Top benefits of Amla(Indian gooseberry)

Amla is an Indian gooseberry, it is very famous for its nutrients rich substances which provides many health-related benefits.

Amla is an excellent source of antioxidants and minerals such as vitamin C, dietary fiber, chromium, proteins, carotene, iron, carbohydrate.

Do you know that amla widely used in the medicine, food and beauty industries?

Indian gooseberry available on market in various form such as amla juice, dried amla, oil, shampoo, pickle, powder.

Due to its rich antioxidants properties, amla provides multiple health benefits such as manage digestion process, prevent hair fall, improve skin health, heal diabetes patient, prevent heart diseases and provides many more health benefits.

I am not just saying, already Indian gooseberry health benefits has proven by many nutritionists and ayurvedic experts.

Apart from providing many health benefits, it also helps to strengthen and boost your immune system.

Now let’s knowIndianhis indian gooseberry provides health-related benefits in a various way.

Benefits of amla gooseberry

1. Manage digestion process

amla help in digestion process

Indian gooseberry is an excellent source of fiber and also loaded with anti-inflammatory properties.

Constipation is one of the most common problems of the digestive system, so fiber content of amla helps constipation patients to remove stool from their bowel easily.

Reducing constipation can also protect you from various gastrointestinal disorders and even colorectal cancer.

Those who suffered from digestive problems regularly, they can consume amla juice for a better digestive system and apart from this it also prevent many harmful digestive diseases.

This fruit also helps to treat disease like diarrhea because of its fiber content.

This Indian gooseberry also helps in secretion of gastric and digestive juices, which helps foods to digest easily.


2. prevent hair fall

amla health benefitspile of indian gooseberry fruit with green leaves isolated on white background

Apart from vitamin C, Indian gooseberry is also loaded with antioxidants which provide many health benefits to your hair.

Those who love to keep long hair, amla oil can help their hair to grow longer and stronger.

Amla powder or paste is an excellent source of essential fatty acids, which can make your hair lustrous.

Amla powder or paste also plays a role of conditioner, which adds extra shine and bounce to your hair.

Nowadays, dandruff problems is a common issue that many people faces, however, Amla can help

those who want to get rid of dandruff problems.

Indian gooseberry also plays a major role in strengthening your hair roots by nourishing the hair follicles and also prevent baldness.

Those who eat fresh gooseberry, it helps them to maintain their hair color and prevent greying of hair.


3. prevent eye diseases

We all know amla has a lot of health benefits, but did you know that amla is a superfood for your eyes.

This Indian gooseberry is a great source of vitamin C, which is extremely important for better eye vision.

According to Ayurveda, amla juice can help to prevent eye cataracts and several eye diseases, by damaging free radicals, which is responsible for many eye-related diseases.

If you drink one tablespoon of Indian gooseberry every day then nutrients of amla will keep your eyesight relaxed and also prevent diseases like macular degeneration, night blindness.

Try to drink gooseberry juice with honey, which is extremely helpful for your eyesight.

Amla products(juice, powder, dried amla) also help to prevent problems like eye itching, redness, and infections.


4. Prevent heart diseases

This Indian gooseberry strengthens your heart muscles and it is also packed with fiber content, which helps to remove bad cholesterol from your arteries and promotes adequate blood flow throughout the body.

Amla is also loaded with iron content, which helps your body to generate new red blood cells.

If you drink gooseberry juice 4-5 times per week then it can help keeps your blood vessels and arteries clean.

The chromium content of amla helps to reduced excess cholesterol plaque buildup in the vessels and arteries, this can reduce the chances of strokes and heart attack.

With all the above health benefits, this gooseberry proves that it is the best food for heart health.


5. Healer for diabetes patient

Diabetes is one of those diseases which is responsible for creating many harmful diseases in the body such as kidney stone, high blood pressure, eye problems, high levels of cholesterol etc.

This gooseberry contains a mineral called chromium which especially beneficial for diabetes patients.

Chromium content of amla can prevent or reduce many harmful diseases of a Diabetes patient.

Several studies show that eating gooseberry can stimulate the isolated group of cells that secrete the insulin.

This stimulation can reduce blood sugar levels in diabetic patients and keep their body balanced and healthy.

According to several studies, diabetes medicines showed far less effective than Indian gooseberry.

The most interesting part of Indian gooseberry is there are no side effects found in consuming this Indian gooseberry. In fact, it prevents many harmful diseases of your body.

Instead of being so effective, it is available at very low cost than costly medicine.


6. Maintain skin health

Acne is the common problem that most teenagers face in their growing age.

Consumption of gooseberry juice every day can help teenagers to purify their blood and fights the micro-organisms in the skin, all these reasons lead to prevent acne and pimples.

The vitamin C content of this Gooseberry flushes toxins and making skin smooth by increases collagen production, this improves your skin health.

The antioxidants and vitamin C of Indian gooseberry brighten your skin and also protect skin damage from harmful UV rays.

According to several studies, Indian gooseberry juice also plays as an anti-aging product by providing the natural glow to your skin.

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