The Ultimate Mother’s Day Weekend Celebration

Shari’s ultimastatusApril 10, 2015

Wake her with a champagne cocktail

The Ultimate Mother's Day Weekend: Champagne Cocktails

Breakfast in bed is nice, but for a really festive start to your celebration, serve mom a champagne cocktail in bed. With a fresh strawberry garnish, of course. It might just make up for all the weekends she had to be up early to wrangle you and your siblings to soccer practice. Or try this fruity hibiscus cocktail from our favorite host Michael Wurm Jr.

Do a little home decorating

While she’s asleep (or out and about), decorate the house with balloons, banners, flowers and more Mother’s Day fanfare that will make her feel extra special.

Give her a zen afternoon

The Ultimate Mother's Day Weekend: Tea Time

Take her to that yoga retreat she’s been wanting to try or bring her to a zen garden or spot she’s never been before. Have our chocolate-dipped Mother’s Day Oreo® cookies delivered ahead of time and then pop by and serve her afternoon tea and cookies.

Treat her to a spa day

Book a deluxe spa day for two. Mani, pedi, facial, massage, scrub—give her the works. Finish it off with a healthy and delicious lunch.

Make her a digital scrapbook

The Ultimate Mother's Day Weekend: Digital Scrapbook

Make it easy for Mom to show you (and your brothers and sisters) off to her friends by using an app to creating a digital scrapbook. After you’re done, send it to her so she can tote it around on her tablet or phone, for high-speed mobile bragging. There are tons of scrapbook apps available. We love this free one by Martha Stewart CraftStudio.

Don’t let her lift a finger

Mom’s done a lifetime of laundry, cleaning and dishes for you. Now it’s your turn to return the favor (and make up for all the times you promised to clean your room, and just hid the mess under your bed). Enlist your siblings to help, and be her maids for the day. Or hire an actual maid to do the dirty work.

Take her on a picnic

The Ultimate Mother's Day Weekend: Picnic

If the weather is nice, get her out of the house and into the fresh air by packing a picnic for two. Pick a sunny spot with a view, where the the two of you can have a heart to heart while you dine on her favorite snacks.

Give her some digital FaceTime

You know she’ll never figure it all out on her own. But she’d really love to catch up with her kids or read her grandkids a bedtime story. So set up a Google Hangout or FaceTime call for her ahead of time and then tell her to save the date for a special surprise.

Plan a TV binge-watching date

The Ultimate Mother's Day Weekend: Binge Watch

It’s healthy to binge, when you’re binging on TV. Make a TV date with Mom to watch her favorite show, or a show you know she’ll love. Bring bite-sized snacks for noshing, like popcorn. And we’ll deliver the Mother’s Day Cake Pops, in all the cake flavors she loves. 

Give her extra dessert

The Ultimate Mother's Day Weekend: Cheesecake

You know Mom loves cheesecake. We know she’ll really love our dreamy new dipped take on cheesecake. Covered in chocolate, our dipped cheesecakes are like dessert with extra dessert: the ultimate end to the ultimate Mother’s Day weekend.

Celebrate Mom from afar

Can’t be there to celebrate Mom in person? We’ll help you treat her with our heartfelt Mother’s Day gift collection. If one treat’s not enough, create a custom gift pairing that’s designed by you.

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