National I Love You Day Messages and Wishes Greetings


Every year October 28th is celebrated as National I Love You Day. A perfect day to have your feelings and emotions find words to tell your beloved how much you love him and her. Not only that, you can also tell your family and friends that how much you love them on this special day. A good day to send I Love You messages for wife, husband, boyfriend and girlfriend.

Enjoy the best of romantic love messages to share. Girlfriend’s Day messages or I love you message for girlfriend or boyfriend to share on social media like Facebook, WhatsApp as wishes greetings with all those whom you love.

National I Love You Day Messages

“You are like the choicest blessing of Almighty, you are like the smile to my face, life to my heart…. On National I Love You Day, just want to tell you that I love you the most.”

“On National I Love You Day, I take this golden chance to tell you there is no one else in this world whom I love as much as I love you.”

“The definition of love for me starts with you and ends with you…. Just want to tell you that I love you to the moon and back.”

I Love You Messages, Wishes

“My heart beats the fastest when you are around, I am the happiest soul when I am with you…. There is no one as special as you…. I love you.”

“I may not say that often but whatever I do is because I love you…. May you are always around to make this life a beautiful journey for me.”

“I love you the most but I forget to tell you that very often…. Without you, my life is incomplete… Love you forever my dear.”

“I have always looked into your eyes and I have found my world in them because you are my life and reason for my existence…. I love you.”

“You have been there for me when everyone else has left, you were there for me when I was all broken… I have no reason to not love you because you are truly special.”

“Life is like a journey and to make this journey a memorable one, you are there with me, holding my hand… Love you for always being there for me.”

“I love you more than anyone else in this world because you know me the best and you understand me the most…. Always stay the same.”

I love you Day Wishes Messages for Boyfriend and Girlfriend

1. Finding you has been the most rewarding search for me….. I am truly lucky to have you…. On National I Love You Day, I promise to love you every day.

2. You feel life is a blessing when someone in your life is there to always make you feel special and loved…. Happy National I Love You Day to you.

3. Cheers to our bond of love, cheers to our understanding and companionship…. Best wishes on National I Love You Day.

4. I don’t need a National I Love You Day to tell you how much I love you and what you mean to me and my life…. Love you baby!!!

5. When I hold your hands, everything seems fine, every challenge seems not so tough…. Because it is the magic of your love….. Happy National I Love You Day to you.

I love You Day Wishes Greetings for Husband and Wife

6. I feel elated to know that I have you in my life as my wife….. Promise to always love you and take good care of you…. Happy National I Love You Day.

7. National I Love You Day gives me yet another opportunity to tell you that I love you the most in this world and will always do the same.

8. Those kisses, those hugs….. those breakups, those makeups…. A colourful life with the most beautiful and loving wife…. Happy National I Love You Day to you.

9. For brighter days and happier nights, it is very important to tell your husband that he is loved day and night…. Love you darling.

10. On National I Love You Day, I just want to tell you that no matter what, I will always love you because my heart beats just for you.

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