Why Teamwork is the Key to Your Success

Regardless of how big or small the company is, it needs to have an effective team that consists of professionals who know how to do their job quickly and efficiently.

Why do you need a Team?

Why does a company need teams to provide decision making and problem solving?

The answer is pretty simple: the companionship of strong thinkers that can solve any problem is priceless because the best ideas are rarely born in isolation.

Without support and expertise of other people, one can easily become almost self-destructive in their thinking. That’s why one needs a team.


Why Teamwork is the Key to Success

Let’s imagine that you are an entrepreneur who just started a company and needs reliable people to advance the business. Clearly, you need to perform a lot of responsibilities, so your mind is always focused on several tasks (or even more).

You make a decision on how to solve a problem that recently emerged in the marketing department of the company but you need to ensure that this decision is right and the solution is effective. As the result, the following questions need to be answered:

  • Is the solution effective?
  • Are there more effective solutions?
  • What if I there is a flaw in the marketing plan?
  • Is there someone with a marketing degree that can assist me on this?
  • These questions clearly show that you need several people to help you to make a decision with confidence.

    Specifically, a person with a marketing degree is needed, a person that could see the big picture and identify flaws in the current marketing plan, a person that can improve or assist in improving your own solution or propose some new ones.

    Wow, that’s a lot to brainstorm, especially when the clock is ticking, you agree?


    People are everything

    There are a number of personalities that one could have on a team to ensure that each project is run effectively and efficiently. These personalities will help to brainstorm the questions above and help to deliver the best solutions.

    They include:


    1. The Dreamer Personality

    This person contributes by telling you what is next and what is possible. Even though they tend to think hopefully, they always go beyond the limits and boundaries to show what can be achieved.

    This personality is especially good to have in a team because they will always provide creative energy and extend the solutions provided by other members of the team.


    2. The Doer Personality

    Even if the solution you came up with had some flaws and resulted in addition work, a doer will get the job done regardless of the circumstances.

    These people are known for their “roll-up-your sleeves” attitude, which is essential to have on the team when you need something to be completed when you need it.


    3. The Disruptor Personality

    When the team generates a solution, the disruptor comes in with a new perspective that is useful for ensuring that the solution is the best to use.

    These people are described as critical thinkers and extremely curious because they can spot shortcomings and bring something better.


    4. The Driver personality

    Another profoundly important personality to have because they keep the other team members focused on the task.

    This could be especially helpful at crisis times when motivation is low because drivers can ensure that the team is working regardless of the conditions.


    5. The Fun-Maker Personality

    This person will ensure that the team is having fun during work. At times when the work is piled up, it is profoundly important to maintain a positive attitude and the fun-maker makes sure that the team is not depressed.

    How about having these guys helping you out?

    With such diverse team one can easily advance the decision-making and problem-solving because it is much easier to deliver a more quality discussion and therefore solution by using the expertise of others. However, they need to learn to work together.



    Cohesion is therefore the factor that ensures the great results delivered by a team.

    One of the best explanations of cohesion is given by Boundless:

    A group in the state of cohesion when its members possess bonds linking them to one another and to the group as a whole.

    However, cohesion does not just happen by itself, it should be generated and supported by:


    1. Trust

    People on the team should trust each other in order to be comfortable with providing their thoughts and constructively criticizing others.

    Without trust, the team work would be a debate rather than brainstorming because the members will try to outsmart each other. No good solution can be made in such teams.


    2. Openness

    Every person in the team should demonstrate some interest in learning about each other.

    This way, according to a team building expert from Pro Essay Writing, they will learn about personality types and skills possessed by each member, which is important for future work because it will make them more open to their ideas.

    As the result, each opinion and idea generated during team brainstorming will be given an equal chance for review and consideration.


    3. Respect

    It is absolutely necessary for respect to exist within a team to make it running. Without it, the members might try to blame their colleagues for bad decisions because they disregard their expertise.

    On the other hand, mutual respect is a better way to go because it will ensure that the team will try to find better ways together instead of diving into groups of who was right and wrong.



    Openness, trust, and respect are important to all teams. In addition to business teams, sports are the best example of how these three factors can contribute to success, even against a more talented team.

    In sports, just like in business, the success depends on the chemistry and collaboration of every player on the team.

    The ball, just like a business task, is moved among all players, and each of them makes decisions on what do with them next: pass it to the player who is in the closer position to the hoop (can be compared to a colleague with a better expertise) or go right to the goal alone (disregard the assistance of colleagues).

    Watch this video made as a tribute to Sun Antonio Spurs, where the best in basketball express their admiration of how the team plays.

    “If you want the glamor, dunks, but a lower chance of success, go with star-studded teams that rely on their star players to make all the plays. But if you want results, you watch how the Spurs play.”

    The ultimate result of their incredible unselfish team play is the victory in the NBA Finals against the best player in the world, LeBron James, and another star Dwayne Wade.

    No stars? No problem. We have teamwork and talent.


    Key Takeaways

    Now, you know how important is to have an effective team that works for you. Here are the main takeaways from this article:

    • Teams are a great asset for the companies that can enhance the problem solving and decision making. There are many personalities that could be added to the team to deliver better results and keep it running regardless of the circumstances, so you can really manage how your team is assembled.
    • Trust, openness, and respect are essential for success of teams regardless of what personalities are used to assemble it.

    Do you think teamwork is a huge importance for success? Leave a comment below.

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