Where to Stay in Venice for a first time visit? An insider’s guide 2021

What is the best location to stay in Venice? This is a question we always receive. Therefore, we created this guide on where to stay in Venice. It includes the best areas for first-time visitors, families, and couples.

We even included a big map with all the neighborhoods and handpicked hotels for couples, families, and friends.

(This guide is always up to date, the last updated April 2021.)

But first things first:

Question: Where to stay in Venice for a first-time visit?

Answer: that’s easy, stay central and  chose to stay like a local!

Some of these areas include:

  • Cannaregio (the Largest district in Venice)
  • Dorsoduro (Best for Walking)
  • San Polo (Oldest in the City)
  • We know the district’s names, what the Italians call sestiere, can be confusing. Do not worry! Within this post there are descriptions of what each sestiere (district) is like. That way you can find which area is best for you.

    Why do I recommend these areas?

    Venice is all about immersing yourself in the history and getting lost walking alongside the canals.

    Sometimes, the streets get very crowded because of all the tourists wanting to see how magical Venice is. That is why if you wish to have an authentic Venetian experience, stay in the areas that are less crowded and have more locals.

    Good to know: We recommend reading our big, detailed guide on 7 days in Venice. Besides accommodation, I also recommend my 33 best fun things to do in Venice – outside the tourist box.

    Here’s a full map for you to understand the different areas.

    We highlight the districts, main tourists sightseeing in Venice and our handpicked accommodations.

    Please note: those are not the exact names of the districts, neither its absolute borders. I just tried to simplify this information.

    Important: We actually do not recommend to stay outside the city center in Venice, Italy.

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    1. Best areas and handpicked hotels for Venice

    As mentioned, the sestiere’s in Venice can be a bit confusing because this floating city is made up of 118 islands. It can also be a bit confusing to distinguish the districts because there is no fine line marking when one has entered a new area and when one has not.

    Especially since a lot of times when walking in these small streets, you can lose your GPS signal. However, after you have walked in Venice for a couple of days. It becomes a lot easier to rely on the twists and turns, ups, and downs, that makes your experience all the worthwhile.

    I understand that picking your hotel is an important part of one’s experience and that different hotels might make more sense to a different person’s needs.

    That is why I have created an in-depth look at different hotels that match the different lifestyles that one may have when going to Venice.

    So, let’s see those handpicked hotels!

    Continue scrolling or pick your group and travel type on the menu:

    1.1 Families
    1.2 Couples
    1.3 Luxury Traveler
    1.4 Design Traveler
    1.5 Groups
    1.6 Solo-Traveler
    1.7 Nightlife-seeking traveler
    1.8 Budget Traveler

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    1.1 Families

    Sometimes it can be tough to find a hotel that fits what a family may need, like needing separate rooms, multiple beds, a kitchen, and a lot more.

    Especially in Venice, when the city has only so much room to build new hotels and accommodations. The solution has been to build up to allow more options for tourists and their families.

    That is why, for families, these are the best areas to stay in:

  • Santa Croce
  • San Marco
  • This map shows you the areas recommended for families:

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    Hotel Olimpia 

    This hotel is perfect for families coming from the airport or train station as it is only a short distance away from this location.

    To add on, this hotel features a lovely garden in the back of the hotel, which lets your children play with one another and run around while you enjoy the Italian sun.

    Within their walls, Hotel Olimpia creates an atmosphere with Old World flare that includes wood ceilings, marble bathrooms, and wood-crafted bedding. It means you don’t have to take the luxury away from the family!

    The hotel is also a few minutes’ walks on foot to Basilica Dei Frari (Venice’s main church” and Scuola di San Rocco (a theatre of Tintoretto’s work).

    Book Hotel Olympia here

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    Ca’ Maria Callas (my #1 recommendation)

    For those families that want to stay within the district that has the most things to do, as well as be on almost all of Venice postcards, then San Marco is the perfect area to stay in.

    An excellent option for families would be Ca’Maria Callas where all of their rooms overlook the beautiful canals. Here, you will see all the gondolas float across your windows while staying comfortably in your rooms.

    This hotel is an apartment that is composed of three rooms, which allows families to have a more intimate and quieter experience when it is time to relax.

    Each room has antique furniture, wooden floors, and enjoy space for you and your family to relax in one of the busiest areas in Venice.

    The hotel even has breakfast served in a common room so families can meet fellow traveling families, how awesome is that!

    Book Ca ‘Maria Callas here


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    1.2 Couples

    Venice is the perfect destination for romance. The city takes you back in time with its historical buildings, fantastic seafood, and wine, while being carried through the canals on a gondola ride.

    This makes Venice the perfect place for honeymoons, getaways, and more.

    That is why, for couples, these are the best areas to stay in:

  • San Marco
  • Dorsoduro
  • This map shows you the areas recommended for couples:

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    Hotel Saturnia & International (top pick!)

    This hotel has been run by the same family since its opening in 1908. It is my favorite answer to where to stay in Venice as a couple?

    Hotel Saturnia & International has its own Venetian restaurant and a terrace that offers unique views overlooking Venetian rooftops and the canals. It is the perfect area for couples to enjoy Italian wine!

    The hotel is only 200m from St. Mark’s Square and a 10-minute walk to the famous Rialto bridge. For those art-lovers, the Accademia Art Galleries is also close by.

    Within the hotel, guests can enjoy classically styled rooms with private marble bathrooms, all offering the perfect environment for couples!

    Book Hotel Saturnia & International here

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    Novecento Venice 

    This hotel is also in the San Marco district and is just moments away from classic Venetian restaurants and bars.

    Novecento Venice is perfect for couples as there are an on-site jacuzzi and library. In every room, there is printed wallpaper, cotton drapes, and some even have Moroccan carpets.

    Between the beautiful St. Mark’s Square and the historically amazing Accademia Gallery, couples will find amazing things to do that around their hotel.

    Book Novecento Boutique Hotel here

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    Hotel Palazzo Stern

    This hotel is located in the Dorsoduro district, which provides a more private and quiet area for couples.

    Hotel Palazzo Stern used to be a house that was build in the 15th century. Now, the house has been converted into 24 rooms that all represent the classic Italian style. To make it even better, the hotel features a grand staircase, a rooftop hot tub, and a terrace that overlooks the Grand Canal.

    All of these features provide the perfect background for couples to celebrate:

  • birthdays,
  • weddings,
  • anniversaries,
  • Or just having a good excuse to visit Venice for romance.

    Book Hotel Palazzo Stern here

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    1.3 Luxury Traveler

    Venice is the perfect place to find everything luxurious. With its historic charm and luxurious flare hidden inside its walls, there’s so much to do and spend for the luxurious traveler.

    Staying in areas that allow for quick access to shopping like Merceria streets, which has all the high-end boutiques. It is a must for anyone trying to get Venetian souvenirs that will be used daily and last a long time.

    So, I have gathered a couple of hotels that perfectly make you feel like Italian royalty while exploring this remarkable city.

    That is why, for luxury travelers, these are the best areas to stay in:

  • Cannaregio
  • San Marco
  • This map shows you the areas recommended for Luxury Travelers:

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    Al Ponte Antico Venice

    The Al Ponte Antico Venice is a 4-star hotel that faces directly in front of the Grand Canal. Not only that, each room has its own terrace for a more private viewing of the beautiful water, or you can head up to the rooftop terrace and see Venice from their own Jacuzzi.

    You can even arrive in style from water taxis or your own boat as there is conveniently a landing dock directly for the hotel.

    This hotel is also providing easy access to Venice’s top areas, with an eight-minute walk to St. Mark’s square that takes you through the infamous Mercerie, Venice’s luxury shopping street.

    Book Al Ponte Antico here

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    The Gritti Palace

    The Gritti Palace is known to provide a fantastic stay for its guests, which is also within the San Marco district.

    This hotel is from the 15th century, has amazingly grand rooms, a rooftop dining area, and amazing views of the Salute church! I could go on and on about how fancy this hotel makes one feel, but I’d suggest seeing it for yourself!

    Book The Gritti Palace here

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    1.4 Design Traveler

    For those travelers that love seeing the care and detail that their accommodation has, look no further than these suggestions!

    These hotels provide the perfect inspiration, and amazing background for any photo, for the designer within.

    That is why, for design travelers, these are the best areas to stay in:

  • Cannaregio
  • Santa Croce
  • San Polo
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    Hotel Palazzo Abadessa

    This hotel is magical as it is set in a historic palace that offers peaceful gardens and antique furniture that will surely make you feel like you stepped back in time.

    Everywhere you look in Hotel Palazzo Abadessa, you will see:

  • fresco-ed ceilings,
  • silk wallpaper,
  • gold chandeliers, and
  • so much more.
  • Even better, this hotel is very near the luxurious Venetian-styled Ca’d’ Oro, an architectural dream of a gothic-styled building which faces the Grand Canal.

    Book Hotel Palazzo Abadessa here

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    Cima Rosa Boutique Bed and Breakfast

    This intimate bed and breakfast provide the experience of staying in a classic-contemporary room right in the Santa Croce district.

    Cima Rosa Boutique Bed and Breakfast has five rooms, three of which overlook the Grand Canal. Each room was designed by an Italian architect and American decorator couple that has a mixture of elegant and antique details and furniture within each room.

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    Aman Venice

    Aman Venice has 24 rooms that overlook the Grand Canal and have an abundance of historical architectural details.

    Located in the San Polo district, guests can arrive by boat to this wonderful stay. When walking in, guests can see the marbled floors with original fresco, a grand staircase. Take a glimpse at the impressive ballroom, look up at the beautiful chandeliers, and much, much more!

    To make the stay more personal and distinctive, the hotel staff goes to each room to help guests with insider tips and suggestions that help any traveler when exploring the city.

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    1.5 Groups

    Does everyone have their passports? Because its time to hop on the plane and fly to beautiful Venice for a fun group trip!

    Sometimes, it could be quite complicated to find accommodations for a group in general. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not possible! All you have to do is find the right areas and hospitality to make that happen.

    That is why, for groups, these are the best areas to stay in:

  • Giudecca
  • San Marco
  • Mestre
  • This map shows you the areas recommended for groups:

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    Generator Venice (my favorite!)

    This hostel is settled on the beautiful island of Giudecca, a quick boat ride away from the attractions in Venice.

    Generator Venice has the perfect view of the city while also having a great selection of dorms for you and your friends. Join in on the fun activities that this hostel has to offer, like playing pool, sharing a few meals and drinks with fellow guests, and lounging altogether in the common areas.

    Each dorm has around seven to 16 beds, making it the perfect spot for any group size!

    Book Generator Venice here

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    AWA Venice Apartments

    If you and your group want a more central location, then look no further than AWA Venice Apartments.

    Providing dorm bedrooms with up to eight people staying in each apartment, this location comes equipped with a kitchen, air conditioning, and Wi-Fi.

    If you and your friends want a quiet area to stay in that doesn’t sacrifice this beautiful location, then this is the perfect place to stay. Oh, and did I mention there’s also a roof terrace that overlooks Venice rooftops.

    Book AWA Venice Apartments here

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    Wombats City Hostel

    Don’t be afraid of this hostel being a little away from the islands of Venice as it is located next to the main train station that is only a few minute’s train ride into the heart of the city.

    To make it even better, there is also a direct platform from the hostel to the train station to make everything more convenient.

    Wombats City Hostel has enough room for you and your party with WiFi and a fully equipped kitchen right at your disposal. They even give each guest a welcome drink on arrival and have games and events happening almost every night!

    Who’s in for beer pong?

    Personally, we prefer staying in the city center.

    Book Wombats City Hostel here

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    1.6 Solo-Traveler

    For all those solo-travelers that won’t let anything stop them from seeing the wonders of the world, props to you!

    Secondly, Venice is the perfect area to try solo-traveling for the first time as everyone is very welcoming and friendly. The city has so much to explore but feels so small at the same time that you will never feel overwhelmed when venturing through the little Italian streets.

    With that said, it can be hard to figure out which accommodation is best for you.

    That is why, for solo-travelers, this is the best area to stay in:

  • Cannaregio
  • This map shows you the areas recommended for Solo Travelers:

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    A La Locanda di Orsaria

    This historic Inn offers free Wi-Fi and has spacious and bright rooms to make a guest feel right at home. Located only a 2-minute walk from Santa Lucia Train Station, it will be effortless finding this Inn by yourself.

    Each room inside A La Locanda di Orsaria has its own bathroom and satellite TV. Some of the rooms also have authentic Venetian furniture from the 18th century that will make for an excellent photo opportunity.

    If ever you need a caffeine boost, just head downstairs for cappuccinos made to order!

    Book La Locanda Di Orsaria here

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    Hostel Combo Venecia

    This hostel is absolutely incredible as it is right beside one of the most magical churches in all of Venice, Chiesa di Gesutit!

    Hostel Combo Venecia even has free WiFi, a 24-hour reception, and events and cultural activities so that you can make new friends from all around the world.

    We absolutely love this place due to its architecture, vibes and location!

    You are tucked away from the tourists main street, at a small square. There is a few fantastic restaurants around.

    This is the absolute best place to stay in Venice for the nightlife. In 10 minutes you are at the main street with all the bars and young people to hang out.

    Book Hostel Combo Venecia here

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    1.7 Nightlife-seeking Traveler

    Venice is known for a lot of things. Romance, gondolas, seafood, but did you know it also has its own nightlife.

    If you’re a night owl that loves to keep the party going, then these areas are perfect for you:

  • San Polo
  • Mestre
  • This map shows you the areas recommended for nightlife:

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    Hotel L’Orologio

    Ever wanted to have neon lights mixed with century-old woodwork in your room? Well, Hotel L’Orologio sure did!

    Each room has its own glowing-themed artwork mixed with wood and marbling for the perfect blend of party and sophistication. Who wouldn’t want that?

    When staying in the San Polo district, some of the rooms even face the Grand Canal!

    To top it all off, the San Polo area is crowded with busy bars so that anyone can enjoy a sophisticated glass of Italian wine or party the night away drinking Aperol spritz.

    Book Hotel L’Orologio here

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    Anda Venice

    This hostel is a little bit away from the Mestre train station but provides amazing games like beer pong tournaments to keep the fun going all night long.

    Anda Venice is only 15 minutes from the historic center but sometimes, its best to come back early and make new friends. I mean, the hostel is designed beautifully to be an interactive space. With games happening all night with big common areas and kitchens made for you to be social, you’ll be making new friends in no time.

    Book Anda Venice Hostel here

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    1.8 Budget Traveler

    For those money-cruncher out there, traveling can still be a goal of yours!

    Anyone can travel if they have the budgeting system like you sure do. If you don’t want to sacrifice location because you have a tight budget, then you don’t have to worry when checking into these places.

    That is why, for budget travelers, these are the best areas to stay in:

  • Cannaregio
  • Dorsoduro
  • San Polo
  • This map shows you the areas recommended for budget travelers:

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    Ostello S. Fosca Hostel (I’ve stayed here!)

    This hostel is tucked inside the Cannaregio district that offers quiet areas when coming home late at night. With two outside gates needing a key card, every guest will feel safe when checking in for the night.

    Ostello S. Fosca is open all year long with a beautiful courtyard to bask in the Tuscan sun and no curfew, this hostel is perfect for any traveler.

    An exciting fact to note is that this hostel used to be a church that Galileo was a famous guest in. How awesome!

    Book Ostello S. Fosca Hostel here

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    Casa Accademia

    Casa Accademia is located 280 meters from the Gallerie dell’Accademia and a quick two-minute walk to Accademia Bridge (one of the four bridges to cross the Grand Canal).

    Located in Dorsoduro, this hotel features a shared terrace and lounge with every room featuring all the functions and needs a budgeting traveler needs for the night. To top it off, it even has a garden for those wanting a relaxing stay.

    Book Casa Accademia here

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    Ostello Domus Civica

    Located in San Polo, this hotel is only 10 minutes from the Santa Lucia Train station.

    Ostello Domus Civica has a shared terrace and ideal rooms for those wanting to go out and explore with ease. The hotel is close to the San Polo square, or as the Italians say, campo. It is even close to Frari Basilica and Papadopoulos gardens.

    Book Ostello Domus Civica here

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    2. Top ten sights (and their locations)

    Venice has a lot to offer when filling in all the things you want to do every day. Some span towards more tourist attractions that need tickets in advance and some sights you can even see when walking towards your next destination.

    Even better, most of the sights I have listed are free to do and see! It means you can spend a little bit more on an extra pizza or gelato because of how inexpensive some of the sights are.

    Who doesn’t love that?

    We’ve created this useful map with our top 10 sights of Venice + the recommended accommodations for your reference.

    It shows you the locations of the 10 top sights in Venice so you can save and use it during your Venice trip.

    The top 10 sights in Venice are:

  • Rialto Bridge
  • Bridge of Sighs
  • Piazza San Marco (Basilica di San Marco, Palazzo Ducale, Campanile)
  • Grand Canal
  • San Giorgio Maggiore
  • Gallerie dell ’Accademia
  • Basilica di Santa Maria Della Salute
  • Day-trip to Murano
  • Walking Tour in Cannaregio
  • Libreria Acqua Alta Book Store in Castello
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    Tickets you should buy before going to Venice (Must Read)

    Word of caution, Venice gets busy!

    If you truly want to see all the sights and visit each attraction without the worry of a huge two-hour line, I would suggest buying your tickets in advance.

    Like I said before, most of the attractions are free to see, but for the ones that are not, it is best to book your times before you arrive in Venice, or else you might not be able to see all of what Venice has to offer.

    These are the tickets you should buy in advance:

  • Doge’s Palace & St. Mark’s Basilica with Terrace Access Tour
  • Gallerie dell’ Accademia
  • Throughout this post, I will explain more about what each ticket will provide for you and why I think it’s the best option.

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    2.1 Rialto Bridge

    The Rialto Bridge is a spectacular bridge that was built in just three short years between 1588 and 1591. Some say it is the true heart of Venice because the bridge was built so quickly for local merchants to have a common area to sell their goods.

    Maybe it was the place that inspired Shakespeare’s play called Merchant of Venice?

    This bridge has quickly become a tourist attraction as when walking across the bridge there are rows of shops for those wanting to buy something while floating on top of the water.

    However, be cautious if you have a stroller or wheelchair as it is a bridge built with only stairs and maybe a bit hard to get across.

    Book Rialto Bridge here

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    2.2 Bridge of Sighs

    This is one of the most famous bridges in all of Italy!

    The Bridge of Sighs was originally used to connect the Doge’s Palace to the prison where prisoners used to *sigh* as they entered. One of the most famous prisoners, Cassanova, was actually from Venice and had escaped the prison with this very bridge!

    After the prison was no longer used, the bridge became a symbol of love and legend has it that if couples were to kiss under the bridge, their love would last forever.

    You can easily see this bridge by walking straight to the Entrance of Venice and turn left, just keep walking until you see a whole crowd standing together taking pictures on top of another bridge, it’s a dead giveaway.

    Book Bridge of Sighs here

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    2.3 Piazza San Marco

    This piazza is the iconic San Marco square that has the Basilica di San Marco, The Doge’s Palace, and Campanile (bell tower), all in view.

    See Also

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    32 Fun Things to Do in Rome – Vespa Rides, Gladiators and Tickets you need to Prepare

    It’s a marvelous sight on its own, but many tourists want to see inside these wondrous buildings, and I can’t blame you.

    That is why I suggest the Doge’s Palace & St. Mark’s Basilica with Terrace Access Tour. This tour starts you off in St. Mark’s Basilica while giving you a comprehended explanation of everything from architecture to religion from a local!

    Just a reminder, no one is allowed to take photos once inside this magical church, and no one can take backpacks in either!

    Afterward, you will head over to the Doge’s Palace, see his courtyard and marvelous rooms filled with fresco paintings, gold frames, and wooden detail. You will even cross the Bridge of

    Sighs yourself!

    Just a tip, I would suggest avoiding eating or buying anything when in Piazza San Marco as everything is overly expensive because of all the tourists.

    Book Doge’s Palace + St. Mark’s Basilica here

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    2.4 Grand Canal

    When one thinks of Venice, they think about all the canals and bridges surrounding the city.

    What better way to see the impressive man-made islands than from the Grand Canal!

    With about 3800 meters long, the canal splits the city into two parts. One of the best ways to see the canal is from a water bus or a gondola.

    However, gondola rides are costly, almost always 100 euros! I would suggest that if you desire this experience so much, to share it with another couple. That way, you could split on the cost while enjoying the experience.

    Book Grand Canal Tour here

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    2.5 San Giorgio Maggiore

    If you want to see the best views of the city without the crowds blocking your photos, then this church in San Giorgio Maggiore is the best location.

    As tourists line up for a couple of hours to see the Campanile, San Marco’s Bell Tower, you can enjoy breathtaking views of Venice without having to wait that long.

    More importantly, you don’t have to worry about stairs as the church has an elevator to take you right to the top! All you have to do is take a water bus to the entrance of the church for 6 euros, which is two euros less than St. Mark’s Campanile!

    Book San Giorgio Maggiore here

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    2.6 Gallerie dell ’Accademia 

    For those painting enthusiasts out there, Gallerie dell’Accademia is the perfect place to wander around for three to four hours.

    Located in the Dorsoduro district and right next to the Accademia Bridge, this museum features paintings from the 18th century and are placed in chronological order. The collection includes Leonardo da Vinci’s drawing of the Vitruvian Man, while it is displayed only rarely due to the frailness of the paper.

    For tickets to the museum, it depends on age, occupation, and more.

    To break it down:

  • Full price – 12 euros
  • Young people aged 18-25 – 2 euros
  • Free for people under 18, are journalists or students, are a part of the military, and more.
  • All you have to do is go onto the museum’s website to find out which category you belong to.

    Just to mention, a booking fee of 1.50 euros is extra for each purchase.

    Book Gallerie dell’Accademia

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    2.7 Basilica di Santa Maria Della Salute 

    This church is one of the largest in Venice and is commonly known as the Salute.

    This church stands facing the Grand Canal and has enough stairs for everyone to sit and rest their feet.

    I would suggest visiting the church during sunset, it’s the perfect place to relax and watch the gondolas, water taxis, and boats move across the grand canal. It is also a bit quieter on this side of the canal, so it’s perfect for sitting back, relaxing, and watch how magical Venice truly is.

    Book Basilica di Santa Maria Della Salute here

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    2.8 Day Trip to Murano

    To find the ideal souvenir to take home, just hop on a water taxi and go to one of Venice’s islands, Murano. Here you will find century-old glass that is known for its beautiful appearance and intricate detail.

    Back in 1291, the Venice government banned furnaces from central Venice and moved them to the island of Murano, hence the name. Each glass showcases the history of Venice and the different techniques that glassmakers have when perfectly their craft.

    Souvenirs range from affordable jewelry that is $20 or under, to extremely expensive art pieces for those luxury travelers.

    Each piece of Murano glass brings with itself the history and enchanting beauty into your homes. In 1291, the Venice government banned the furnaces from central Venice and moved them instead to the island of Murano.

    In fact, authentic Murano Glass prices range from very affordable small jewelry that is under $20 to extremely expensive art glass pieces, which run into thousands of dollars. Whatever the souvenir, it will be the perfect reminder of your trip to Venice.

    Book a Day Trip to Murano here

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    2.9 Join the Venice Free Walking Tour

    The best way to see Venice like a local is to join a free walking tour.

    One of the best is the Free Walking Tour, which shows you two different sides of Venice and all the hidden gems this historic city has to offer.

    I would suggest doing this on your very first day so that you can get a feel of the city and also get tips from the guides that will help you plan other activities or find amazing restaurants.

    The tour I would suggest is Venice Through the Century North, which shows you the Cannaregio and Castello districts and is around 2.5 hours.

    The tour guides work on gratitude, so be sure to tip them for their excellent insider’s guide to their beloved city.

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    2.10 Libreria Acqua Alta

    Last but not least, Venice has a cool book store called Libreria Acqua Alta that places its new and old books in bathtubs, waterproof containers, and even a gondola.

    They do this to help preserve the books when Venice floods every Fall and Winter, but it does provide for a unique setting that one has to see for themselves.

    Book Libreria Acqua Alta here

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    3. Neighborhood guide (to understand the different areas)

    Now that I’ve uncovered the best things to do and see in Venice, it’s time to pick our location!

    The location of where you’d want to stay ultimately decides how your trip might be based on how relative the district matches with your interest.

    It is always best to pick an area that has everything you want to do close by for convenience.

    Here I will list all six districts and how each one is specific for the traveler you are!

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    3.1 Cannaregio (the Largest district in Venice)

    Cannaregio is perfect for travelers interested in more local experience with a lot of walking.

    Since the area holds over a third of the city’s residents, it has a lot to see and do when walking through its streets.

    Cannaregio can be described as holding ‘two separate souls’ because it contains both the popular and noble side of Venice.

    The noble side has grand buildings and beautiful architecture that usually faces the Grand Canal and has some of the oldest palazzos in Venice.

    The popular side has two of the main tourist streets, the Lista di Spagna and the Strada Nova. Both streets are big enough for tourists to walk through while having many clothing stores and restaurants surrounding the area. When getting to St. Mark’s Square, you will be using both streets to navigate.

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    3.2 Castello (Home of the Venetians)

    Castello has the ultimate experience of staying like a local!

    Its cozy streets, traditional restaurants, and quiet atmosphere provide an enjoyable experience to feel as though Venice is your home.

    In this district, you will find the real Venice as most of the locals chose this area to not be around the tourist attractions.

    Here you will find children playing in the squares, laundry lines filled with clothes, and Venetian elders meeting with one another outside of their houses.

    Even to take a wander within this area for one day lets you imagine what life would be like if you were to live in Venice, how awesome!

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    3.3 Dorsoduro (Best for Walking)

    For those travelers looking to be close to the museums and churches, then Dorsoduro is the perfect area for you.

    Dorsoduro is home to the impressive art that is inside the Accademia Gallery and provides a fantastic look into Venice that is sometimes overlooked.

    This area is excellent for photography and to see a little bit less crowded street.

    Dorsoduro also has Guidecca island being apart of the area, which is one of Venice’s greatest islands!

    Here, you will find every walk of life, from the wealthiest parts of Venice to historic buildings, to student quarters, this might be the most diverse area to stay in.

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    3.4 San Polo (Oldest in the City)

    San Polo is the perfect area for those historical people out there!

    San Polo is the oldest part of the city, extending from where the Rialto was built, this area holds an ancient charm that makes you feel as though you were walking in Italy in the 11th century.

    When a terrible fire burned a large part of the area in 1514, it led to the reconstruction of some of the buildings that are famous today. These buildings, Palazzo Dei Dieci Savi and Palazzo Dei Camerlenghi are within walking distance of the Rialto bridge, and you can see just how different both these buildings are.

    This entire area has small shops and bars, with open sun-lit squares and has an ancient church around every corner, and you will find the hidden gems of Venice without even knowing it.

    Personally, this is one of my favorite areas but I feel it sometimes goes unnoticed, so go see it!

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    3.5 Santa Croce (Least Touristy)

    Santa Croce is an area that is less crowded but worth all its charm.

    If you arrive in Venice by plane, this is the first district you will see as it has Piazzale Roma.

    This area has local shops and pretty quaint churches like San Giacomo dell’ Orio and San Simeon Grando.

    If you have a free afternoon, go check this area out and get lost in this local part of Venice.

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    3.6 San Marco (Cultural and Commercial Center)

    It’s time for what everyone has been waiting for, San Marco!

    This area is the most well-known part of Venice because of St. Mark’s square, so of course, you’d love to stay close to all the action.

    This area is the most luxurious and beautiful part of all of Venice. With an abundance of churches, shops, restaurants, and the atmosphere of royalty, it’s understandable how much everyone wants to stay in this area.

    This area holds the magical sense of both past and present because of its historic buildings and its luxury shops, and it makes for the perfect area to be in if you have only a couple hours or just one day to see this impressive city.

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    4. Safest area to stay in Venice

    Venice is generally a safe city to visit. You will never find a dark figure lurking behind the shadows or feel unsafe in any parts of the city.

    One thing I will say is to be careful of pickpockets.

    People that do this tend to stay in heavily crowded areas that have a lot of tourists that may be more distracted by the beauty they see then whose hands are in their pockets.

    For those that still want the safest area to stay in, I would consider the less-touristy areas, such as Castello and Santa Croce.

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    Any Questions? 

    If you have any more questions that were not covered or even if you have any concerns, feel free to drop a comment below so I can help ease your mind.

    Before you run off, a quick reminder on my other detailed guides:

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  • Venice is a beautiful city that is a dreamy destination for any traveler, and I hope that this article fills you with enough determination to make Venice your next travel destination!


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