Love Messages That Will Definitely Touch Her Heart

A woman is an emotional being. What you say to her is what will win her heart. Saying it over and over is a sure way to bag even the heart of stone. She wants to hear something special about herself. She wants to hear what no one else has told her before. Nothing gets to a girl’s heart faster than romantic love messages. Just say her name and follow that with a sweet message and no girl can resist it.

Actually, she might even be caught saying she fell for you because you were so romantic. All thanks to a well-crafted message. Having a unique message will melt even a heart of stone within no time.

The following thought out and deep messages will definitely melt her heart and give her something to cherish always. Come on and sample them now!

Romantic Love Messages for Her

Romantic Love Messages for Her

1. I have become a fool for you. I say your name everywhere. People are getting tired of me talking about you all the time but I don’t care one bit. It doesn’t matter if they all leave me so long as I got you, babe.

2. I didn’t believe in love at first sight but you have just made that a reality for me. The first time I set my eyes on you, I knew my life wouldn’t be the same without you. Because of you, I am living in the magic called love.

3. They say time is a healer but it didn’t heal my wounds. You are the one who made me live again, and now I can proudly say my babe has been my healer.

4. What more could I ask for, but your beautiful eyes to gaze into mine forever? Your contagious smile to melt my heart. And my hands to embrace you forever.

5. No matter what is going on in my life, all it takes to put me at ease is to think about you. The fact that you love me. Just thinking of you dissipates all my worries.

6. All I will ever need is you. Just to have you by my side whether in the scorching sun or winter, I can weather anything with you next to me.

7. When I wake up in the morning, before I fall asleep at night, all I think about is you. Then I am amazed to find that even the time in between, you the only thing in my mind.

8. Did I tell you yet? I will do anything for you, my babe. Just name it and it will be done. From me to you, impossible doesn’t exist.

9. I will go to ends of the world for you, just so that l can prove my love for you. I promise to love you with everything that I have.

10. I thought true love was found in a perfect woman. Then I met you and found I loved you with all your imperfections.

11. I love you more every day. My heart grows fonder every minute. I am so glad I have you. You have made my life so enjoyable.

12. Nothing can separate me from you. Not anything they say about you. Not anything you will ever do. Not old age. Only death will ever put us part.

13. If skipping a beat would kill someone, I could have died a long time ago. Every time I see you, every time I hear your voice, my heart splutters with joy inside my chest.

14. If too much love could kill. I would have been dead by now. My whole being beams with love for you. A love that I know from deep down will never die.

Deep Love Messages for Her

Deep Love Messages for Her

15. As I lay down on my bed, gazing at the roof, I think of you miles away and I can’t wait for the days you will sleep by my side forever. I so badly want to make you mine.

16. I wish I could open my heart for you so that you can see the depths of my love for you. A love that keeps on growing till I fear for my sanity, but I would rather go mad than not have you.

17. As you sit across me and I know we are about to part ways, I already miss you, my love. It gets deeper every second because you are the best thing that happened to me and being away from you is a torturous affair.

18. I can’t sleep, and just a few bites of my favorite meal now make me full. Thinking of you fulfills me in ways I never thought possible. I love you in an indescribable way.

19. You have made me totally blind and no one compares or comes near to your beauty my love. No matter how hard they may try, I see no one other than you and all my love is reserved for you.

20. Where did you touch me? What spell did you cast on me? I pray that the feelings you caused last forever. I would beg that you change nothing. I want to always feel this way for you.

21. I want to lie beside you, go for endless walks, stare into your smiling eyes, snuggle next to you, and kiss you every hour of the day. I can’t wait to hear you say that you will be mine always.

22. I can’t wait to make you a part of me forever so that when I fall asleep, you are the last person I see and when I wake up, it’s you I kiss good morning. To behold your beauty and drink from your cup of love.

23. I never knew a love so deep existed. A love that can move mountains. A love that sees no barriers but only joy and bliss. Please stay and make me feel this way forever.

24. My sunshine, I pray that you will always shine my way. You are such an angel, a beauty to behold. I can’t believe my lucky star and I keep pinching myself to be sure I am not dreaming. I am so glad I got you

25. Every time you are away from me, I can’t wait to see you again. A few minutes apart feels like forever. I want you with me always because I can never get enough of you.

26. I wish you could peep inside my heart to discover the overflow of my love for you. I will gladly confess my love to everyone. You have become all I need; all I will ever need.

Most Heart Touching Love Messages for Her

Most Heart Touching Love Messages for Her

27. I have loved before I met you, and I always thought it was true love. I could have lived believing that lie but now that I met you, I know the taste of true love. You are truly my soulmate.

28. I don’t want to think about how I could live if you ever left me. What I know for sure is that I can’t go on without you. If you ever decide to leave, please note I am coming with you.

29. Like a fish cannot live without water, I can’t live without you. You are the air I breathe. You are the reason for my existence. I will cherish every second I have with you.

30. My life was meaningless without, but you have given me another lease of life. Now, even sitting with you with no words spoken, just being with you is enough to make me fulfilled.

31. You have stolen my heart and made it your own, and I have become a fool for this. For all this, my dear, all I can say is thank you, for I can never repay you.

32. You are the love of my life. You have swept me off my feet. Everything that is mine is now yours. You have all of me, and I need all of you.

33. What can genuinely depict what you make me feel? You put a spring in my step. Me and you forever. Life knew you were the best gift for me and nothing more could I ask or want.

34. Lady luck smiled at me, and I cannot trade what you make me feel for anything in the world. Gold and silver I have no use for so long I got you baby. You are more than I could ever ask for.

35. I thought sunrise and sunset were beautiful. But ever since I met you, I have rediscovered the meaning of breathtaking. A beauty so rare it is yet to be written about.

36. What gift can I give to the girl who made me so happy and made my life worth living? I can only repay her by being her prince charming. But even then, that is nothing to give because I am the luckiest man in this game of love.

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