Sample Wedding Messages

Wedding messages are the messages which are sent by the family, friends and dear and near ones to the bride and the groom.  They can also be sent in the form of cards where a beautiful photograph for the couple along with the message relating for them can be sent. A guestbook can be there where the guests leave their best wishes, love and messages for the bride and the groom for their wedding day and married life.

Let us look at a sample with example wording of cute wedding wishes and text messages for different people:

Wedding Messages for Bride

The bride is the most special person on the wedding day. Decked in beautiful attire and all set for the big day with dreams and aspirations for a new future, guests send beautiful wedding messages for the bride. These wedding messages for the bride include wishes and good luck for the new beginning.

“Let your big day be as beautiful as you and your new beginning be as cheerful as you have always been. We wish you lots of happiness on your wedding day and good luck for your new future.”

Wedding Messages for Ceremony

Wedding are a day of numerous ceremonies. Be it a wedding of any religion, the ceremonies are many on the wedding day from rituals of the wedding to the reception for the guests. These ceremonies not only make the wedding day more bright but also bring near and dear ones together from far and near.

“I wish you a wonderful wedding ceremony with beautiful cherishing moments of the ceremony. As the ceremony binds you both together for life, I pray to God for your bright future and well being always.”

Wedding Messages for Friends

Friends are an integral part of life. And a wedding ceremony of a friend is more special. A friend’s wedding is not only special for the bride or the groom but also to the friends as they get to meet each other and reminiscence all the wonderful moments they had together.

“Dear friend, here’s wishing you much love and happiness on your wedding day and thanking you for being one of my special and most beloved friends of life.”

Wedding Messages to Guests from Bride and Groom

Wedding guests are an integral part of a wedding. They come together to make the wedding more special and memorable for the bride and the groom. The wedding message to guests from the bride and the groom includes a thank you note for the ones who came and wished them on their big day.

“ We are much grateful to have bestowed with blessing and wishes on our big day from all of you. We thank you for being beside us in our wedding and making the day more special and memorable.”

Wedding Messages to Guests

Guests play an important role in a wedding as they wish the bride and the groom with wishes and blessings for their wedding day and their bright future. The wedding messages are sent by the family of the bride and the groom thanking them for their presence at their wedding.

“We thank you one and all for your presence at our son’s wedding and for blessing and giving wedding wishes. We are very grateful for your presence at the wedding and for giving your profound wishes to the bride and the groom.”

Wedding Message to Co-worker

A co-worker is someone with whom one shares office space and work. Often co-workers invite each other to the weddings and gatherings to initiate a closer relationship apart from the work environment. As such, wedding wishes for the co-worker can be sent through text messages which will make him feel special. One can also send wedding gifts for the co-worker.

“Dear co-worker, I wish you much congratulation on your wedding and hope it goes well. I wish you a blessed and a happy nuptial life as you take the big leap of marriage.”

Wedding Messages for Sister and Brother in law

Sisters are special for anyone. Be it a loving brother or a no nonsense sister, a sister is always loved by her siblings no matter what. On her special day, the most love she craves is from her sibling who feels proud in showing off his or her beautiful sister and the newly brother-in-law.

“A doting sister, a caring sibling and a loving friend, on your big day I wish you sister and brother in law happiness for your new beginning and good luck for a memorable wedding day.”

Wedding Messages for Invitations

Invitations also have wedding messages sent out for the near and dear ones. The invitations inform the guests the time and venue of the wedding along with the wedding message which depicts a grateful invitation to the guests.

“As the Gods prepare to shower their blessings on the soon to be wedded couple, we invite you all to join us bless and extend your good wishes for the couple. We invite you and your family to ceremony to be held on 20th February in Fosters Lawn from 5pm.”

Wedding Messages for Brother

Brothers are no less than friends for siblings as they protect, care and love one another. For a brother who is looking forward to his wedding day, he would look forward to his sibling to be there by his side as he binds the nuptial knot.

“A caring brother and a friend as always, I wish you lots of happiness on the wedding day and may you have good luck, tons of love and a bright future ahead. ”

Wedding Messages to Couple

A couple looking forward to wedding in a few days is the most two excited as well as nervous persons in the world. As such, they need not only support and love but also good wishes as they prepare for their D-day.

“As you prepare yourself to enter into a new beginning ahead, I wish you lots of love and happiness in years to come and always may God shower his blessings to you forever.”

Wedding Messages to Parents

Parents are the most esteemed gift from God to a child. A wedding message to parents includes a grateful thank you note for their unconditional love and support on the big day of the bride and the groom and for their blessings always.

“As we step into nuptial life, we thank you for the enduring support and the love you have always showered on us always. We are indeed much grateful to have you as our parents and for being there always.”

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