Romantic Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

If you are dating someone you better know about their way of thinking. Having a clear idea about the likes and dislikes of your boyfriend can tell you a lot about the similarities between him and you. Asking romantic questions to your boyfriend builds the compatibility required in every relationship.  Various types of romantic questions will make you and your boyfriend grow closer to each other breaking those uncomfortable silences. Finding someone with whom you find solace is great but making an effort to know them to the T is even more appreciable. Whether is about their idea of romantic dates or their types of ideal surprises or even their shirt size. Knowing most of these things makes your boyfriend even happier to be with you.

The idea of romance is not just restricted to making your boyfriend feel the sense of belonging only when you both are spending time with each other. In fact, romance lies in everything that your boyfriend and you will face together. Whether you are on a casual walk together or you guys are fighting with each other, romance can be traced in all these moments of being together. The best thing is that you can enhance those romantic moments when you know what would make your boyfriend happier.

Let us go through and understand some romantic questions of different types that you must ask your boyfriend;

Love Related Questions

Love is a great healer. In everyone’s life, at some point or the other love has played its part. People’s experiences with love leave them with their explanation of love. Hence, asking love-related questions to your boyfriend will surely reflect his perspective of love. If there is love, there will be romance in the relationship probably in the most unconventional manner also. Therefore, asking your boyfriend love-related questions.

1). What is your idea of love?

Every individual based on his or her past experiences has some kind of encounter with love. It can be their family background, past relationships, and even daily experiences. All of these things teach us a lot about love and slowly they help us have our idea of love. Thus, asking your boyfriend about his perspective on love can actually tell you a lot about him.

2). How do you see your type of ideal relationship working out?

Relationship goals do exist. But these goals are different for everyone. Every couple tends to achieve a goal in their relationship. But before setting a relationship goal together, you need to about what type of goals both of you are looking for in this relationship individually. So, ask him how does he see this relationship with you going further.

3). What is the most disgusting thing a person according to you can do in a relationship?

Being in a relationship we all have our set of fears. Fears that can break your heart or maybe fears that can end this relationship. So obviously none of us want our partner to make us go through the worst we can expect in a relationship. Therefore, you need to ask your boyfriend the things which can be heartbreaking or hurtful for him in the relationship. So, if you are really into this relationship, you will know what can really hurt him and so you will try not to do it.

4). What is the deal breaker for you in a relationship?

No one gets comfortable with their partners when they first come into a relationship. Everything takes time to set. You will take your time to know him even more while being in a relationship and it goes the same way for him as well. But at one point in the relationship, there comes a moment, an observation, or even an activity that can act as an icebreaker between you two. It can even cover up those awkward silences or moments that come up in a relationship. Your boyfriend too must be having something in his mind that according to him can act as a deal-breaker in the relationship.

5). Are you one of those new-age lovers or old-school romantic lovers?

Mostly there are two types of type lovers. Some are new-age lovers while some are old-school romantics. Both these types of people have a different perception of dating someone. You might be one of these too. But what about him? Is he the former one or the latter one? Whatever he turns out to be will also give direction to the compatibility with you and will even determine the peace in your relationship.

6). When do you think two people in a relationship get compatible?

Some different activities and conversations shape the compatibility between couples. Compatibility is even more important than chemistry. Building up compatibility is really important as it will help you love him extra on his bad days, guide him when he is lost, and will make you put the effort into resolving fights between you two. Compatibility is the base of a relationship. If you are trying to build it you need to try out things that he likes and make him try things that you like doing as well. So, to build that connection it would be great if you initiate a conversation trying to know his compatibility zone.

7). How much is love important for you in your life?

As discussed previously everyone has a different definition of love. Thus, the intensity of the importance of love in your boyfriend’s life may also be different from yours. By asking this question you will get to know how much love keeps him going on both his good and bad days. How much strength he derives from love and how does love alleviates him from the most terrible time of his life can be known by asking him this question.

8). Do you think hookups are better than relationships?

Looking at the dating pattern nowadays, people choose more to hook up rather than invest themselves into committed relationships. People who have to hook-up intentions do not really feel the love while people who look for relationships will not go well along with hookups. Thus, to have a truly romantic relationship you must ask your boyfriend’s perspective regarding this and see whether it matches with yours!

9). How did it feel when you had fallen for your first love?

The feelings that we develop first when we fall in love are believed to be the strongest. Hence, being in a relationship you must know about his experience of falling in love for the first time. There is always a lot to share and, in that way, you can make him believe that you will make his experience with you the most memorable.

10). What do you think is most needed to love someone?

Loyalty, trust, compatibility, communication, etc. are all very integral concepts in a relationship. But all of us prioritize each of them on different levels. For some loyalty is the most important to keep a relationship going while for some trust might be important. You must know what your boyfriend feels is most important for him to balance a relationship. Thus, both of you will be able to work on it more and achieve a highly giving and loving relationship in your life.

11). If you love someone can you ever lie to them?
Most relationships do not survive because of dishonesty. It is hurtful for whoever faces it in a relationship. But when you love someone it is hard to lie to them about anything you do. Asking this question to your boyfriend will tell you whether he can ever lie to you or not. However, once you know that he does not believe in lying to the woman who he is dating, the love between you two will flow in milk and honey!

12). Having someone as a companion and being able to share your highs and lows – Does it make your life easier?

At the end of the day, we all look for companionship. After all the hustle and bustle of the day, we all look for someone with whom we can share our highs and lows. Sharing things with someone and not keeping them stuffed in the heart is a big relief. Ask your boyfriend about what he thinks of companionship. Whether having a life partner adds value to his life or not really tells you a lot about his thinking towards this relationship. However, if he really admits that he loves to share things with you, you are going to love him even harder. Being there for each other in good and bad is what we all need, so if your boyfriend really traces you with his companion, then you are the lucky one!

13). Among the list of Family, Friends, Career, Love, and Money, at what number do you see Love?

Family, Friends, Career, Love, and Money, are the five things that mainly surround our lives. People have their interpretations of aligning them in the order of importance according to them. If you ask your boyfriend to align these according to his preference, you will know where this relationship stands for him. No matter wherever he aligns love, you must respect it and understand his preference. He as well expects you to understand it. So, if you do, he will grow closer towards you paving the way for heartfelt romance.

14). After coming out of your last relationship what made you feel that you should fall in love again?

We all have our experiences with heartbreaks. Most of them are really hurtful. It is only after coming out of these tough and hard breakups that we completely change as a person. A lot of us get back to our goals while some set up new targets to achieve. Amidst this fresh start there comes a point when we finally discover someone for whom we develop feelings. Thus, getting to know that why did your boyfriend fall in love with you, will make the conversation romantic and will give him a chance to make you feel even more special.

15). Have you ever felt unworthy of love?

After tough breakups, we do feel dejected or unworthy of love. In such situations, we all feel a whirl of emotions inside us. Often once we find someone again, we forget about letting out that feeling of unworthiness. Remember the more we share our good and bad feelings with our partners, the more we grow close to them. Hence, make him share this with you as well, which will give way to comfort and love in your relationship.

16). What is the craziest thing you can do for your loved one?

The most widely known people in the world have also done the craziest thing in love. Your boyfriend is also human. He also must have imagined the craziest things that he can do for love. This will really give a great opportunity to initiate a romantic conversation as this only going to make it funnier and romantic.

17). What is the most appealing pick-up line you have heard?

Making the conversation even more heart-felt and memorable by discussing pickup lines is a great idea. Both you and your boyfriend must have come across or tried cheesy or sweet pick-up lines on each other or someone else before dating or maybe heard it from someone else. So, share these incidences. Remember, pickup lines are interesting to listen to. But they do make the conversations funny. The funnier the moments get, the more romance he will initiate with you!

18). What importance do I have in your life?

The person to whom we date should be important to us. Being a girlfriend, you must know that how much important you are to your boyfriend. Therefore, he would not mind a straight-up question about this. You might be important to your boyfriend for many reasons and he must explain this when he is asked about it.

19). What do you like about me?

Your importance and the things for which you are liked by someone are going to be two different things. Also, this question is romantic in a way that it calls for a romantic moment between him and you. This moment of adoration will definitely enhance the love and will make you feel a lot special.

20). What are your thoughts on an ideal date?

We all have our image of an ideal date. If you ever wish to give your boyfriend a surprise date then you definitely would everything to be as he likes. Therefore, ask him questions to get an idea of an ideal date. Spending time with him and knowing him more and deeper through these questions is really important and much more romantic to do.

21). Do you see the future with me as I see with you?

If you are really having a good time with your boyfriend without tracing any red flags, then you might want to build a future with him. Now, this could be a crucial thing to think about. But what is even more important is to see whether both of you are on the same page or not. This will surely pour out your intentions towards him indicating that you are not really just passing time with him instead you are serious. In a way, this is romantic on your part.

22). How good are you at expressing your feelings?

Expressing one’s own feelings can tough for some people. It might be that you are expressing your feelings without any hesitation but your boyfriend is not doing the same. So, before it gets disturbing you, you must ask him this question and see whether he actually has a problem with expressing. If there is a problem then you should figure out what is the reason behind it.

23). What are the surges of emotions you feel while kissing?

Kissing is definitely a very liberating thing. When we do it for the first time, we do experience a surge of emotions that are nothing but magical. Ask your boyfriend about he feels while kisses you. It will enthrall him while he answers this question. Simultaneously it is going to be very romantic for both of you to describe each other’s feelings while kissing!

24). Why does my touch feel positive to you?

When you are with the right person, their touch will be the most positive thing to feel. While you touch your boyfriend in terms of holding hands, hugging, caressing, etc., all of it must feel right to him. Ask him out about what makes him feel positive about your touch. This might give him a beautiful chance to introspect about your touch and that will be very romantic to hear from him.

25). Would you ever write me a loving note?

Love letters in this generation of digital love are very rare and romantic. If you love the idea of writing love letters to each other, asking about will he ever choose to write a letter to you instead of texting? Moreover, if you guys have not tried writing letters to each other then try it out. It is definitely going to a great memory of your relationship.

26). How did you first feel when you realized you were in love with me?

Falling in love with someone is going to make you go through too many emotions. You are going to get butterflies in your stomach, you are going to become conscious when they are looking at you. Your boyfriend must have gone through something like this when he realized that he loves you. So, asking him about how he felt when he first realized that he was in love with you will definitely give a kick-start to a romantic conversation.

27). How did it feel when I came close to you for the first time?

It feels out of the world when the person you love comes closer to you. It is like a whirl of emotions happening inside giving you goosebumps. But ultimately it is a wonderful feeling. Discussing such things with your partner provides an opportunity to get cozy with each other.

28). Do I fit in your cliché love expectations?

There is nothing like a perfect partner. But individually we have certain necessary expectations from the person who we date. There are certain qualities that we look for in our partner. Obviously, the person will not completely fit in those expectations but he or she must fit in somewhat. There is no harm in asking your boyfriend whether fits in his list of expectations.

29). Do you think long-distance relationships are workable?

Long-distance relationships are tough and only a few couples get to survive them. Each couple fears the idea of distance but few have the strength to face it. Ask your boyfriend about what he thinks of a long-distance relationship and whether he fears the idea of getting distant from you or not. His answers will really tell you about the strength of his loyalty and commitment.

30). Do you think I have brought some sort of positive newness to your life?

Every person whom we date is different from us in terms of habits, beliefs, and activities. We do get heavily influenced by our partners. They are responsible for inducing changes in us. Being a girlfriend, you definitely must have got him doing things that you like doing which gradually he also has started liking to do. Ask him this question and notice the rejuvenation that you have brought into his life.

31). “Communicator is the only key” how much do you believe in this saying?

Communication is the power that prevents misunderstandings and fights in a relationship. The more you make an effort to share things that you like and dislike about your partner will build a reliable connection between you two building a strong bond. Believing in communicating will make both of you talk peacefully and clarify misunderstandings.

32). Will you always choose to stay learn and explore besides being with me?

Getting into a relationship does not mean tracing your world in that relationship. Rather, it means to still play your parts and come together to support, to be for each other, and most importantly to bring the best in each other. Hence, even though you are in a relationship, it does not mean to completely invest in the relationship but to keep focusing on your individual goals and aspirations. Ask him this to see that how much is he focused on doing things that he likes.

33). Do you think both love and sex are the same things?

People mostly mistake sex with love. Love is a feeling while sex is an activity that allows you to express your love. The more you love someone, the more you can get to express it. Ask your boyfriend about how he identifies both sex and love. Maybe let him express both!

34). How do I make you feel while having sex with me?

Our partners make us feel different while having sex. But with the right partner, it will always give you a heavenly feeling. Let him answer this question and observe how you make him feel or maybe how you can make him feel better while having sex.

35). What do you prefer more – Sex or Cuddles?

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There two types of people. Some prefer sex more while some prefer cuddles more. See what type your boyfriend is.

At the end of the day, we all want someone who can make us feel special not necessarily by doing expensive things but by doing simple cute things. Simple conversations like these give a great opportunity to know your partner more and light up the romance. Go ahead and ask him these questions that may lead to cute romantic moments between you both.

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