Wedding Messages for Invitations

Wedding invitations are sent through invitation cards or through text messages. The wedding invitations include the time, date and venue of the wedding. Some wedding invitations also mention few details about the bride and the groom as well as the rituals of the wedding. One can also send the wedding invitations through video clips ideas where one can record the invitations and wedding notes to the guests and send on a DVD. Following are some of the wedding messages for invitations sent in different ways:

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Love Messages for Wedding Invitations

Some wedding invitations also include love notes mentioning how the coupe met, their love story and about the beautiful bond they share. These wedding invitations may also have best photographs of the bride and the groom together in the invitations.

“we cordially invite you to the wedding ceremony of our daughter on Tuesday, the 14th of April in Royal Plaza from 5 pm. Join us in celebrating this beautiful relationship which started in college fest and is now taking its next big step.”

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Wedding Invitations Messages by Bride & Groom

The wedding invitations can also be given by the bride and the groom where separate invitation cards especially for the couple can be created. The bride and the groom can also send invitations through text messages or through video clips created with the wedding invite messages for guests.

“We invite you to our wedding as we take the next big step of relationship and commit ourselves in a marvellous wedding. We would appreciate your presence and blessings wholeheartedly.”

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Wedding Invitation Messages for Brother

Wedding invitations for the brother are special and include lovely words of choice to let him know about the big special wedding day. The invitations can be sent with gifts especially for the brother to make him feel special on the invite.

“Dear brother, I invite you to my wedding through this beautiful card and would be eagerly waiting for your presence by my side as I take the beautiful leap of marriage in my relationship with Mark.”

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Wedding invitation message for colleagues

colleagues are not only acquaintances in work but are also a part of life as one spends most of the time daily in work with colleagues. As such, inviting colleagues to wedding makes they feel good and cared for. The invitation wishes for the colleagues can be sent through beautiful invitation cards or text messages.

“I invite you my dear colleague to my wedding with Priya to be held on 17th June at my residence from 6 pm onwards. I would highly appreciate your presence on the auspicious occasion.”

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Personal wedding invitation messages for friends

Friends are personal and close people of a person’s life. A wedding celebration and fun is incomplete without friends as they liven up a marriage by having lots of fun with the bride and the groom. The personal wedding invitations for friends can be sent through invitation cards with gifts for the friends. One can also send invitation video clips for a friend on DVD along with gifts.

“Dearest friend, I invite you and your family to my wedding with Rachel to be held on 16th May at Green Pastures Lawn from 10 am. I would love your presence by my side on the auspicious occasion.”

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