Wedding Invitations Messages by Bride & Groom

The wedding invitations can also be given by the bride and the groom where separate invitation cards especially for the couple can be created. The bride and the groom can also send invitations through text messages or through video clips created with the wedding invite messages for guests.

Listed below are samples of wedding invitation messages to convey by the beautiful bride and groom for their marriage:

1). We invite to the wedding ceremony to be held on Sunday at the Plaza. This gesture and love sent by the bride and the groom expects dear friend to be present on the auspicious day.

2). The bride and groom invite all friends to the wedding ceremony on Tuesday at Regal Plaza. We would eagerly look forward to your presence with your blessings.

3). Through this text, the bride and groom invites dear cousin for the wedding ceremony. We hope to see you on the day of our marital union with gifts and love.

4). On the auspicious occasion of our marriage, the bride and groom invites all siblings to the wedding ceremony. We would love to have you by our side as we take the vows.

5). Dear cousin, this is an invitation by the bride and groom to the wedding reception on Friday. Your presence would be much awaited as it has been days we have met you.

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