Top 10 Tools to Improve Your Business Writing Skills

Writing is not just an art; it’s a tool that helps people convey opinions in a clear, concise manner. If you intend to become part of any business, the successful communication with collaborators will depend upon your ability to write.

That’s why you have to invest a lot of effort into this skill. People who use tons of business slang, long sentences, and ‘smart’ words should not be your inspiration. Everyone expects you to express yourself in a clear, concise manner.


10 Tools for Improving Business Writing Skills

Proper writing requires a lot of practice, so you should devote a portion of your day to practice. Don’t be overwhelmed by the challenge; these 10 tools will help you boost your business writing skills with minimum effort.


1. MailMentor

When you are writing email messages to reporters, prospective customers, influencers, or potential partners, you have to make them short, concise, and attention-grabbing. Tell them what the point is without any circumvention.

If you are not sure that you’ve achieved that effect, you can paste the text into MailMentor and analyze the data you get. The tool will show you how much time a reader needs to go through the message, and what reading level the text is appropriate for.

In addition, you’ll get recommendations for improvements (for example: simplify your language or shorten the paragraphs).


2. Ninja Essays

When your schedule is full, it’s easy for your mind to get blank.

You have tons of messages and reports to write, but you simply cannot find the right words.

At this custom writing service, you can hire professional writers to do the work for you. All you need to do is provide the instructions, set a deadline and wait for your content to be crafted by an expert.

The company delivers research papers, resumes, personal statements, articles, reaction papers, and all other types of content related to business writing. In addition, you can also hire an experienced editor to improve the quality of your own work.


3. Daily Grammar

With lack of proper grammar and literacy, you won’t be leaving a good impression with the text you write.

Whether it is a simple email message or a business document, you have to make sure its grammar and spelling are perfect. This website offers a great range of articles that help you understand English grammar.

You don’t have to analyze Daily Grammar for hours; just spend 10 minutes at the website every day and you’ll soon notice an improvement in your writing skills.


4. Gorgias

When you are part of a particular business, you’ll probably need to send similar email messages to different people.

Instead of wasting your time typing the same content over and over again, you can use Gorgias to create flawless templates for Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo. This Google Chrome extension will make your emailing routine much faster and more efficient.

You can associate each template with a text shortcut, so it will immediately appear in your message.


5. ProWritingAid

This free online tool enables you to check your grammar and enhance your style by following the insightful suggestions.

In addition to a grammar and spelling checker, ProWritingAid also includes a readability tool, overused words detection, plagiarism checking feature, cliché locating tool, and more.

The software cannot replace a real editor, but it will surely indicate many mistakes that you can fix on your own.


This is a valuable vocabulary-building tool.

You can find synonyms, definitions, and information about the history of almost any word in the English language. When you notice that you are becoming repetitive, or you simply want to express yourself with smarter words, the synonyms will make your style more versatile.

Just enter your word in the search bar and you’ll get a list of possible replacements!


7. Byword 2

In the busy world of business, mobile devices are necessary communication tools. If you are sending messages via iPhone or iPad, you can use Byword 2 to write efficiently and clearly. This tool includes the most complete Markdown support.

It syncs the text across all devices with iCloud and Dropbox, so you can easily access and edit your content on any device you use.


8. Stoodle

Excellence in writing is not achieved within a day. You have to continuously practice and improve this skill. Stoodle offers an online learning experience supported by real-time collaboration and communication with the tutors.

You can use the tool to illustrate problems and invite tutors to help, and you can also collaborate with the members of your team on a particular project.


9. Juicy Studio

Use this Readability Test to see how understandable your content is before allowing someone to read it.

The tool functions according to Flesch-Kincaid, Flesch Reading Ease, and Gunning Fog – the most commonly used reading level algorithms. The results will indicate whether or not you’ve landed the right readability level for your type of audience.

If you didn’t get the expected rank, then simplify the content and test it again until you achieve a proper level of readability.


10. Wridea

Before you can craft any type of business content, you need to organize your ideas and follow a plan.

Wridea is a great tool to use in that stage. You can add idea entries in seconds at any time. When you are onto something really special, you can share the ideas and pages and start discussing them with your partners.

The collaborative aspect of the tool enables you to analyze the ideas with your team members and make the needed updates.


In Conclusion

Believe it or not, business writing can be lots of fun! When you express yourself through sleek, powerful content, you are boosting your chances to appeal to the reader and build a strong business relationship.

If you have enough confidence in your skills, you can stat publishing articles online.

High-quality online content with your name over it will improve your reputation in the world of business.

To wrap things up, here are the 10 tools you should start using today:

  • MailMentor
  • Ninja Essays
  • Daily Grammar
  • Gorgias
  • ProWritingAid
  • Thesaurus
  • Byword 2
  • Stoodle
  • Juicy Studio
  • Wridea
  • Now that you have access to all needed online resources, it’s time to get serious and start improving your business writing skills.

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