Top 10 Workout Songs By The Hustle Standard

The Hustle Standard is a music group that have a passion for creating incredibly popular motivational music.

We’re talking about the type of music that gets you off your ass, in the gym, and feeling more pumped up than you thought was possible.

I’ve been listening the The Hustle Standard, who often team up with Jay Kill & Rob Bailey, during my workouts and whenever I’m doing work in the office.

The music is so motivational, that I’ll be incredibly surprised if you haven’t heard of these guys before.


Top 10 Workout Songs By The Hustle Standard

If you’re a bodybuilder, fitness enthusiast, or just want to get pumped up during the day, throw some of these songs on a playlist.

Here are 10 of the best workout songs by The Hustle Standard:


1. Unbreakable ft. Jay Kill

Jay Kill teamed up with Hustle Standard on this song, to make sure you realize that you’re unbreakable! Nothing can break you, no one can tear you down, go get it!

You’re unbreakable!


2. Square Up ft. Rob Bailey

Square up is another incredible song to get you motivated, regardless of whether you’re in or outside the gym.



3. We’re Doing It ft. Rob Bailey

Are you going after you dreams in life? Doing the things that you love, and taking action on the s**t you desire?

Nothing’s going to get you more pumped up to take action, or continue taking action, than the song ‘We’re Doing It’. Listen to it now!


4. I Like These Odds ft. Jay Kill

I Like These Odds is not quite as upbeat and in your face as many of the other Hustle Standard songs on this list, but it’s still incredibly motivational!

Believe in yourself and your dreams!


5. Haymaker ft. Rob Bailey

I love this song! Go hard or go home. Haymaker is a song that’ll inspire you to act big in life; and if you’re looking to get those last soul crushing reps in at the gym, this’ll make you feel like you’re strong enough to lift anything.


6. What I Live For ft. Rob Bailey

Nothing pumps you up more than doing the thing you love… whilst listening to a song that explains just how much you love it!

This song will seriously get you pumped up when you’re focusing on what you love. It’s your passion, it’s what you love to do. You live for this! Act like it!


7. I Am Not Done ft. Rob Baily

Are you done? Have you got more to give? Of course you have!

Go out there and show the world that you’ve got a lot more to give. This is a must for your bodybuilding playlist.


8. Show The World ft. Rob Bailey

Another incredible bodybuilding song by The Hustle Standard! All about showing the haters who you are, the work and effort you’re putting in, and that you deserve to be at the top.

Add this to your playlist now!


9. Run This ft. Rob Bailey

Who runs the show? You run the show!

This life is yours for the taking! Take charge of your life, and take charge of the show. You are in complete control of your life, and that should pump you up more than anything.


10. I’m A Beast ft. Rob Bailey

Everybody’s heard this song surely? Without a doubt, the most motivating Hustle Standard song for when in you’re in the gym. If you don’t have this on your playlist, I’m not sure what’s going on…

You’re a BEAST!



A quick recap on these top 10 workout songs by The Hustle Standard:

  • I’m A Beast
  • Run This
  • Show The World
  • I Am Not Done
  • What I Live For
  • Haymaker
  • I Like These Odds
  • We’re Doing It
  • Square Up
  • Unbreakable
  • Here’s a few that we didn’t mention in this list:

  • Go Forever
  • Never Give A F**k
  • Plan My Attack
  • Bugatti
  • Cuz They Get It
  • Never Gonna Stop
  • Do Good
  • What’s your favorite bodybuilding song by The Hustle Standard? Leave a comment below.

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