Top Evidance-based Benefits of Moringa

Yes, you came to the right place to know about the moringa benefits.

Moringa health benefits recognized recently by researchers and also they found that moringa plant is the new superfood.

This plant generally found in eastern countries India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Srilanka.

Moringa health benefits used by eastern countries for thousands of years.

The eastern countries people used this plant to prevent diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, digestive disorders, liver disease, skin and respiratory also.

Almost every part of this plant is useful- for food or as medicine: leaves, fruits(drumsticks), flower.

It is also known as moringa oleifera, drumsticks tree, ben tree, horseradish tree.

It is loaded with nutrients such as protein, magnesium, iron, vitamin A, C, E, B6, calcium, potassium.

So, are you excited to know about moringa health benefits?

Top evidence-based moringa health benefits

1. Best food for Diabetics

benefits of moringa leaves

It contains 12 times more vitamin C than an orange, which is very helpful for diabetics patients.

According to a study, the antioxidants content of this plant helps diabetes patients to maintain cholesterol levels.

Also, antioxidants and vitamin C content of this plant control blood sugar levels of diabetes patients.

Diabetes body also suffered from oxidative damage(cells get damage) caused by free radicals.

The antioxidants and anti-inflammatory content of this plant help diabetes patients to fight with oxidative damage caused by free radicals.

To get moringa health benefits for diabetes, add this plant to your daily diet plan.

2. Boost Immune system

benefits of moringa leaves

The immune system of your body is a defense mechanism which protect your body from various infections caused by virus, bacteria, parasites etc.

So it’s your duty to keep your immune system strong by following a proper diet.

Due to its antioxidants and vitamin C content, drumsticks leaves are the best food for boosting your immunity power.

Especially during cold and flu season, the nutrients content of this leaves keeps your immune system strong.

This herbal plant leaves also contain a natural compound called ethanolic.

The ethanolic content provides one more extra layer of protection to the human immune system.


3. Anti-inflammatory properties

benefits of moringa leaves and powder

Inflammation can cause many chronic diseases like arthritis, obesity, diabetes, lungs and heart diseases.

Moringa leaves is one of the superfoods which can help you to prevent diseases caused by inflammation.

It is just an assumption by some scientists that, moringa health benefits may treat some conditions caused by inflammation, yet to prove.

Some scientists believe that the main anti-inflammatory compound found in this plant are isothiocyanates.

According to a study, the anti-inflammatory effect of this plant may equal to some of the anti-inflammatory medicine.

Consume moringa leaves curry or juice in your daily diet to get benefits from its anti-inflammatory effects.

4. Improves Eye health

Benefits of moringa powder

Your eyesight is the most precious thing you possess, So for maintaining a healthy visual health is very important.

Moringa leaves contain 10 times more vitamin A and 4 times more beta-carotene than carrot.

Moringa leaf can plays a major role in protecting your eyes from harmful diseases.

Beta-carotene content of this plant plays a huge role in keeping your eye healthy by preventing harmful diseases like macular degeneration.

Did you know?

When you consumed Beta-carotene loaded food, your body converted beta-carotene into vitamin A in your body.

Vitamin A content of this herbal plant can also help to treat other eye-related diseases like cataracts problem, dry eyes etc.


5. Lower Cholesterol Level

The high cholesterol level in your body can lead you to many harmful diseases such as cardiovascular disease, strokes, diabetes, high blood pressure and many more.

One interesting thing about high cholesterol level is, it can easily treat by following a proper diet plan and medication.

According to a study, moringa is the best food for lowering high cholesterol level.

From animals studies, researchers found that this plant helps to reduce bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol.

This plant contains a compound called beta-sitosterol, which prevent cholesterol build up in artery walls.

Cholesterol buildup in artery world can increase the risk of heart attack.


6. Increase bone density.

This plant also contains calcium, which can promote your bone strength and density.

Moringa leaves contain 12 times more calcium than a glass of milk, which is very beneficial for your bone health.

Those people who suffered from low bone density, osteoporosis, arthritis-like diseases can add Moringa leaves to their daily diet.

The calcium content of this plant can help to improve their bone density and also may prevent all these diseases.

This herbal leaves also increase the bone density of elderly people who suffered from low bone density due to aging.


7. Improve digestion

The antioxidants content of moringa leaves is very effective on stomach disorders like constipation, gastric and ulcerative colitis.

When it comes to stomach disorders the list could be endless and it seems like you need a different type of medicine to deal with each of the conditions.

Well, some studies have proven that it can prevent some of the digestive disorders such as constipation, bloated problem, digestion problems.

Adding a handful of moringa leaves to soups and vegetable dishes is the best way to keep your digestive system healthy.


8. Improves brain health

Moringa health benefits play a major role in improving brain health.

According to some research, moringa leaves contain some compounds which have effects similar to some drugs that widely used to treat Alzheimer.

This leaves may also help to boost your memory capacity.

Those who suffered from cognitive disorders they can add Moringa to their diet plan because it may help to improve their brain health.

Retaining mental clarity may be a concern later in life but if you take moringa leaf powder then you may be able to stave off the effects of age.

Moringa leaves extract has a positive effect on some brain’s component, such as dopamine and serotine to protect the brain from some neurodegenerative diseases.


9. Improve heart health

Heart disease is the number one killer around the world.

The nutrients content of moringa may prevent some conditions caused by cardiovascular disease.

This herbal plant can help in 3 distinct ways to prevent cardiovascular disease.

First, moringa leaves help in lower blood pressure because high pressure is one of the main reason for heart disease.

Second, it helps to reduce bad cholesterol and plaque in your arteries.

Third, it prevents the heart disease by protecting the heart tissues from damage.

It also contains cardioprotective and anti-peroxidative effects.

These two effects provide protection to heart by inhibiting the production of lipid peroxidation.



I hope now you know that moringa leaves are a superfood which can prevent many harmful diseases.

Moringa health benefits may help you to prevent heart problem, control diabetes, boost digestion, promotes bones strength and density, improves eyesight, lower cholesterol, promotes liver health.

So please try to add a handful of leaves in your curry or soups to get moringa health benefits.

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