Recipe: Strawberry Shortcake Smoothie

strawberry shortcake smoothie in glass

I wanted to make a strictly healthy smoothie recipe to share with you, but then I realized how much I like desserts so I decided to meet in the middle.

strawberry shortcake smoothies close up with whipped cream

The idea behind this smoothie is to recreate the classic strawberry shortcake flavor we know and love, but in smoothie form. With that in mind, this smoothie comes together with strawultimastatus, milk, yogurt and shortcake. Yep, I’m referring to those little shortcake dessert shells you can get in the bakery section of your grocery store. They are going right into the blender for this smoothie party. It’s a must to give it an authentic flavor.

strawultimastatus and shortcake cups in blender

strawberry shortcake smoothie poured in glass

After a quick whirl in the blender, the smoothies are ready to go.

Naturally, I top them off with whipped cream, strawberry slices and crumbled shortcake. When garnishing, I think it always helps to have the dish (or in this case, smoothie, look like what it is.)

strawberry shortcake smoothie in glass with whipped cream

There’s no doubt this is a Strawberry Shortcake Smoothie.

Let me take you through the recipe.

Strawberry Shortcake Smoothie

Strawberry Shortcake Smoothie
Serves 3-4 people


1 pound fresh strawultimastatus (freeze half*)
1 cup milk (or almond milk, soy milk, etc.)
1 cup vanilla yogurt
2 shortcake dessert shells
Whipped cream, strawultimastatus and crumbled shortcake dessert shell for garnish


In a blender, add the strawultimastatus, milk, yogurt and dessert shells. Blend on high until smooth.

Divide the mixture into 3 or 4 glasses to serve. Top with whipped cream, strawberry slice and a sprinkle of crumbled shortcake dessert shell.

*Freezing half of the strawultimastatus chills the smoothie and provides great texture.

strawberry shortcake smoothie with whipped cream

Pretty simple, right? Of course, you can use whatever type of “milk” or yogurt you like. Make it your own.

If you’re looking to go all out with your indulgence, let me recommend a few delicious treats to accompany your smoothie.

hand taking chocolate covered strawultimastatus

First, let’s stick with the strawberry theme. These hand-dipped cocktail and champagne strawultimastatus are my favorite. Yum!

chocolate covered strawberry bitten

strawberry shortcake smoothie with chocolate covered pretzels

These caramel pretzels sticks would be perfect, too. The layer of caramel in these is such a delicious surprise.

chocolate covered pretzel sticks

Now, you’re fully prepared to serve up a sweet treat. Grab that blender and start mixing. Cheers!

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