Questions to Ask Before Marriage

Questions to Ask Before You Tie the Knot

You might have known the person for three years or six years or more than a decade. Or for conversations sake, let’s assume you have known this person for as long as you can remember. You plan to tie the knot with the same person. Yeah, you are finally getting married. And once you say “yes”, things can start moving faster than you could have ever imagined.

You see your partner heading to the dressmaker or your friends planning your bachelor or your bachelorette party. You don’t get any time or the breathing space to re-evaluate your relationship with your partner. You might start having second thoughts. And it is absolutely okay to get cold feet before you walk the carpet till your partner seals the holy communion with a kiss.

Don’t worry we have compiled a list of questions for you that you could check it up with your partner much before the D-day arrives to avoid rushing into something you might regret later.

1). Are you sure about getting married to me?

2). Are you over your ex-partner?

3). Are you sure about settling down in xyz city?

4). Where are we going for our honeymoon?

5). Should we do an international trip or a domestic trip?

6). Have you chalked out an itinerary for our honeymoon?

7). Have you given notice to your employer about the time that you will be spending away from work?

8). Have you decided who your best man / best woman would be?

9). Where do you plan us to get married?

10). Have you checked with your parents?

11). Have you asked my father for my hand?

12). Are we having an after-party?

13). What is the venue for our marriage?

14). How many guests are we expecting for the wedding?

15). How much do you plan to splurge? Is it too much or too less?

16). Why can’t we just elope and get married?

17). Do you think things will change after marriage?

18). What is your idea of happiness?

19). How often do you plan to have sex?

20). Are you open to experimenting with sex positions?

21). Do you think we need to seek appointment with a sex expert or a sex counsellor? Are you going to be comfortable with a stranger looking at us while we have an intimate session?

22). Do you think I have the requisite qualities to be a CEO?

23). Why don’t we do a start-up together?

24). Do you think you can be a politician?

25). If you could meet the dead, who would you choose? And why would you choose that person?

26). If you could go on a date with an author, who would that be?

27). Have you ever worked for a cause?

28). Do you support any charity?

29). Would you like to work for the United Nations?

30). Would you like to be a red cross volunteer?

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31). Do you prefer e-books or paperbacks or hardcopies?

32). What is your favourite magazine?

33). What is the latest celebrity gossip?

34). Do you have any hobbies? What are they?

35). What was the last thing that you self-taught yourself?

36). Do you believe in the government?

37). Whom did you vote for? Yes, I will respect your privacy if you don’t want to disclose?

38). What do you think of my family?

39). How do you like to spend your me-time?

40). What is your coping mechanism when you are angry?

41). Do you like your boss?

42). If you had to choose another alternative career, what would that be?

43). If we take a retreat to the mountains, where would you visit?

44). If we take a retreat to the beaches, where would you like to go?

45). How do you like to laze around on an off day?

46). If there is a glass half filled with water, do you find it half-empty or do you find it half- full?

47). If you ever bought a yacht, what would you name it?

48). Have you ever surfed? Would you like to go surfing with me?

49). Do you prefer privately owning a car or choosing the public transport?

50). Who is your go-to person for advice?

51). Between your parents, whose company do you prefer the most? Chill, your secret is safe with me.

52). If we wish to have a pet, would you adopt it or buy it?

53). What name would you give to your pet?

54). Are you interested in bird watching?

55). Would you like to go for a wildlife safari?

56). What is your ideal romantic date night like?

57). Would you prefer just one child or many children?

58). If we have a boy, what names have you thought of?

59). If we have a girl, what names have you thought of?

60). What is your favourite comfort food?

61). What is favourite snacking item?

62). What is your favourite dessert?

63). Do you prefer chocolate or strawberry?

64). What is your favourite ice cream brand or parlour?

65). What brand of chips do you prefer?

66). What cuisine do you prefer to eat? Indian? Thai? Japanese? Chinese?

67). Can you prepare sushi?

68). If we choose to eat out, would local restaurant would that be?

69). Do you think we should get ourselves tested for HIV before we get intimate?

70). Do you think we should get our lawyers to make a pre-nuptial agreement for us?

71). I consider myself as a feminist and I hope you do too, therefore I would like to divide our household responsibility. Do you have any preferences?

72). How do you want me to present myself to your parents because I do not want to overdo anything?

73). Since we shall be sharing the roof together, it is imperative we have financial conversations together and decide after consulting each other. Are we on the same page?

74). What are your long term and short-term financial goals?

75). Do you have a financial planner?

76). Have you set your financial goals?

77). Do you wish to take an early retirement?

78). Do you think we should arrange for a financial manager who can look after our assets and liabilities? They can also chalk out our investment avenues and take care of the Taxes that we have to pay.

79). What are your views on infidelity?

80). What are your views on compromise? What sort of compromises are you willing to make if we as a family go through a rough patch?

81). What is your idea of financial independence?

82). What are the ideal qualities that a father should have?

83). What are the ideal qualities that a mother should possess?

84). Where do you see 10 years from now?

85). What kind of morals do you want to inculcate in your child?

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