Top 10 Activities for Self-Development in College

College is a time when many things begin to come together;

A large part of the journey is learning about yourself, developing different skills and honing your natural abilities. To become the person you want to be you need formal education, real life experience and opportunities for self-development.


Top 10 Activities for Self-Development in College

Here are 10 activities you can do to make the most of your education and help your self-development in college:


1. Improve Your Project Management Skills

Learning to organize and run projects is a life skill everyone can use.

When you have project management skills you can achieve better results.

It will make you a better person. Internships, and holding key roles in various student campus groups will help you develop crucial skills. Skills like budget management, organizational skills, time management, task management, team building, strategic planning, personnel management, leadership, and strategic planning.


2. Individual Growth

Individual growth or personal development encompasses many things.

Participating in community events and networking with others helps you to expand your perspective and develop better interpersonal and communication skills. Failure, trial and error, reflection and self-awareness are the tools that help us to grow and realize our own potential.

When we analyze our successes and failures, and reflect on how we do things; we can learn a lot about how to communicate with others. We learn about body language and how it affects our interpersonal relationships. We learn how to listen actively to another, social and professional etiquette.

Self-analysis, reflection and trying different things, succeeding and failing are all activities that help us to grow and develop.


3. Teamwork

Most jobs and activities involve some degree of teamwork. Learning how to collaborate with others and being open to others’ perspectives is a skill you will need throughout your life.

Join different groups on campus, volunteer, become a sorority or fraternity member, volunteer for a school project, hold an executive board position on a campus organization, run for student government.

Take advantage of all opportunities to work with others in a variety of settings.

Being part of a team will help you understand:

  • How teams form
  • How to handle conflicts
  • How to lead by example
  • How to be an inclusive leader that values the input of others
  • How to teach and train others
  • How to motivate, inspire and empower others
  • How to give and receive feedback
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    4. Productivity

    Technology has its benefits,but it also has it drawbacks. And one of those is that technology makes it too easy to get distracted.

    The skill of staying productive in a highly connected world is a real asset when it comes to business. Take on projects and assignments where you are the responsible person. Accountability is the key to developing strong focus and staying productive.

    College is a great time to experiment with productivity tools and goal setting techniques. When you are responsible for a project its success or failure depends on you.

    This provides strong motivation to learn how to focus your energy, get organized and stay productive to meet the goals and milestones of the project.

    These skills are life skills that will serve you well in everything you do.


    5. Giving Back

    Some people may not see giving back as a skill but in today’s social environment giving back is something we do on a daily basis although we may not even think about it or recognize it.

    We share content with each other and we engage with one another through a variety of channels most notably social media but the world is much larger and more complex. Our communities depend on people that are willing to get involved.

    When you get involved in your community it builds character, helps to establish a professional reputation and helps you understand the power of a collective action to achieve goals.

    Not only can you get involved in community meetings or sign on to help with a local campaign you can provide service and do something you are passionate about. It will build your self-confidence, empathy and understanding while making you feel good about yourself and the community you live in.

    College life is full of opportunities to get involved on campus and make a difference. Use the opportunity to build a network and to get involved and give back to an institution that is giving so much to you.


    6. Communication Skills

    Getting involved in student groups and projects on campus can help you develop your communication skills.

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    Good communication skills are crucial because they help you to effectively describe and promote your ideas to others. Good communication skills are key to building influence and leading others. Communication skills involve more than simply learning how to express your ideas verbally.

    It involves learning how to build trust with others, how to actively listen, how to be “present” in the moment, how to write effectively, how to make ideas simple for others to understand and how to inspire others using words and actions.

    Taking part in different organizations and holding a position on a board, using apps and writing services to develop your writing ability are all ways we learn these skills.


    7. Relationship Building

    Relationships are crucial to personal success and happiness.

    It is a skill you need to practice everyday.

    Network with other students and professors on campus. Join clubs that offer professional conferences where you can meet and network with people outside your own school. Consider studying abroad so you learn how to network and make connections with people from other countries.

    Get familiar with current events and issues that you can use in common conversation with others. Building relationships with people is crucial because one of the people you meet and network with can become the one person who changes your life forever.

    Having strong, solid relationships also gives you the support encouragement and stability to take risks that can lead to great rewards.


    8. Leadership

    Leadership stems from personal development.

    Leadership qualities are normally learned through taking action. College is a great place to begin to learn leadership skills and qualities by participating in student government and holding positions of authority on various student organizations or in the community where the school is located.

    Taking part in a sports team is also a great way to develop leadership skills as well as team skills.

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    9. Creativity

    Creative thinkers are always in great demand.

    The market is always changing and traditional methods of doing things no longer work. Out of the box thinking is required to remain competitive and successful. College provides lots of opportunities for brain storming, and problem solving and these are the activities that develop creative thinking abilities.

    Learn to ask lots of questions and look for opportunities to solve real problems of fellow students. You can hone your critical thinking skills in and out of the classroom.


    10. Fail Forward

    One of the most effective ways to learn is through failure. The ability to learn from our mistakes is crucial because these are the lessons we never forget.

    In college you will have all sorts of opportunities to succeed and fail. But, the most important thing is to take time to reflect on what went right, and what went wrong when you have a failure. Mistakes are always a part of the learning process.

    We learn from the things we do and we learn how to do those things better with reflection and analysis.

    We learn how to adapt.

    Look at each day as a new opportunity to fail forward-to make progress and improve; based on an examination of those things that did not work as well as they could have.



    These ten activities for personal development can occur both in the classroom; but more importantly outside the classroom where you can apply what you learn to real life situations.

    So, never stop learning. Take your personal development seriously and embrace the opportunities to develop these additional skills that will apply to every facet of your life.

    What’s your take on self-development in college? Leave a comment below.

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