Why You Need to Start an eCommerce Business Right Now

More and more people are creating eCommerce businesses, living the laptop lifestyle, and travelling the world.

Sound good?

Okay, let’s continue…

It’s become incredibly easy to set up your own online store, and start making money without even having to touch the products you sell. Somebody else can do it all for you, and you’re just the middle man!


Why You Need to Create An eCommerce Business

There’s several reasons why you should seriously consider creating your own eCommerce business, here they are:


1. It’s Easier Now than Ever Before

Back before social media platforms and the influencers that manage to build enormous followings on them, you had to do things the hard way. That meant a lot of outreach, a lot of money spent on marketing, and a lot of time and effort spent trying to build traffic through Google.

In case you haven’t noticed; the way most new businesses do their marketing these days, is by getting influencers to promote their products.

Instagram is now starting to reach pinnacle heights with this strategy. Particularly with fashion businesses. Here’s how:

  • You send influencers a sample of your product
  • They take of them wearing the item
  • They post it on their social media, along with where you can buy your own
  • Their followers see it, and want to follow the trend
  • They buy from you!

    2. Social Media Reach is Declining

    I’m sad to say it, but the organic reach on social media is declining. There was a time where the engagement on Twitter was very, very high. But things become saturated, and less of your content is seen by potential customers.

    Essentially what this means is that if you’re going to build an audience on existing social media platforms, it’ll be easier to do it now than in a year’s time.

    In fact, Instagram is still an excellent option for eCommerce businesses, due to the visual nature of the platform. Although, even the engagement there is starting to decrease.


    3. eCommerce Businesses Can Often Be Started With An Incredibly Low Budget

    I know people running eCommerce businesses right now with the lowest costs you’ll ever come across. In fact, their only real cost is hosting the website, and marketing the product.

    Drop-shipping allows sellers to remove the shipping, manufacturing, packaging, storage and raw materials costs, leaving them with hardly any money needed to keep operating.


    4. New Social Media Platforms Bring More Appeal to Products

    In the past 3 to 4 years, images have become a crucial focus on social media. Platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram and Snapchat have been created specifically for this.

    In the past couple of years, video has become the focus, with emphasis on live-streaming now being apparent this year.

    It’s never been easier to showcase your products to others, but if you’re going to do it, do it now, before these platforms start to saturate.


    How to Start Your Own eCommerce Business

    Here’s several simple steps that’ll allow you to setup your own eCommerce business in no time:


    1. Find A Platform to Set Up A Store

    There are plenty of platforms on the web that make eCommerce so simple. All you have to do is make the decisions!

    For example, Shopify is an excellent platform which I’ve used before. They make it very easy to create custom layouts, add your own products, connect a payment system and so on.

    If you’re in need of a company to help you build your store, I wouldn’t look any further.


    2. Search for Niches That Are Untapped

    An untapped niche is one you’ll find a much easier success in. And if you can start doing it before everyone else is, then you’re onto a winner.

    I’ve seen a good example of this with a store that sells a good selection of old-school tobacco pipes. And when they first started, there wasn’t much competition within the niche.

    Another example of a product which has now become a trend on Instagram, is lion and buddha bracelets. Have you seen those?

    Everybody is advertising them on Insta now, but the people first to the punch have made a lot of money from these bracelets.


    3. Source the Products

    The next step is to find some of those awesome products to sell! Products that are unique, and incredibly appealing.

    Speaking of those bracelets I mentioned, most stores sell them for $10-$25. You can purchase these, and even drop-ship them from china for only $1.50. There’s not even a minimum order quantity!

    If drop-shipping seems like it might be your thing, then take a look at sites like Alibaba, and Ali-express.


    4. Create Your Store

    Put it all together to create your awesome eCommerce store!

    The other things you’ll need to take care of include your fundamental pages that include details about shipping, terms of service, privacy, payments etc.

    You’ll also need to take care of product images and information, payment gateways, which the platform will help you integrate, and email updates, opt-ins etc.

    Lastly, don’t forget to get your logo created and updated, and make sure all your pages are themed, to give your store that custom, dependable feel.



    Here’s a quick recap on the reasons why you should start an eCommerce business:

  • It’s easier now than ever before
  • Social media reach is declining
  • eCommerce businesses can often be starting with a low budget
  • New social media platforms bring more appeal to products
  • Here’s how to begin creating your online store:

  • Find a platform to set up a store
  • Search for niches that are untapped
  • Source the products
  • Create your store
  • Are you ready to create your own eCommerce store? Leave a comment below.

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