Wedding Anniversary Messages for Sister and Brother in law

Wedding anniversary of a sister and a brother in law is a special occasion to celebrate. One can send the anniversary wishes through cards along with gifts of their choice to make them feel good. In addition to that, sending lovely photographs of the couple with cards and gifts is also a good idea for wedding wishes.

Given below are attractive samples of wedding anniversary messages for the dear sister and brother in law:

1). Dear sister and brother in law, I send my love and good wishes on your wedding anniversary. I hope you both are enjoying n a grand celebration and I look forward to see you soon.

2). Heartiest wishes on your wedding anniversary, dear sister and brother in law. I send lovely gifts for both for you to celebrate the occasion well.

3). Sending my love and heartfelt wishes on the wedding anniversary of my sister and brother in law. I hope you love and marital life grow strong and continue for years to come.

4). Best wishes for my sister and brother in law on their wedding anniversary. I would look forward to joining you in the grand party of the celebration of the special day.

5). Wishing my sister and brother in law a happy wedding anniversary. I send gifts for both of you and wish you all the love with prayers for long marital bliss.

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