What to Write in a Pregnancy Congratulations Card

Here are some great pregnancy wishes to help you say congratulations on your pregnancy to a friend, loved one, or coworker, which you can use in a text, card, email or on Facebook.

#1 I heard you were expecting! May you be pampered daily with foot rubs, good food and bubble baths. As your body prepares to bring a baby into your home, remember this: there is no craving too weird and no mood swing too unreasonable. Wishing you all the best in your pregnancy.

#2 Enjoy this journey of growing into motherhood. Remember: your baby, your business. Follow your instincts of what you know is best for your family. No one else will experience this pregnancy except for you – you’re the expert here, and I know you’ve got this!

#3 There is nothing quite like bringing life into this world. From small flutters, to belly kicks, to the pitter-patter of little feet. Motherhood is a lifetime of new experiences. May what began with a gentle heartbeat grow into a lifetime of love, laughter and happiness. All the best for your pregnancy!

#4 If pregnancy is like a book, you’re the hero. Every page will bring new, unexpected turns as the little character grows inside. Enjoy the many plot twists this baby will bring and have fun owning your role as protector and provider. Congratulations on your pregnancy and the new chapter it begins.

#5 I know it isn’t fair. You do the work while your baby dominates your body like it’s an all-inclusive resort. Meanwhile, you’re exhausted and always having to reposition yourself based on any sudden movement. But don’t worry, in a few months, you’ll be telling them what to do!

#6 People are usually most interested in the baby that’s on the way and not the expecting mom. And yet, here we are, with you absolutely crushing the pregnancy game and being positively illuminating in the process. How does it feel to steal the show back from your baby!?

#7 So you’re expecting? Congratulations! Whether it’s unicorns and fairies, or dragons and swords, your fairytale just entered an exciting new chapter. In the eyes of a child, the world is a magical, wondrous place to be. And for a little while, you get to be a part of that. I hope it’s everything you imagine it will be, and more.

#8 Babies listen and learn inside of the womb. Thankfully for your baby, it’s currently residing in the belly of one smart woman. Listen, you really never know, you could be making the world’s smartest baby in there!

#9 Congratulations on your pregnancy! I hope your days are nothing short of spectacular, both now and once the baby is born. As your belly grows, so does the bond between you and your little one. May it be a bond that can never be broken, forever strengthened by a mother’s love.

#10 During pregnancy, it’s said that women have a natural glow about them. Looking at you now, I think I want to be pregnant, too. I’m not kidding! Seriously, you are stunning. Pregnancy looks (suspiciously) good on you!

#11 The step from woman to mother is one of the grandest steps in life you’ll ever take. Congratulations on beginning the path toward an amazing experience. Each pregnancy is as unique as the mom you’ll become. I hope your journey is filled with dreams and your destination joyful.

#12 Motherhood is a beautiful balance of chaos and peace. It’s dirty diapers and tummy tickles. Mess on the floor and laughter in the air. Long, sleepless nights and early morning cuddles. It takes everything you have, and fills you when you are empty. It’s truly extraordinary, but then so are you. Congrats on your pregnancy.

#13 The feeling of pregnancy can’t be described, only experienced. Congratulations on having the chance to love your little one and be a part of something greater than yourself. Women are so fortunate to have the chance to nurture a new life, and I’m so happy for your place in that sisterhood. Congratulations again.

#14 Sandra Chami Kassis said, “you never understand life until it grows inside of you.” While I can’t say I fully understand life, watching you and your baby grow together, I think I’m beginning to. I’m thrilled for you and am honored to bear witness to your journey into motherhood.

#15 This time next year, you’re going to be a mom! Just you wait. Nothing will compare to the first time your baby looks at you, curls up against your chest, and wraps its tiny hand around one of your fingers. Words cannot express how ecstatic I am for both you and your family.

#16 I read that it’s a good idea to have a Birthing Plan. What? Don’t look at me! I was hoping that you knew what that means…Either way, I’m not worried at all. If planning is involved, then a meticulous woman like you has everything covered!

#17 I hear you’re having a baby! What wonderful news. Morning sickness, tiger stripes and a little extra padding is a small price to pay for a ride as remarkable as this one. I hope you enjoy every twist and turn. Congratulations on your pregnancy.

#18 Have you noticed that people say “it takes a village” when they’re slightly worried for the parents-to-be? Don’t worry. You won’t need a village, but your community is here to help when you want it. Not out of necessity, but out of our care and love for you.

#19 I can’t believe that you are pregnant. If only the next several months went by as quickly as this wonderful news came. Not just for you, but for the rest of us. I can’t wait to meet the way-too-good-looking kid you’re making in there!

#20 You’re having a baby! That’s fantastic news. Life is about to get a little more interesting. I wish you a safe and easy pregnancy, with good health and a happy home. May the next few months be filled with a level of joy exceeded only by the birth of your baby.

#21 Congrats on the news of your baby. As you get ready to introduce a new character into your story, may you enjoy this chapter as much as the next. As with any good story, there will be ups and downs, but the climax is going to be worth it. Sending lots of love your way during this exciting time.

#22 Word on the street is that someone’s having a baby…Congratulations! One day, your children will have children. And their children will have children. And an entire generation will walk this earth, raised on strength and love. And it will be you that started it all. So here’s wishing you a wonderful pregnancy. Motherhood looks good on you.

#23 Congratulations on the exciting news of your pregnancy. This baby is about to become a part of an adoring family, and I couldn’t be happier for you. You are an incredible woman, and no doubt an incredible mom. So here’s to a lifetime of health, happiness and good fortune.

#24 Now that you’re pregnant, I am sure the number of suggestions, tips, and pressures will be overwhelming. But I see you proudly sticking to your gut and making this pregnancy your own. Keep up the good work, momma. I don’t know what you’re doing, but whatever it is, it’s working!

#25 Congratulations, mom-to-be. I’m thrilled about the journey you’re taking and the adventures this baby will bring. The path is exciting and new, and I know you’ll traverse it with more love in your heart than you could ever believe. Enjoy each step along the road and I hope the best moments are the ones that last the longest.

#26 I’m sending you best wishes for your new pregnancy. You may have heard the phrases “being in the family way” or “bun in the oven.” Maybe you’ve even used the word “preggers,” but my favorite has always been “bundle of joy.” Congratulations and may happiness and health bundle you up, as well.

#27 There are few things in life that make a lasting impression. The pitter-patter of tiny feet will soon be one of them for you. It’s like seeing a shooting star for the very first time. You’ll be mesmerized, and all you can do is smile. I wish you much love with your pregnancy.

#28 Congratulations on your pregnancy. I love the idea that when a baby is conceived, so is a mother. You and your baby will experience the fresh excitement of life as you go. I hope you enjoy the beauty of becoming a mom as much as you enjoy your new little one. Best wishes for a happy beginning for both of you.

#29 I’m so excited for you that you’re expecting. Pregnant moms carry their babies close to the hearts, which is where they stay long after they’re born. Every new baby represents beautiful hope, wonderful dreams, and endless possibilities. Best wishes for a joyful pregnancy. Congratulations.

#30 I’m sending you positive vibes and heartfelt congratulations on your pregnancy. Each new life brings a fresh spark to the universe, and I’m excited for you to experience that energy. I hope that you find each vibrant moment filled with light, and that you share that light with your baby as it grows. Enjoy the awareness of new life inside.

#31 You’re about to become a mom, which is a wonderful thing to be. I’ve heard that the definition of pregnancy is falling in love with someone you’ve never met. May the bond you build with your new baby be fulfilling as it grows, and may you experience health and happiness along the way. Congratulations and best wishes.

#32 Congratulations on your new pregnancy. The time you spend growing your baby may only last nine months, but the love will last a lifetime. Cherish this phase of life and find the beautiful sensation of new life inside you. I’m so happy for you and wish you all the best.

#33 You are pregnant, and you are radiant. You are brave, and you are beautiful. Allow your bravery to take you down the path to motherhood in a way that only angels know about. Never doubt the journey, just follow the rainbows, and you will find nothing but beauty. I’m sending you incredible pregnancy wishes.

#34 Now is the time to appreciate everything your body is capable of doing. There is some type of magic happening every day inside of you. It’s such an incredible feeling knowing that you will be bringing a new life into this world. I’m sending you all my blessings and pregnancy wishes.

#35 The upcoming event in your life will be one of the most memorable. Take every moment to appreciate that feeling of what you have created inside of you. The road might not always be easy to travel, but the destination will be well worth the trip. Congratulations on your pregnancy.

#36 There are a lot of badges that women can wear, and bringing a baby into this world certainly deserves a badge of honor. You will soon be holding and cherishing one of the tiniest gifts ever conceived. I’m so happy for you and your pregnancy.

#37 You have embarked on one of the world’s most fabulous journeys. There is nothing more remarkable than giving birth to another human being. Through every struggle, there will be a reward. And in the end, you’ll feel like you’ve won the jackpot. I couldn’t be more thrilled for you and your pregnancy.

#38 I hope your pregnancy brings you all the joy in the world. It’s a time for profound beginnings and embracing the new opportunities life is offering you. There is nothing more powerful than being a Mother. You will find peace in every step, every tear, and every word. Congrats on your pregnancy.

#39 If your taste buds have awakened and all you can think about is eating, don’t worry because that little being inside you needs all that nourishment. Besides, you’ll have plenty of time to burn all those calories once you start chasing that beautiful baby around the house. Congratulations on your pregnancy.

#40 I can’t think of a more deserving woman than you to send all my best wishes to for a smooth pregnancy and quick delivery. You’re stronger than you know, and after this, you’ll be able to conquer anything you set your mind to. Congratulations on the little feet that will bring you tons of happiness.

#41 To be a dreamer, you have to be a believer. To give birth to a child, you have to be a Mother. You are all of these, and I wish you the best with your pregnancy. It isn’t often that we get to experience the magic growing inside us, so be sure to cherish it!

#42 Enjoy this time of change and wonderment until you finally hold your dream in your arms. Life will change as you embark on motherhood. As you carry this child within, your body will transform, and your emotions will swing. But when your newborn is in your arms, life will never be the same. There will be many firsts and many milestones to celebrate. Congratulations.

#43 The seasons will change, and the tides will turn. Your heart will swell with love for what grows within. As you embark on this new phase of your life, you will face it with enthusiasm and devotion, welcoming with love the new bundle of joy.

#44 Congratulations on your pregnancy. I know you will be a fantastic mama. Stay strong and healthy as you carry this child into this world. Your life has now changed forever, so relish every moment because soon you will meet your beautiful baby.

#45 Birth is the most wondrous thing to experience, a rollercoaster of emotions. This is the time for growth and happiness, a time for preparation, a time for welcoming, a time for transformation. I could not be happier for you and look forward to meeting your newborn child.

#46 Happy, happy news. A new baby is on the way! I congratulate you on your pregnancy as you experience this incredible journey of creating a new life. You will be an amazing, caring mom.

#47 You’re pregnant and it is wonderful to hear! I am so happy for you. Enjoy this time, put your feet up when you are tired and have that nap when needed. Enjoy that extra love and care from others. Appreciate this time, for when your baby arrives, you will be a happy hectic mom.

#48 Congratulations on your wonderful news. It is indeed an exciting time ahead, and it is one of the most miraculous things in life to experience. As your baby grows within, your body will change, your love will grow for the little being you have not yet met. Once the time comes, tears of happiness will flow.

#49 This is wonderful news to hear. There are exciting times ahead, and my wish for you is that you stay healthy and strong throughout. There are many changes afoot, but I know you will greet them with zest until that very special moment when you are holding your beautiful baby in your arms.

#50 I am so happy to hear your amazing news. Motherhood is a wonderful thing to behold. You will be an incredible mother to your beautiful baby. May you stay healthy and happy through your pregnancy and enjoy the miracle of birth and parenthood.

#51 What great news it is that your baby is on the way. As a new life grows within, you will feel that first movement, and then that first kick. The wait will seem long, but when the time is here, you will feel the overflow of happiness and joy that a newborn baby brings.

Being pregnant is an amazing feeling and time to experience in your life. Here is a video with some of the biggest perks of being pregnant.

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