Top 10 health benefits of ginger root

Ginger health benefits recognized as the universal medicine by the ancient ancestors of China and India.

Did you know that this root antioxidants properties been used for centuries for it’s healing properties?

This herb is used today to cure and prevent various health conditions such as nausea, digestive issues, and pain.

This plant is a great source of nutrients such as magnesium, manganese, potassium, copper and vitamin B6.

It can be consumed in various ways like tea, powdered, dried as a spice or used in the form of an oil.

The most commonly used part of the ginger for medicinal purposes is the root known as the rhizome.

Now science is finally catching up and researchers around the world are finding that ginger works wonder to preventing various illnesses and conditions.

So, let’s know some of those health benefits of ginger.

Top 10 health benefits of ginger root

1. Relives Nausea

ginger prevents nausea

Nausea is a feeling of sickness where we feel the need to vomit. This may include the feeling of disgust.

The most widely known health benefits of this spice or herb are its ability to relieve nausea.

It works to treat those with stomach upset, sickness feeling after surgery, morning sickness, and chemotherapy nausea.

This herb available in many different forms and can be purchased fresh, in powder form, drank as a tea or in capsules.

Eat a fresh piece of ginger or a tablet with a glass of water to prevent nausea problem.

2. Relieves arthritis pain

ginger health benefits

This Asian herb is effective for treating arthritis conditions like joint inflammations and pains.

 It loaded with anti-inflammatory properties that help in reducing joint inflammations of arthritis patients.

It also contains important anti-oxidants that clear the joints of all impurities and allows fresh blood to flow into the aching areas.

A study conducted in Sweden at Stockholm University that consisted of 250 patients.

These patients were suffering from either moderate or acute osteoarthritis conditions.

Then these patients were fed with pills containing ginger extracts, out of 250 patients, 220 get relieves from aching joints.

Most interesting fact about this herb is it relieves joint inflammation and pain without any side effects like many anti-inflammatory drugs.

It also helps to improve flexibility and movement of muscles and bones.


3. Prevent digestion issues

This Asian herb can improve digestion in several ways as well as prevent discomfort from digestive issues.

Its antioxidant properties can also help to prevent gas problems and improve digestion by relaxing and soothing the intestinal tract.

It helps to neutralize acids and stimulate secretions of digestive juices to improve digestion.

For immediate relief from any digestion issues drink one cup of ginger tea or six ounces of ginger beer.

Before you excited, ginger beer is a non-alcoholic drink, that is three times stronger than ginger tea.


4. Prevent respiratory problems

This herb helps to prevent various respiratory problems such as colds, coughs, flu, asthma.

Those who suffer from a cough, ginger root can help them by eliminating mucus and phlegm from throat and lungs. 

its tea form also helps to cure your sore throat.

Also, tea of this herb helps smokers by heal and detox their lungs.

5. Prevent motion sickness

A lot of people around the world suffering from motion sickness(nausea) during a long car ride, boat ride, plane ride etc.

Ginger is a safe effective natural remedy that actually has been proven to work better than the medications.

The travel industry is using ginger products like tea, raw form, more to prevent nausea caused by motion sickness.

So during your long trips on boat, car, bus, plane, carry fresh pieces of ginger in your bag and consume one small slice every 40-45 minutes.

This steps will prevent your motion sickness, so you’ll enjoy your long trips with your family and friends.

6. Kill cancer cells

According to medical experts, ginger root can be the powerful weapon to kill cancer cells.

According to the American Association of cancer research reveal that,

When the ginger powder is used to treat cancer, the cancer cells die after being exposed to this ingredient.

Several studies have shown that ginger root powder kills cancer cells at a similar or better rate than chemotherapy with no side effects.

The herb also helps to control inflammation, which can contribute to the development of cancer cells.

7. Ginger lower cholesterol naturally

According to a 45 days study involving 100 people with high cholesterol levels consume 3 grams of ginger powder every day which caused significant reductions in their cholesterol levels.

Researchers believe that ginger powder can aid in lowering cholesterol levels and also reducing the risk of heart disease.

Apart from reducing heart disease, ginger antioxidants properties can also strengthen the heart muscles.

So those who suffered from high cholesterol consumed ginger tea or water for lowered your high cholesterol levels and live a happy life.


8. Ginger prevent migraine headache

Researchers found that ginger reduces the frequency as well as the strength of migraine headaches.

Those people who consumed ginger powder or tea regularly are less likely to suffer from a migraine headache.

The anti-inflammatory properties of this herb or spice don’t allow your blood vessels to become inflamed and for this reason, a migraine headache can be prevented.

If you want to prevent a migraine headache quickly then as soon as you feel a headache coming, consume fresh 2-3 slices of ginger root, which can prevent your headache that turning into migraines.

So try to add this herb or spice to your diet plan or drink ginger tea and eat powder form to prevent harmful health conditions like a migraine.


9. Boost immune system

The antioxidants and anti-bacterial properties of this herb boost your immune system.

If you consume 2-3 slices of ginger root every day then it can prevent potential risk of a stroke by inhibiting fatty deposits from the arteries and also boost your immunity power.

The anti-bacterial properties of this spice can also decrease bacterial infections in the stomach and can prevent nausea, we already talk about nausea earlier.

So try to consume or add ginger spice to your foods which will boost your immunity power, and helps to prevent many harmful diseases.


10. Prevent cold and flu

In Asian countries, this spice has been used for thousands of years to treat symptoms of cold and flu.

This spice is a natural antiseptic and antiviral which helps to fights against illness and bacteria that cause cold and flu. 

In short, its anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties boost your immune system, which then helps to prevent cold and flu-like symptoms. 


My secret ginger tea recipe to prevent cold and flu.

  • Boil 2 cup of hot water(boil for 6-10 minutes)
  • take a thermos and put hot water into it.
  • Add 3 slices of ginger to hot water
  • Add four tablespoons of lemon juice.
  • Also add 3 tablespoons of raw honey.
  • After adding all ingredient close thermos for 7-10 minutes.
  • Now its time to enjoy your ginger tea.

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