Top 20 Chris Christie Memes That Went Viral


Chris Christie, or Christopher James Christie, is a lobbyist and American politician. His name went all over the internet after he and his family were caught enjoying the sun in a closed New Jersey-state beach after he ordered a shutdown of state parks and beaches all weekend. The public didn’t take it well and they expressed their wrath with tons of Chris Christie memes.

What I Said Was


His Were The Eyes Of A Man Who Has Gazed Into The Abyss

Presidential Codename

Marco Rubio Doesn’t Have The Experience To Be President

Time For Some Traffic Problems

Too Fat To Run

too fat to run chris christie memes

I Know Nothing

I’ll Close The Beach Ok

Gun Control

Git In Ma Belly

Knows He Won’t Win

Don’t Fart

I Don’t Delay Traffic To Get Back At Political Opponents

I Am Going To Eat

Invisible Pizza

invisible pizza chris christie memes

Extra Cheese Please

You Have A Right To Privacy

We Do Not Burn Bridges

I Will Do To America

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