Love Paragraphs for Her

Love is undoubtedly one of the greatest emotions in humans out there, and certainly the most desired one. Anyone who has a girlfriend should consider himself lucky for finding such a precious possession for himself. However, maintaining a healthy relationship with your girlfriend is much more difficult than it seems. You have to remain true to the both of you and keep respecting what she wants of the relationship. Since she cherishes you so much, you ought to give her all of it back and more.

While there is always the option of pampering her with gifts to increase your romance or going on a vacation together to remind her how special she is, all of these are things that do not require a lot of personal effort. Nothing is more effective at winning a girl’s heart than something you genuinely put your effort in, something made out of your thought and time. The more comprehensive the message, the better it is at conveying your thoughts and emotions.

Remove all the intermittent small talk and broken attention. Your girlfriend deserves to be loved an cherished in the old fashioned way. One that involves loads of romantic paragraphs conveying how much you love her and notes of how much you cherish her. Besides the obvious fact that it will make your girlfriend feel cherished and valued, it will also do you a world of good to write your thoughts down and come face to face with your feelings. Don’t worry if you have no idea how to do it, we have got your back.

Love Long Paragraphs for Her

1). All of my days and nights are filled with your dreams. Ever since I met you, I have known that I could spend every second of each of my days with you and I will start missing you the second you leave my sight. Only the almighty knows the distances I am willing to traverse to make sure that we stay like this forever. You are my true heartbeat and someone I remember when I am happy. Do me a favor and keep letting me love you so much.

2). I want to be there for you during all times. I don’t just want the good, easy times when we are both happy and everything is hunky dory and peaceful. I want to stay by your side during the bad times too, when you can’t sleep, when you are extremely stressed due to work, when you have traumatizing nightmares, everything. I want to hold your hand through all these and come out at the other end with you. I want to celebrate everything with you. You really are the best thing to have happened to me.

3). One of my favorite pastimes is to get lost in those beautiful eyes of yours. From the first moment I set my eyes at you, I realized this was the face I wanted to look at throughout my life. My only regret with us is that I did not meet you earlier. Your eyes have a way of piercing my exterior and seeing my soul as it is, bare and raw. You have a way of bringing out the best in me which is why I will never ever give you up.

4). While every human being is unique, I believe we both are unique in a similar fashion. Maybe that is why we share such a strong bond and amazing love. Our love is not a legendary romance or a cliched fairy tale. But I am sure that we will not just stand the test of time but pass it as well, winning over all the challenges that come our way. Us chancing upon each other has to be best thing to ever happen to this world.

5). If I ever get to choose the place where I die, it’d be your arms because they are always the place I am supposed to be. It just fits. You bring me a great amount pf peace, solace, and most importantly, contentment. You make me more complete than I ever thought possible. You have made me realize why people yearn so much for true love. You have stuck by me through so many ups and downs and I plan to do the same.

6). Before we met each other, I did not even know that someone could be so kind and sweet. I always used to think of myself as an enigma but you somehow know how to read me, how to understand me. You just naturally know what I am feeling, and you always know how to make me happy. You don’t even have to think and you know the answer. Thank you for being you.

7). They often say people who wait get the good things in life. My wait wasn’t even that long but I surely got the best thing in life. Before you came in my life, I was completely lost in life, hopelessly wandering along and broken. I was saved when I met you, and my life changed once we got to know each other. if I start writing how I feel about you, time would cease to exist but I still would not be finished. This is because words simply cannot describe what I feel about you and how much love I have for you. You are the best friend and partner anyone can get.

8). While I may sometimes go for some time without saying it, I love you. I absolutely love you and everything about you. I love how you do your hair, I love how you dress up so cutely, I love how you always fins a way to make me smile and laugh, but more than anything, I feel alive when I am with you, and that just makes me want to never let you go. I am and will forever be unable to express my gratitude to you for making me feel so every single day for so long. I keep trying to better myself every day because in my mind you deserve the best of the best. You deserve everything.

9). I keep thinking I have reached the heights of my love for you, yet each time I see you and look at your face, I start loving you more. It just makes me realize I will never get tired of seeing your face, being together with you. Because that’s what our destiny is, being together. God fashioned you with great care and precision. You are custom built for me and me alone. You are something that I can never take for granted. You are definitely the best thing that has ever happened to me.

10). Throughout my life, I have always felt that relationships are just tough. They are tough to get into, tough to maintain, and tough when they end. But then you came along, and tossed my theory out of the window. You were something I just hadn’t experienced and from the start, a connection formed between us. You are an amazing, brilliant, lovely lady and I will keep working on myself till I become the gentleman you deserve. Till then, let’s look forward to it.

11). Whenever I am in trouble, you are the first name that pops up in my head who I want to talk to. I keep wishing that every day of my life starts with you and ends with you as well. When you are there beside me, I just feel amazing. I feel loved, I feel special, I feel lucky, and I feel like someone takes care of me. You are my reservoir of strength, my place of comfort, and the light at the end of the tunnel. I am just so happy to have a life with you in it.

12). For me, being in love is being in a state of mind where you just keep shining and having your heart skip a beat every time you even think about that special person. For me, that person is you. You just make my life better and me happier. I could say ‘I love you’ a billion times over and that still wouldn’t be able to cut it.

13). While most people like to get high on drugs and alcohol, I have my own way of releasing dopamine. I get high on you. Just thinking about you gives me so much joy that I get drunk in your thoughts and have to bring myself back to the real world. This explains why I just love spending every minute of my days with you. You give me everything I need, everything I want, and more. Thank you for giving me so much happiness.

14). Every time we talk, I get immensely happy. I have realized that you can make me genuinely happy with even doing anything. You can just exist and I will start smiling. It feels like one of your purposes of being brought into this world was to fill this idiot with joy every single day. And this is why I don’t want to let you go ever.

15). If it was possible, I would drop everything in life so that I can be by your side every moment of every single day of my life from now on. That’s how much I love you. Ever since you came into my life, I have been a changed man. My way of thinking has changed, my way of perceiving love and relationships has changed, and you freed me from all the mess I was in before you arrived. I owe you the version of me that exists currently. I love you.

16). They say having a true best friend and a true lover makes you one of the luckiest people on the planet. How lucky must I be that my true best friend and lover is the same person. You are the bets thing to have happened to me. I just cannot describe how much I love you, how much connected I feel to you, and how I could not survive a singe day without you. It’s not that I am weak without you, but you make me so much stronger. You complete me. If you could see yourself from my eyes, see yourself the way I see you, you would realize how much your existence in my life matters to me.

17). I cannot thank god enough for blessing me with such a lady. Someone who is vivacious, ambitious, and so damn beautiful. You get my brain tingling all over with just a simple touch and manage to brighten up my little world with just your smile. If I ever had a chance to live my life again, I would love to meet you way, way earlier than I did. I am spellbound by the presence of such an amazing person and I just cannot get enough.

18). While I knelt before my mom when I was a wee, little kid, I only plan to kneel down before 2 women in my life. One is before you when I propose and one is when our little daughter will not be able to tie her shoelaces. I just know that you will be the best mom there ever was and an even better wife. Let’s raise a toast to our long life together.

19). I really wanted to gift you something amazing which was bound to make you smile but as it turns out, I cannot send myself via the postal service. No private company will take me either.

20). Now that I think about it, our love for each other feels like the force of gravity between two objects. It keeps increasing as we keep getting closer. You are undoubtedly the favorite person of my life and also the only person I feel gravitated towards.

21). I don’t want to let anyone else have my love and adoration because all of it is for you. I just cannot stop adoring you, or loving you, or caring for you. Every day I just keep praying that god does not realize that he accidentally sent one of his angels down to earth for me.

22). I don’t gamble because I am always too afraid or unsure. But when it comes to you, I am neither of those. I am willing to bet anything that my love for you will never end nor will I ever stop trying to take care of you. There is no world out there where I make it this far ahead in life without your support. You might be very stubborn and you may nag on me a lot, but that’s what make me a better person. I will never be willing to replace you.

23). Every day I wake up and I get more assured that you are the love of my life. I hope you have it in you to take all the love that will come your way because I have a whole lot of it. And it is all for you. Every last bit of it.

24). Whenever I am with you, I don’t fear anything, all my worries and tension seem to vanish in thin air, and all of my problems feel very small. You have a way of empowering me that even I don’t fully understand. Or maybe it’s just your smile. I may not be a professional photographer, or even a regular one for that matter, but from the first moment I saw you, I pictured the two of us together, growing old and living happily ever after.

Tips and Tricks

You cannot just dump these paragraphs on her. You got to know how to use these paragraphs in the most efficient manner. Here are some tips and tricks:

Don’t copy paste mindlessly: Do not just copy paste this without understanding the true meaning behind what you are writing. It might end up in one of the two people getting their hopes very high or getting scared off. Copy paste only when you feel it is exactly what you want to tell her.

Personalize: Your girlfriend deserves better than you just copy pasting stuff from the internet. All of these paragraphs serve as skeletons, models on which you can base your feelings. These are written to make you understand how you have to go about writing how you feel about her. An imperfect paragraph with a lot of mistakes but written by you will mean more to her than a perfect one you took from the internet.

Be careful with your hyperbole: Young people have a tendency of going overboard with their emotions. This can often scare a girl away if she feels you are coming on too strong for her, or trying to cage her down by stamping your love and authority over her. Realize the extent to which you can exaggerate and tread that line carefully.

Don’t just dump it: You do not just throw such a paragraph in the middle of a conversation. It will only spook her off. Wait for the right conversation to use these paragraphs, wait for the right time or wait till she asks you how you feel about her or about you two. Another sweet thing you can do is send a paragraph like this at night so she reads it first thing in the morning. It will really make her day and she will keep thinking about you all day long.

Just clear your head, channelize your thoughts and emotions, and pen them down. It won’t be that difficult.

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