Share the Love: Random Acts of Kindness Week

We know you’re a kind person, but this week — Random Acts of Kindness Week — is your time to go all out and really share the love. The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation is full of inspiring stories and ideas from volunteering to smiling at strangers. We also love the pay it backward trend that’s still buzzing around coffee shops — generous customers picking up the tab for the person behind them. We also recently stumbled on, a grass-roots organization that rallies the world to help strangers by writing kind letters.

You Complete Us

So what are we going to do this week? For starters we’ve created kind words you can share on Pinterest, Facebook or print and leave on the door, desk or car of a family member, friend, coworker, neighbor or better yet, a complete stranger. Now’s the time to get out there and be extra kind!

you're more magical than a unicorn

You are my sunshine

You are beautiful

You complete me

I love you

I am proud of you


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