The 44 Best Travel Pictures & Photos of All Time

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve searched for travel pictures on the internet;

I love travelling, and I love exploring different cultures across the world. Which is why I really wanted to put a list of the best travel pictures together.

The 44 images in this article truly show the amount of diversification within the world, and just how much more there is beyond our front door.

It’s important to mention that many of the images here were previously featured and compiled on, so definitely check their site out for more travel beauty!

I’ve also tried to give credit to all photographers/websites in which the photos come from.


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The 44 Best Travel Pictures of All Time

Here are the 44 best travel pictures of all time. There’s no doubt they’ll make you want to go out and explore the world. Hell, these are all on my bucket list!

Check them out, and don’t forget to share them with your friends, as well as check out more of the photographers’ work.


1. Northern Lights – Somewhere In Norway

1 Northern Lights - Somewhere In Norway

Photograph taken by: Regis Matthey


2. Ice Cave – Skaftafell, Iceland

2 Ice Cave - Skaftafell Iceland

Photograph taken by: Olgar Thorgeirsson


3. Kumbh Mela – Allahabad, India

3 Kumbh Mela - Allahabad India

Photograph taken by: Greg Vore


4. Woman at Death Celebration – Mount Hagen, Papua New Guinea

4 Woman at Death Celebration – Mount Hagen Papua New Guinea

Photograph taken by: Eric Lafforgue


5. Solna Centrum Subway Station – Stockholm, Sweden

5 Solna Centrum Subway Station – Stockholm Sweden

Photograph taken by: Guy Nesher


6. Kei Nomiyama – Enchanted Bamboo Forest, Japan

6 Kei Nomiyama - Enchanted Bamboo Forest Japan

Image credit:


7. Khairel Anuar Che Ani, Too Much Practice, Malaysia

7 Khairel Anuar Che Ani Too Much Practice Malaysia

Image Credit:


8. Maeklong Railway Market – Thailand

8 Maeklong Railway Market - Thailand

Photgraph taken by: Paul Sarawak


9. Canals of Color – Amsterdam, Netherlands

9 Canals of Color - Amsterdam Netherlands

Photograph taken by: Juan Pablo deMiguel


10. Bolaven Plateau, Laos

10 Bolaven Plateau Laos

Image Credit: Be My Travel Muse


11. Camel Ride on Cable Beach – Broome, Western Australia

11 Camel Ride on Cable Beach – Broome Western Australia

Photograph taken by: Shahar Karen


12. Playing in -40 Degrees – Siberia

12 Playing in -40 Degrees – Siberia

Photograph taken by: Simon Morris


13. Salar de Uyuni – Bolivia

13 Salar de Uyuni – Bolivia

Photograph taken by: Guy Nesher


14. Cormorant Fisherman – Li River, Xingping, China

14 Cormorant Fisherman – Li River Xingping China

Photograph taken by: Chris McLennan


15. Olympic National Park – Washington, United States

15 Olympic National Park – Washington United States

Photograph taken by: Michael Hanson


16. Candy in the Sky – Patagonia, Chile

16 Candy in the Sky – Patagonia Chile

Photograph taken by: Arthur Stanisz


17. Behind a Waterfall – Seljalandsfoss, Iceland

17 Behind a Waterfall – Seljalandsfoss Iceland

Photograph taken by: Yuri Ovchinnikov


18. Similan Islands, Thailand

18 Similan Islands Thailand

Image Credit:


19. Palawan Island, Philippines

19 Palawan Island Philippines

Photograph taken by: Unknown


20. Somewhere Awesome in Vietnam

20 Somewhere Awesome in Vietnam

Image Credit: iStock


21. Novice Finding Some Reading Light – Bagan, Myanmar

21 Novice Finding Some Reading Light – Bagan Myanmar

Photograph taken by: Marcelo Castro


22. Tata Honda Women Preparing for a Ceremony – Democratic Republic of the Congo

22 Tata Honda Women Preparing for a Ceremony – Democratic Republic of the Congo

Photograph taken by: Gergely Lantai-Csont


23. Smokin’ Cowboy – Mount Bromo, Indonesia

23 Smokin’ Cowboy – Mount Bromo Indonesia

Photograph taken by: Yaman Ibrahim


24. Baby Snow Monkey – Jigokudani, Japan

24 Baby Snow Monkey – Jigokudani Japan

Photograph taken by: Ben Torode


25. Bajau Laut Nomad Boy Riding Shark – Wangi Wangi, Indonesia

25 Bajau Laut Nomad Boy Riding Shark – Wangi Wangi Indonesia

Photograph taken by: James Morgan


26. Yi Peng Lantern Festival – Chiang Mai, Thailand

26 Yi Peng Lantern Festival – Chiang Mai Thailand

Photograph taken by: Justin Ng


27. Cave Camping – Hang Son Doong Cave, Vietnam

27 Cave Camping – Hang Son Doong Cave Vietnam

Photograph taken by: Ryan Deboodt


28. Kevin Frayer, Eagle Hunters of Western China, Canada

28 Kevin Frayer - Eagle Hunters of Western China Canada

Image Credit:


29. The Colors of Rio – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

29 The Colors of Rio – Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Photograph taken by: Marcelo Castro


30. Mayana Soora Thiruvizha Festival – Kaveripattinam, India

30 Mayana Soora Thiruvizha Festival – Kaveripattinam India

Photograph taken by: Mahesh Balasubramanian


31. Salt Fields – Kampot, Cambodia

31 Salt Fields – Kampot Cambodia

Photograph taken by: Ulysse Lemerise


32. Baseball in the Streets – Havana, Cuba

32 Baseball in the Streets – Havana Cuba

Photograph taken by: Lisa Shires


33. Preacher’s Pulpit – Preikestolen, Norway

33 Preacher’s Pulpit – Preikestolen Norway

Photograph taken by: Thomas Trommer


34. New Years “Village Invasion Celebrations” – Dani Tribe, Papua New Guinea

34 New Years “Village Invasion Celebrations” – Dani Tribe Papua New Guinea

Photograph taken by: Johan Georget


35. Lego Houses – Mexico City, Mexico

35 Lego Houses – Mexico City Mexico

Photograph taken by: Oscar Ruiz


36. Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park – Molinere Bay, Grenada

36 Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park – Molinere Bay Grenada

Photograph taken by: Jason de Caires Taylor


37. Snowfall – Rome’s Colosseum, Italy

37 Snowfall - Romes Colosseum Italy

Image Credit: The Independent


38. Blue Lagoon Spa – Iceland

38 Blue Lagoon Spa, Iceland

Image Credit: Icelandic Times


39. Marina Bay Sands – Singapore

39 Marina Bay Sands - Singapore

Image Credit:


40. The Emerald Lakes – Mt. Tongariro, New Zealand

40. The Emerald Lakes - Mt. Tongariro, New Zealand

Image Credit: Wikipedia


41. Four Seasons Resort – Bora Bora

41 Four Seasons Resort - Bora Bora

Image Credit: Travel and Leisure


42. Temple of Borobudur, Indonesia

42 Temple of Borobudur Indonesia

Photograph taken by: Johan Georget


43. Cows on the Beach – Zanzibar Island, Tanzania

43 Cows on the Beach – Zanzibar Island Tanzania

Photograph taken by: A. Monfre


44. The Blue City – Chefchaouen, Morocco

44 The Blue City – Chefchaouen Morocco

Photograph taken by: Jacques Bravo


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