Sweet Graduation Wishes and Graduation Messages for Friends

Celebrating graduation success with friends has a special thing of its own. Even though it is about the competition among the friends for success, still the celebration and the happiness among friends do not minimize. The Sweet graduation wishes for friends are sent on friends passing out the graduation. The passing out of graduation calls in for a grand celebratory moment for friends. The graduation wishes messages for the friends can be sent through text messages, through cards or also through social networking sites. One can also send a graduation status messages for friends on whatsapp and facebook.

Let us see some of the samples of graduation messages for friends sent in different ways:

Graduation Invitation Message for friends

“An occasion becomes all the more special when you have your friends with you….. A warm invitation on graduation to you my dear.”

Graduation Thank You Message for friends

“Without your support, this graduation would have not been as special…. Wishing you a very Happy Graduation.”

Graduation Message for Friends Daughter

“You have always been a very special child and seen you grow and become a graduate is truly a delight for us…. Happy Graduation.”

Graduation Message for Best Friend Tagalog

“May graduation be the first story of success for you and you have many more such stories to write…. Warm wishes on graduation.”

Funny Graduation Messages for Friends

Funny graduation wishes for friends are sent as humorous ones to make the friend happy and bring a smile to his or her face. The funny graduation wishes can be sent through cards with funny characters drawn and the wishes written with it. One can also send a funny video clip of a funny moment shared with the friend along with the graduation wishes on the clip.

“Heard you came out amongst the top on your graduation? And here I was betting on the fat geek in your place. Anyways, congratulations on your graduation success buddy.”

Graduation Messages for Best Friend

Best friends are the closest and share every moment together. They even share success and sorrow together and are there for each other at all times. The graduation success calls in great celebration among the best friends together. The graduation wishes for best friends can be sent through cards, text messages or social networking sites.

“On your graduation success best friend, I extend my congratulatory wishes and wish you all the luck and bet wishes for your bright future. Have a grand success celebration.”

Graduation Congratulations Messages for Friends

Graduation congratulations wishes for friends are sent to extend good wishes for the success of friends. They can be sent through text messages, cards or through social networking sites. One can also send the congratulations wishes through video clips with the congratulation wishes and send it to the friend on a DVD.

“On your grand graduation success friend, I send heartiest congratulations from my side and also load of good luck for the best of career for you. Have a grand success celebration with loads of cherished moments. “

Sample Miscellaneous Graduation Messages for Friends:

“Friend, heartiest congratulations from my side on your superb graduation success. I wish all the best wishes and good luck for a brighter career ahead.”

“For the best friend, I send all the luck and congratulations for your bright success with flying colors. May you career shine like the star and you become the best in everything you do.”

“For the grand success of a best friend, I send all the luck and love for your bright career ahead. I am much happy with your success with flying colors and wish you a grand celebration ahead.”

“Congrats friend, just message me the venue of the party and bring lots of wine for the feast. I heard that you won big time on something so that call for a party of course, doesn’t it. “

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