Welcome Messages for New Employees

New employees are recruited into the company mostly for want of staff and personnel in the office. An office recruits new employees and gives them training and work guide for the new work schedules. A new day in the office of a new employee is characterized by welcome wishes by the other employees of the organization as well as from the managers. The welcome wishes for the new employees can be sent through text messages, through email communication or through cards for the employees. One can also create a welcome wishes video clip fir the new employee and send it on a DVD once the new employee is in office. Following are the samples of welcome messages for new employees sent in different ways:

Welcome Message for New Employee from the CEO

The CEO of a company sends welcome wishes to the new employees to make the employee feel comfortable and good about his or her new work. The welcome wishes also make the employee feel comfortable with the CEO and makes him or her feel that the CEO is always available for work issues.

“This is the CEO of Ring Systems welcoming you in the organization on your first day in office. I hope you enjoy the work and have good long term collaboration with the organization. I wish you all the luck and welcome with all the support.”

Welcome Aboard Message New Employee

The welcome abroad wishes are sent to the new employee to welcome the person to the organization. The welcome abroad wishes for the new employee can be sent through cards or emails to the employee. One can also send funny quotes and funny welcome wishes for the new employee. The wishes make the employee feel good about his or her first day and also comfortable about the office.

“For the new employees in the organization welcome abroad to our office and we eagerly look forward to a long term and best working association with you all. We wish you all the luck for the work.”

Welcome Message for Employee Handbook

An employee handbook is a yearly book printed out from any organization. The employee handbook has the guidelines and necessity rules about the organization and also information about different employees. The employee handbook has welcome wishes for the newly appointed employees and also goodbye messages for the ones retiring or leaving the office.

“The De Lays employee yearbook welcomes Mr. Smith in our organization and wishes him for a better and long term working association with us. We hope our organization will benefit in the best way with his services.”

Welcome Message for Employee Portal

 Employee portals regulate information about the organization, any changes or guidelines change are mentioned in the employee portal. The employee portal also welcomes new employees through welcome wishes mentioned in it to make the employee feel good about the office and the work.

“The employee portal welcomes Mr. Jade into the De Lays organization and wishes him all the good luck for a good and long term working association with us. We wish you all the good wishes for the new office.”

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