Mom Tag Questions That Can Get Her to Pour Her Heart Out !

Initiating a conversation with your mom is not at all a tough thing. As most of us are close to our mothers, we often happen to share everything with them. Mothers are very special when you want to pour your heart about both good and bad happenings in your life or day.

However, if you love to talk to your mom at any time during the day but are falling short of topics then guess what? There are still certain things that you have not chatted with her about yet. It goes without saying that the more we talk to our parents the more we get to build a sense of belonging with them. As a result, no matter whatever age you are in and in whatever situation, you will always know that you have your mom to fall back on.

Here are a bundle of questions that you could ask your mom and have a great chit chat session:

Teenage Adventures

In our teen years, we often do things out of vigour and enthusiasm that we never really share a lot with others when we grow up. Your mother also has gone through this phase which probably you are going through or have already been through. Thus, asking questions related to her teen years that basically involve relationships, friendships, heart-breaks etc. would really make her spill the beans and will set an impetus for a new type of conversation.

1). Did you ever lie to your parents about going on any trip?
2). Did you ever argue with your mother and then regretted it?
3). Have you ever been rebellious on a certain decision taken by your parents and what was it?
4). What did you do when you did not accept a certain decision taken by your parents?
5). Did your group ever plan to go to Goa or any other place to go all alone? Was it successful?
6). How did you convince your parents to allow you for the trips?
7). Were you grounded for your board exams?
8). Did your parents draw certain limitations for you in your board year?
9). At what age do you get to own your personal phone?
10). How long did your parents allow you to use your phone during your board year?
11). Did your parents hide your phone from you?
12). Did you have a boyfriend in your teenage years? If so, who was he? Where is he now? Have you still maintained contact? Does father know about it?
13). How did you meet your boyfriend?
14). What qualities attracted you to your boyfriend?
15). Who proposed whom and how did the proposal happen?
16). What qualities attracted you towards your crush?
17). Did you ever face heart-breaks in your teen years?
18). How did you overcome your first breakup?
19). Did your mother know about your relationship?
20). How did your mother react after knowing about you dating someone and also what did she think of the guy you were involved with?
21). Did you have more than one boyfriend in your teen years?
22). What has dating and relationships taught you?
23). What was the most adventurous thing you did in your relationship?
24). Have you ever been the “damsel in distress waiting for her prince” kind of a girl in your teenage years?
25). Did you ever feel that your relationship made your friends distant from you?
26). Was your best friend okay with the guy you were dating?
27). How were the night-stays at your time executed at your time and what did you guys mostly do?
28). Did you ever prank someone on a call while being with your friends and what were the conversations like?
29). What was the most stupid thing you did along with your friends?
30). Did you ever try alcohol or smoke in your teenage years?
31). What did you wish to become in your early teens and were you able to carry it in your adulthood as well?
32). How many proposals did you reject in your teenage years?
33). Did you ever lose a friend? Was it for the good or was it for the bad? Did you miss them ever again?

Career-Oriented Questions

We all have our share of struggles when we talk about career. Making a career is never a cakewalk, and so a lot of us have to go through things that give us sweet and bitter memories. Your mother at her time of making her own career also had to go through her share of ups and downs. Thus, her questions related to her career will bring up great productive conversations, perhaps also sometimes philosophical conversations.

34). How did your parents react when you first made up your mind about what you want to become?
35). How much have your parents been a source of positivity and encouragement in your journey of pursuing your career?
36). Was there ever a dull moment in the process of career-building when you thought you were not good enough?
37). How did you encourage yourself when you thought you were good for nothing?
38). Did you ever get fired from your job?
39). Did you miss home while working?
40). How far away was your office from the house you lived in?
41). What mode of transportation did you use to get to work and get back from work?
42). When did you first get your paycheck?
43). What did you do when you got your first salary?
44). From where did you derive inspiration for working harder?
45). Did your parents allow you to work late at night?
46). While pursuing your career, what was your observation towards how women are treated in the “Job World”?
47). Who was the most dedicated and hard-working person you had come across when in your work-life?
48). How did you feel when you got an appraisal?
49). When did you realize that you are at the peak of your career?
50). How happy were you when you achieved the goal that you had set for yourself?
51). How did your parents feel when they saw you doing really well in your career?
52). Being a working lady, how frequently did your relatives annoy you to find a guy and settle?
53). When was the time when your parents had started coaxing you to get married?

Marriage-related Questions

Marriage is an integral part of everyone’s life. We all experience a whirl of emotions and happenings when looking for a partner. Moreover, families are majorly involved when it comes to marriage. Thus, there is enough room for initiating a conversation on the topic of marriage.

54). What was your stance when you were coaxed to get married?
55). How cool were you with involving yourself in an arranged marriage or a love marriage?
56). Did you already reveal to your parents about the man you had fallen in love with when you were an adult? How did they react after knowing about the guy?
57). How many men did your parents or you have to search to find my father?
58). What impressed did your parents make when you told them about your boyfriend or fiance or the man you intended to marry?
59). Did you continue working after getting married?
60). Were your in-laws supportive enough to see you working?
61). How much did your working help in alleviating the finances of your house?
62). Did you have to leave your job to get married or were your in-laws supportive? How much did it hurt when you had to leave your job to get married?

Motherhood Questions

Motherhood is the most heart-warming part for women. Every woman has to face a series of ups and downs in their motherhood. Thus, this will really be a great aspect to talk about.

63). Did you miss working while performing the role of motherhood?
64). What was the best thing you discovered about motherhood?
65). Did you want to have more children?
66). What is the most difficult part about motherhood?
67). How much of a relief it was when your kids grew up to become teenagers?
68). Do you have any regrets about being a mother?
69). Is there anything that you would like to change in the way you brought us up?
70). Are you happy with the way your children turned out?

Thus, these questions will help you have wonderful conversations with your mother and will help you unbox many unknown things about her. You never know how gratifying it can be for both of us and you both might end up bonding over such questions.

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