact that he started WWII almost singlehandedly.

However, if these aren’t enough to prove Hitler was slightly on the extreme side, you can also take into account his obsession for everything sweet. Hitler had what could possibly be the biggest sweet tooth in the political history of humanity. If you don’t believe us, here are some facts about Hitler’s humongous sweet tooth!

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Hitler Put Sugar into His Red Wine

Red wine

Hitler didn’t like the sour taste that most varieties of red wines have. It didn’t matter to him how rare or high quality a wine was. Hitler would shovel sugar into a glass of wine till there was a little mound inside the glass so that he could have wine. At the same time, you should know that Hitler didn’t have all that much alcohol. In fact, he is actually known for avoiding alcohol on most occasions.

Hitler Ate a ‘Fuhrer Cake’ Every Night Before Bed


Before going to bed every night, Hitler would eat a special cake. His household staff would be instructed to leave out a special cake in his room every night, so that he could satisfy his sweet tooth.

This cake was made of apple with a lot of nuts and raisins in it. The cake was so well known amongst Hitler’s servants that it was named the ‘Fuhrer Cake’ by them.

Hitler would often eat this cake late into the night and go to sleep in the early hours of the morning. As a result, he wouldn’t wake up until late the next day. It was common for Hitler to wake up at two in the afternoon.

Hitler Loved Chocolate Scones and Biscuits

Chocolate Scones

Hitler’s diet consisted of a lot of sweets throughout the day. With his evening tea, Hitler liked either chocolate scones or chocolate biscuits. He would have his tea in a special cup made by the Nymphenburg Porcelain Manufactory.

Hitler Ate Sweets Even When He Was Poor

Poppy seed cake

Hitler wasn’t always the Fuhrer of Germany. There was a time when he was poor and couldn’t hold onto to a steady job. In those days, Hitler would always be short of money and would survive on simple fare consisting of bread, butter and milk.

However, Hitler loved sweets even then and would often save to buy sweets like nut cake and poppy seed cake. Whenever he came into a decent amount of money, he would either buy pastries or make a dish at home consisting of rice, milk, sugar and chocolate.

Hitler Took Seven Teaspoons of Sugar in One Cup of Tea

Cup of Tea

You most probably know that normal people have about one or two teaspoons of sugar in their tea. A few people may even have three spoons, but have you ever heard someone have seven spoons of sugar in one single cup of tea? Such was Hitler’s love for everything sweet that it was normal for him to put seven teaspoons of sugar in his cup of tea.

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